BRINO – The Dance of the Lickspittles

Not unacquainted with surrender

Following the rejection of both political parties in the recent council elections, Tom Watson (the real leader of the Labour Party) and ‘superglue’ May (superglued into Number 10) will now proceed to the final phase of the Lickspittle’s Dance and agree to Brexit in name only (BRINO).

BRINO, on any terms whatsoever, is essential to prevent the coming MEP election happening. It would turn out to be a second referendum with an even more handsome win for Leave.

Free movement of labour will increase, we will lose our ability to negotiate our own trade deals, we will never being able to leave the EU and, in ten years, in an eerie way reminiscent of Putin’s annexation of the Crimea but without any shots (yet) being fired, we will see the annexation of Northern Ireland by the EU.

The sell out, which will be hailed as a victory for ‘British common sense’, will allow Mrs May to remain in power until October and use the time to further sell us down the line in the trade negotiations with Brussels that will follow. Expect reinstatement of the powers of the European Court, an undertaking on an EU army and acceptance of the principle of a common tax, social and security policy. We should be filling in our EU Federal tax returns by 2022.

The full weight of the Tory spin machine led by the chief Lickspittle Brandon Lewis, will be put behind hiding what is going on in Brussels. He and his fellow saliva inhalers on the Labour benches are banking on people being so bored with Brexit they never want to hear about it again.

We will be hearing about it again, in rising taxes, more foreign labour a consequential fall in working class wages, and a horrible sense of betrayal.


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9 Comments on BRINO – The Dance of the Lickspittles

  1. As Dr Johnson once said: “When a man is tired of women gluing their breasts to the pavement outside the London headquarters of Goldman Sachs, he is tired of life.”

  2. We’ve been in this vacant government mess before and in danger of being put into the hands of the French by a papist monarch. On that occasion General Monck marched his army to the rescue and the navy looked the other way while a replacement was installed. Who will be our Monck?

    On a cheerier note, superglue has possibilities. Kids glued to the pavement are safe from transsexual communists stuffing their heads with nonsense in schools.

    • I’ve no problem with a Papist Monarch – one of those would be much less likely to tolerate the coming Caliphate. And General Monck had his Monckees, while we have only monkeys.

      • Ho Ho. Yes. Not sure being under a C17th papist monarch would have been a whole lot different from a caliphate, or being under the EU for that matter. There have been benign caliphates in the past – and the traduced Scruton has been an appreciative defender of them. Times have changed and now we have literalists who, as Aquinas pointed out, benefit from a religious interpretation that favours concupiscence and war.

      • “I’ve no problem with a Papist Monarch.”

        Robert, might you be referring to King Francis, the Argentine?