Sniffing Merkel’s boot polish

The Second Referendum

Middle class ‘leavers’ are starting to make excuses for voting ‘Remain’ at the coming re-referendum engineered by Brussels. If leavers do vote to remain in any number, which seems certain, then we are kissing goodbye to democracy .

Brussels’ aim all along was was to make Britain crawl on all fours toward’s Merkel’s and Macron’s feet, and last week we caught the first whiff of their boot polish. Not only must we be prevented from leaving, but we must be seen by the world for the weak cowards we are.

A massive vote to remain will put us entirely in the hands of Brussels; we will have a vote in the European Parliament  but the ‘snigger factor’ (at Britain by the rest of the world) will render it worthless. Britain will be like a schoolboy who having defied his teachers, has been thrashed, put outside in the corridor for a while, and having grovelled, has been allowed to resume his seat at the back of the class and to remain silent.


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6 Comments on Sniffing Merkel’s boot polish

  1. Leavers need to spend more effort on explaining why an independent UK after Brexit will be strong and prosperous, like Switzerland or Hong Kong or Singapore, or Japan or Australia or New Zealand.

    It would also help to explain to the electorate that free movement of people is a very different kettle of fish from free movement of goods and services, and that these “freedoms” should have never been lumped together; human beings are not fungible, like shipping containers or pencils.

  2. Really? Getting it ‘right’ with in a second vote was May’s intention and now we learn that she is in secret talks to do just that. The European Court has already rushed through permission for us to go back.

    • Mr Harris, I think it’s reasonable to be worried, but not to despair. Mrs May’s disastrous deal will never get through Parliament, which leaves two possibilities:

      1. Leaving without Mrs May’s “deal” (the best possible outcome), or

      2. A second referendum, which we might win, just as we (astonishingly and wonderfully) won the first one.

      So we’re still ahead, even though we’re not as far ahead as we thought we were on the glorious morning of 24th June 2016. Even if Corbyn wins a landslide in a General Election, it’s a fact that the Trots don’t like the EU any more than we do (though their reasons are different from and nastier than ours), so simply reversing the referendum decision won’t appeal to them.

      I think we should see the current political mess as an opportunity rather than an obstacle.

    • Why would The European Court have to rush through permission for us to go back if Brussels’ aim all along was was to make Britain crawl. Your description of a late ‘rush’ makes clear that there was no long term plan.

  3. There will be no second referendum. Stop talking it up. Nigel Farage is making that mistake.
    We need to hold our nerve: ‘screw your courage to the sticking place’.