Degrees of Racism

Once upon a time, English boys existed in England. Today they are classified simply as white males. The prevailing ethos maintains this sub-group of humanity is privileged by both their skin colour and their sex but, as should be obvious to those who deal in reality, this isn’t the case at all. Boys of all racial backgrounds are a declining demographic in our universities, making up a mere 43 per cent of the undergraduate intake in 2017. White males as a solo group accounted for only 27 per cent – a statistic which elicits no useful further information as to the number of Poles, Latvians etc, compared to actual English boys, thereby reducing their ratio even further.

There have been some half-hearted attempts to redress this imbalance, but when the ‘minority’ group in question is privileged male and privileged white, the issue has been slow to gain traction. Feminist groups and ethnic minority advocates openly deride the notion that English boys should be given a protected minority status and thus benefit from positive discrimination – designed in the main to help only those ground into the dust ‘neath the heel of the white imperialist male oppressor.

Another factor, of course, is the class issue. Much of the underrepresentation is in the Kevin and Dwayne bracket rather than the Rupert hyphenated Smythe echelon, and as everyone is aware, the media talking heads who opine so vociferously on matters such as the phantom gender pay-gap or the lack of female CEOs in the off-shore oil/ gas industry, are notably silent about the inequalities encountered by not just the lumpenproletariat, but the white male lumpenproletariat to boot.

English boys have been at the bottom of all state educational league tables for some years now. This ought to be a matter of national interest and national outrage, but for obvious reasons in sad old PC Britain it is not.

Despite the reality of this racial injustice/ imbalance, the political/educational establishment is intent on promoting their favoured minority groups instead. In the interests of ‘social justice’ non-white are herded into elite universities at the expense of whites with superior academic qualifications. One school in Newham, London’s poorest borough, recently revealed that 41 of its pupils had been given offers to study at Oxford or Cambridge – nearly all of the pupils are ethnic minorities and half of them are on free school meals. I suppose it is possible these children were all remarkably intelligent and all gathered together in one geographical location by mystical circumstances but when one looks a little closer, one finds ethnic social engineering on a massive scale where poor white boys are simply unable to compete.

The curiously named Conservative Party does nothing to help this flagrant racial inequality. In fact, it has just advised universities they will face sanctions if non-white students fail to achieve equality of outcome (as opposed to equality of opportunity) in terms of good degrees. The Prime Minister’s Race Disparity Audit (Orwell, spinning, grave) noticed that despite the increase in ethnic minority students, they were failing to gain a statistically equal number of first-class or uppersecond-class degrees as white students. The chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, David Lidington MP, said: ‘I am determined that nobody experiences a worse outcome solely on the grounds of their ethnicity’ followed by Professor Edward Byrne AC, President and Principal of King’s College London, who stated:

Tackling race disparity outcomes is important and we welcome the Minister’s visit to King’s today. I am proud of the diverse international community we have here at King’s, in 2017 49 per cent of our undergraduates were from Black, Asian and other ethnic minority backgrounds, and we have the fastest growing population of low-income students in the Russell Group. Over the past seven years we have significantly reduced the gap between Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) students and nonBAME students achieving a first or 2.1, from 11.1 per cent in 2011 to 3.8 per cent in 2017.

So there you are, when confronted with the inescapable fact that English boys are the most disadvantaged group in the educational world, the government goes all out to dishonestly engineer the educational outcome of non-whites only. And it gets worse. Much, much worse. The reason given for ethnic minority disparities of outcome is not because the establishment has energetically channelled people of insufficient intelligence to cope with the strictures of university life, but because the whole of university life is geared around dastardly white privilege instead.

In order for ethnic minorities to compete, universities must ‘decolonise’ their curriculums. White philosophers must be replaced with African poets; history should no longer encompass a past seen only through the prism of whiteness; statues of white imperialists must be torn down and replaced with marbled transgender women of colour. And on and on it goes. In a report titled ‘Degrees of Racism’ by the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) Students’ Union, a black student stated ‘How can I have a rapport and feel comfortable talking to a 60-year-old white man?’ Such a statement should of course be laughed out of existence in a sane society, but we are no longer sane. The Daily Telegraph reports the following disturbing news:

Male, pale and stale university professors are to be given reverse mentors to teach them about unconscious bias, under a new Government funded scheme. Under the project, white men in senior academic posts will be assigned a junior female colleague from an ethnic minority as a mentor. Prof John Rowe, who is overseeing the project at Birmingham University, said he hoped the scheme will allow eminent professors to confront their own biases and leave them feeling quite uncomfortable.

In closing, I would like to make the following observation. Imagine a French student studying at the Nazi-controlled Sorbonne in 1941. He would have to passively accept second class status, to see his heritage, tradition and history re-written; to realise no advancement was possible unless he toed the new ideological line with total acquiescence – indeed with an eager embrace. And then ask yourself the following question: is there any difference between the French boy at the Sorbonne then and the English boy at pretty much any British university now? This of course leads to a secondary question – when were we invaded and why have so few people noticed?

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Paul Weston is currently writing a novel about the possible/probable state of Sharia Britain in 2048.

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11 Comments on Degrees of Racism

  1. Liberals think (or are happy to let you believe) that only YOU suffer from confirmation bias.

    The UK is getting alarmingly close to what we saw happen here in Asia in the 1960s – academics with bloodied faces frog-marched out of the universities by teenage Red Guards and placarded with false confessions before being sent to re-education camps in the countryside to empty the village dunnies. I never thought then that the UK could go the same way, but now I’m not so sure.

    • Good comparison. There’s a collective madness that seems to grip humans from time to time and throughout history – think Christians slaughtering each other as Islamic sects to today. It’s never difficult to get teenagers to run riot because at the age one knows everything, and that only one opinion is possible.
      However – do you notice that no one’s answered the question put in the second of the comments above. Would it still be okay to correct the results of a test that produced more male failures than boys? If, yes, what’s wrong with doing the same for other groups? If no, are the thwarted girls from 40 years ago going to offered reparations….?

    • It must have escaped your notice that it is HMG that is telling the unis what they must do and asserting that they are somehow biased in their present approach. When I started teaching 60 years ago almost, the profession at all levels was Tory voting by a margin of 2/1. When I left, after five schools and three universities that general attitude was contempt for all parties. (Whose fault was that?) When I said I supported the Conservative and Unionist Party, my fellow tutors thought I was pulling their legs.

  2. Half a century ago, just what seems to being asked for here was taken-for-granted practice.
    Boys scored significantly lower in the IQ tests used at 11 years old to select children for grammar schools. The boys’ scores were adjusted up wards so that they had the same % of successes and failures as the girls. Vague explanations resting on dubious notions that girls grew up faster were sometimes offered, but the fact was no one saw anything problematic and no one mounted any attack. A troublesome questioner might ask why, if it was okay to advantage a group based on sex then, it is not okay to advantage a group based on some other criterion now.
    I’m not suggesting that is the only matter to discuss, but I wonder what response could be made to such an awkward question.

    • 11+ still allowed transfer twixt schools if pupils had the aptitude.

      Yes, every failure to pass is unpleasant. But, as with driving tests, it is to help candidates achieve the needful or best for themselves, in the longer run.

      Grammars WORK. They work WELL. So the Left hates them, and MUST DESTROY. Always destroy.

      • Now then. We are not at home to capital letters.
        The transfer system did not work for fairly obvious reasons, but it was studied at the time.
        I attended a grammar school, one of the finest in the north of England that many people thought was a public school. None of my friends who came, like me, from the wrong side of the tracks stayed beyond the leaving age, and I left with a stinking mendacious report that was eventually shown me by a university admissions tutor (after two years as an HGV driver while taking night classes). The abolition of GS was widely supported by all sides for the simple reason that it abolished underfunded, low status seccy mods, as well pushing kids into rigid tracks far too early.

  3. Well said Mr Weston.
    In future years and between re-education classes, I look forward to exchanging morse messages with you on the pipework between our adjoining cells.

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