Cornwall joins the EU

If as seems likely,Mrs May gets a vote of confidence tonight, in a year or two, Britain will lose one land border, that between Northern Ireland and the Republic, only to gain another; between Scotland and England. In the coming months negotiations with Brussels, under a dense fog of metronome like assurances that Northern Ireland will remain part of the UK, Mrs May will surrender it to the EU. 

Chuka Umunna, speaking on Sky News today, was unperturbed by the prospect of a unified Ireland under the EU flag, insisting that ‘a huge majority in Northern Ireland voted to remain in the EU.’ His boss Jeremy Corbyn will be pleased to hear this. He has been mates with Sinn Fein for years and has taken tea with the IRA.

The Irish backstop is code for an EU land grab of UK territory. Scotland will be next. Attracted by the prospect of EU huge subsidies Scotland will leave the United Kingdom to be incorporated into a federal EU with a central Treasury, Army, police force and judiciary.

England will be left with Wales – and Cornwall. Cornwall? Well yes… we  will have it for awhile. The Cornish have an interesting folk culture with links to Brittany. An EU deal with Cornish fishermen, mining subsidies and lots of money to revive the Cornish language might persuade them to hand over the keys to England’s back door.



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