The Brexit Metronome

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MPs asked Mrs May last night to shut her trap about Brexit, but this afternoon she was at it again like the ‘Please Mind the Gap’ announcer at London Undergound’s Waterloo Station. It’s obvious she will never shut up. Apart from the noise and the boredom of listening to her metronomic assertion ‘Brexit means Brexit’ there can be no movement until she is kicked out.

Trouble is there may be no way of getting rid of her, not by conventional methods anyhow: The men in suits may call as many times as they like, the 1922 Committee can go into permanent conclave, the Tory Shires may rise, but it will make no difference. She will refuse to step down.

What will the Parliamentary Conservative Party do then – resign en mass and leave her in Downing St? It would be a very EU solution.

Who needs voters and elections ?


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  1. I wrote this in the Sunday Times comment. They may select it for their Irish edition. This is what I wrote:
    “With respect, this Withdrawal Agreement is totally unacceptable. It is also very foolish even to propose its acceptance. It is the equivalent of a Versailles Treaty imposed by a hostile coalition on Germany. I do not think that it is anywhere in the Irish interest to support it. From the UK position, it is a surrender document negotiated by May-Barnier. May owns it. She is a public disgrace to the UK, and should be impeached for incompetence (one of the minor points of accusation). The WA has to be rejected out of hand.Those MPs who vote for it should be hounded from office in the next elections.