Maoist English: A Dictionary

Mao the Father of Lies

Discourse. A left wing word that has crawled out of counselling. It implies that there is no such thing as a difference of opinion, all opinions being ‘valid’; left wing ones being more valid than others.

Narrative. Suggests there is no such thing as an objective account with a clear conclusion. It implies movement toward a revolutionary objective.

Perceived. Things you see are relative except if you see them in a left wing way, when they are ‘objective.’

Articulate. A pompous ‘higher’ word to emphasise the superiority of the class conscious left wing speaker.

Nuanced. ‘A more nuanced argument’ is one where a left wing intellectual shows that all right wing opinions are held by uneducated oafs who are more to be pitied than blamed.

Noted. Passive alternative to ‘remarked’, or ‘noticed’. Coonomy used to distance oneself from the subject matter. Commonly used in 1930 communist pamphlets.


Another non judgemental counselling word. If somebody ‘supports’ you they will take away your independence, force you to live in a way you don’t want to, even seize your children. ‘Social workers supported her into giving up her children for adoption .’

Discourse as in political discourse. Another ‘higher’ phrase often used in wandering and meaningless articles by left wing a academics.


A cliche with Maoist overtones of continuous revolution.

Best avoided altogether except as, ‘the change in my pocket’


Demonstrating an argument is wrong and its right wing proponent ignorant.

Trajectory. The idea of a continuous curve in human affairs reaching, but always falling short – as in the flight of a bullet – of the Marxist ideal.

Journey. Similar to ‘trajectory’ .

Metric.  Replacing ‘measure’. Implies that politics and opinions are measurable, as in the hard sciences. Part of the left wing delusion that Marxism is a science.

Issues;  From the ‘rights industry’, meaning somebody is going to get a large sum of money in compensation for some trivial or imagined injustice


Obligatory multiracialism.

Health Care professionals . An attempt to turn the NHS into a ‘broad masses’ project with workers councils deciding on who should be operated on.

Always use ‘doctor’, ‘nurse’, ‘physiotherapist’, ‘mortuary attendant’; the latter can be occasionally interchangeable.


The clear intention to remain in the EU without a vote. Donald Tusk; ‘ We need clarity from Great Britain.’

Going forward. We used to go forward with the masses, in a consumer world, we go forward with Asda, Meryl Lynch, Goldman Sachs, Boeing and MacDonalds.

Equalities.  One of the worst words in the sub Maoist takeover of our language. Not only does it suggest the existence of equality – there is no such thing – but it implies that there are multiple forms of equalness all equal with each other. In the end we will all wear dungarees, sexless tops, boots, blue hats and forage for scraps at the rear of hypermarkets reserved for party workers and employees of the only two corporations in the world; Amazon Iteration 5, and Boeing.

Truth speaks to Power. Arrogant assumption by a leftist that it (he or she) has the truth, power is always wrong and always right wing. Leftists never speak the truth to the most blood stained left wing dictators when they appear on our media, or indeed any dictator.

Calling out. Similar to truth speaking to power. Bogus courage as in a girls’ playground when a tell-tale goes to teacher to tell on somebody.

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26 Comments on Maoist English: A Dictionary

  1. Radicalised: the implication that someone else is to blame for the nasty opinions and bestial behaviour of those sons of bitches.
    Far right: drawing attention to criminal behaviour that is disproportionately from recent arrivals.
    Refugee: someone on the losing side in a sectarian war.
    Beyond satire: your opinions.
    Independent thinking: my opinions.

  2. “Speaking truth to power” is an excellent addition to this list Mr Harris.

    I’m always amazed by the leftists’ relativistic approach to truth in any moral or spiritual sense, following the path of their ancestor Pontius Pilate in repeating his question “quid est veritas?”

    Yet when talking about politics or any of the boutique liberal obsessions like “phobias” or sexual proclivities, they claim the case is closed and press their point as well as any dictator.

  3. Nine days without a new article on the SR site? Have all the staff and contributors been sent away for a month of compulsory DIVERSITY TRAINING (i.e. cultural-marxist brainwashing)?

  4. You can’t beat the ancient Greeks for phallocentricity, but Pallas Athene managed to change into an old man, a young man and then made herself into an eagle. I think that last would be beyond the capacity of the NHS. Of course the Greeks didn’t have to contend with the unassailable fact that you are either XX or XY, not that science troubles the trans fanatics.

  5. As I’ve just noticed there’s another Michael on this site I’ve changed my name to avoid confusion, or to confuse. Who can say? How’s that for a social construct?

    • Ha, this morning Michael; this afternoon Michaela. Who can know where such fashionable fluidity will lead to?

      As Chesterton said, “fallacies do not cease to be fallacies because they become fashions”.

      Unfortunately the modern “bien pensants” do not get this, and as is true of any diabolic philosophy, turn it on its head, and think phalluses do indeed cease to be phalluses because they become unfashionable.

  6. Am I just perceiving this or is the assertion that a factually verifiable statement is a narrative, itself a narrative. Is the narrative ploy self-refuting?

  7. CAMPAIGNERS – professional grievance-mongers, more often than not with their hand buried deep in the public purse.

    COMMUNITIES – ghettoes where the inhabitants live increasingly separate lives from those around them and have little desire or intention of integrating with the host culture.

    CULTURE – any (mostly trash) art, music, literature or custom that furthers the anti-Western and anti-Christian continual revolution. Used to be called “counter-culture” or, more properly, rubbish.

    BRITISH VALUES – anything that a person 30 years ago would never have considered a British value.

    IDENTIFY (or SELF-IDENTIFY) – the mystical transformation of reality by the arbitrary whim of the subject. Works in a similar way to fairy dust or the Queen of Hearts, but alas, there is no Alice in the positions that matter in the media, politics, education or the law.

  8. PRIMIITIVE , SAVAGE, BARBARIC. etc. a non-leftist White person. Never, ever applies to, say, stone-age amazon jungle (sorry, rainforest) tribes, since all cultures are equal, except the evil European one.

    UNEDUCATED. Not a leftist. Applies to anybody below a PhD/MD level, not because they are educated if not leftist, but that they annoying “Dr.” in front of their name makes it hard to call them such.

    STUDIES. Fake academic departments where children play professor. As in, “black studies”, “gay studies”, etc.

    NONTRADITIONAL FAMILIES. What used to be called “broken homes”. But that implies there is something “broken” with a “family” where the mother “raises” (with government money) three children from three different absentee fathers with occassional help from a passing sexual partner. We can’t have that.

  9. AUSTERITY. The government spending only 110%, not 150%, of what it takes in in taxes.

    CLIMATE CHANGE. 99% of climatologists support it, since anybody who doesn’t is not allowed to be a climatologist. See also: results of elections in the old USSR.

    PEOPLE’S VOTE. Voting again and again until the elite gets the result it wants (to remain in the EU). Then stop voting forever. See also: results of elections in the old USSR, with some formal extra steps.

    HATE CRIME. Any crime whatever committed by a white person against a non-white person, even if it’s, say, burglaring their home.

  10. “Conversation”

    You shut up and listen while leftist reels off list of imagined grievances until you fall at their feet and grovel in abject agreement.

  11. Aha

    Thank you. So much of it can be used against them it is hilarious how they react when subject to it themselves. “The pen is mightier than the sword” may as be a commandment from the socialist god.

    I often find that, when argued with using the terms you describe above, they (leftists) get caught leg before wicket and end up throwing a verbal tantrum.

    In boxing terms, they get at you with a hook, while the conservatives keep delivering straight punches.

    It also explains why the left in general is so obsessed with control over the media. They literally set the terms of the debate, and the gullible fall for it.

    Here’s another exercise you may find useful. On a daily basis, simply scan through the homepage of BBC News or the Guardian, and highlight words which tend to be negatively emotive – “crisis”, “death”, “kill”, “calamity”, “attack”, “murder”, “afterlife”, “conflict”, “rape”, “apocalyptic”. Mind you, this is what they feed you first thing in the morning over tea or coffee. It gives you an idea of what they are setting you up for the rest of the day – a brooding and unsettling sense of alternately resignation or disgust or fear and a search for a manna from socialist heaven.

  12. ‘Xenophobes’ (the FT’s favorite slur) – those who raise even mild doubts about the sanity of mass immigration Ponzi schemes and no borders ideologies.

    ‘ruthless’ – The Economist’s description of our structured, fair and transparent immigration points system in Australia, which has still failed to prevent extremists and those with incompatible values coming in.