Whiteness: the Original Sin by Jim Goad. Obnoxious Books, 2018, £10.79 on Amazon.

The West Midlands Fire Brigade demands a score of 70 from white men, but only 60 from everyone else. English Heritage advertises jobs from which white people are explicitly banned from applying. The Government’s £90 million ‘Youth Fund’ will only be made available to young people from black and ethnic minority backgrounds. And so on.

In his blistering new book, Whiteness: the Original Sin, the American redneck provocateur and white working-class columnist for Taki Magazine, Jim Goad, shows how this is now part and parcel of an all-out war on white people – waged largely by white people, confusingly, although with the support of many non-whites. The defence is that such outrageous policies aim to ‘increase diversity’ or ‘abolish white supremacy’, but there is no such embrace of diversity in Saudi Arabia, nor distaste for ‘Japanese supremacy’ in Japan. Quite right too. Why should they irrevocably change their ancestral homelands?

But then why should we, the peoples of Europe? The only answer must be that unlike other colours, whiteness is intrinsically evil, so there must be no whites-only countries or neighbourhoods, schools or professions. Black History Month, fine; White History Month – Nazi! Whiteness is the Original Sin, and must be abolished. Any who think this is an exaggerated picture of the anti-white war today simply haven’t kept up with the news. Goad bombards us in his customary, coruscating, machine-gun style, with facts, stats, and unforgettable graphic prose.

Some quotes from the self-haters. ‘I hate whiteness.’ ‘Whiteness is like herpes.’ ‘Make no mistake about it: we intend to keep bashing the dead white males, and the live ones, and the females too, until the social construct known as “the white race” is destroyed – not “deconstructed” but destroyed.’

This last was from Jewish American academic, Noel Ignatieff, whose public career was never in jeopardy from such statements. This tells you a lot. Nor did it harm the career of Professor George Ciccariello-Maher of Drexel University, when he tweeted last year, ‘All I want for Christmas is white genocide’. The Prof is white, so logically he could have started the ball rolling by hanging himself with a string of Christmas fairy lights. But sadly …

The war is waged to justify ‘suppression, silencing and displacement,’ says Goad. To make people accept that they suddenly have no right to their own homelands, and will be replaced within two or three generations without a shot being fired, the powers that be must engage in some pretty heavy-duty brainwashing, mind-numbing and full-blown threats. At the same time, if a dissenter dares to point out that white people are being replaced – precisely what white liberals are aiming for, and celebrating – that dissenter will be called a white racist.

The double standards are everywhere. Amid the hoohah of the Charlottesville rally, few took much notice of black vice-mayor Wes Bellamy’s tweets. ‘White chicks the devil.’ ‘I don’t like white people so I hate white snow!!!’ Yes, that’s right: vice-mayor. He has now been rewarded with a professorship at Virginia State University. The delusional nature of white-hating whites is truly pathological. White activist Amanda Kijera moved to the black paradise of Haiti, was raped all night long on a rooftop by a gang of her black ‘brothers’, and subsequently blamed it on the ‘white patriarchy’, members of whom were suspiciously absent during her assault.

Goad is consistently razor-sharp and funny as he covers white liberal psychopathy, BAME power-play, and the use of the word ‘racist’ as an instrument of oppression, to immobilize any native resistance to the demographic revolution. As the diversity project begins to fail, suicidal left-liberalism to totter, and nationalist populism to rise, so the ‘liberals’ become ever more tyrannical.

He covers slavery brilliantly. In today’s discourse, the word slavery exclusively denotes ‘the enslavement of black people by white people,’ because black people are perennial victims and white people are brutal and evil. It’s bunk. The transatlantic slave trade of 1500 -1800 as opposed to other forms of mass enslavement practised by the Arabs, Berbers, black Africans, Incas, Chinese – was rather the enslavement of poor black and white people by rich black and white people, including English aristos and African chieftains. The book White Cargo by Don Jordan and Michael Walsh gives a good account.

And if there is racial oppression in the US today, it is manifested in the staggering levels of black-on-white crime. Goad cites statistics from the US government showing that in one year, the number of black-on-white rapes numbered 37,460. The number of white-on-black rapes was listed at a slightly embarrassing ‘0.0 per cent’.

Our own government’s report, ‘Race of victims and perpetrators of violence in the UK’ for 2016 reveals some similarly fascinating figures, if you are prepared to do some maths. (Available online.) Or just consider the national fame of Stephen Lawrence, compared to Kriss Donald. Why is this? If you’ve never heard of Kriss Donald, see ‘The Murder of Kriss Donald’ on Wikipedia.

The urgent thing is to understand the toxic psychology of white delusion, and here Goad is very valuable. He suggests that one driving force is the irresistible recognition by all peoples, that the world has been created by white men. Brilliant white men created just about everything we value today. For non-whites, this can be anything from infuriating to a matter of indifference. For white liberals, fanatically devoted to the idea that everyone is equal, such an anomaly is deeply discomforting, and produces a tortured self-hatred.

It’s rather endearing when Goad reveals he lives in an 86 per cent black neighbourhood in the Deep South, Georgia, and rubs along way better with his black working-class neighbours than with white coastal liberals. As he concludes, ‘self-hatred is never attractive,’ adding, ‘I sure as hell hate white people these days.’ They’re such pathetic, grovelling specimens. Heirs to the incomparable riches of Western Civilization, they are dwarfs sitting on the shoulders of giants. Unfortunately for them, non-white people don’t love them any more for their actions. In fact they are utterly despised, says Goad, and deserve to be. ‘These squirming white worms with their tacky public displays of self-flagellation, exulting in the idea of their own wickedness, trying to drown their historical sins in a cleansing wave of softly genocidal immigration.’

This book review by Christopher Hart appeared in the spring edition of the Salisbury Review. The next edition will be on June 1st 2019 . Subscribe

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  1. ‘Although man does not live on bread alone’ the Salisbury Review does. Tweeting our articles pressing them into the hands of friends, enemies or colleagues increases our circulation. Twittering only take a minute.Thanks

  2. The MoJ doesn’t hold data on perpetrators of crimes I believe – which is the dog that doesn’t bark.
    I wonder if there isn’t a deeper factor here related to what seems to me to be the infantilization of life generally. It is a normal part of healthy development for teenagers to kick against their parents and whatever prevails as common sense in their path to independence. (It’s a fiercer version of what happens with two-years olds.) White anti-whiteness looks like a part of that and is consonant with support for vicious regimes abroad especially socialist paradises like Venezuela, Iran, Russia and Cuba: sensible adults deplore them, so let’s show our independence by being contrary. Weak, resentful people whose lives have disappointed them are vulnerable to perpetual childhood in this way – the Labour leaders for example.
    You get a similar sort of thing with what Maureen Lipmann has called self-hating Jews, attention-seeking and controversial, attacking the only bit of their ancestral homeland left to them after ethnic cleansing by Arabs.
    The big question is, can anything be done through education, training, opportunities to engage in real life challenges in business and enterprise or whatever.

  3. Great review. I much recommend Pascal Bruckner “La Tyrannie de la Pénitence: essay sur le masochisme occidental”, Grasset, 2006.

  4. “…dwarfs sitting on the shoulders of giants.” That sums up our 21st century intelligentsia.

    Dwarfs they may be but they have a stranglehold on the mainstream media. Do you think we will see a TV documentary or investigative report on the rapid rise of aggressive anti-white sentiment in the forseeable future? If we do I can guarantee the whites will be shown to have brought it on themselves.

    As an example: some years ago Panorama put out a documentary on the “disturbing”growth in the number of violent women in Britain. Even before the program was halfway through it had started to look like a feminist celebration of the tough woman.

    Then there is the irksome question of balance. Last week a former controller of Radio 4, Mark Damazer, claimed that the BBC was too concerned with impartiality and should instead focus on quality (as though the two were somehow mutually exclusive). Meanwhile, Dorothy Byrne head of news at Channel 4, claimed that there was a needless “obsession with due impartiality”. In the lockstep world of 21st century broadcast media the liberal left wing view is just common sense. Dissent may be permitted but only on the understanding that it is a generous concession to “fringe” opinion.

  5. Brilliant review. Spot on. Slavery was all about the rich and powerful exploiting the poor – still is!

    “White Gold” by Giles Milton is also a good account of white slavery in North Africa.

    The enslavement of the steppe peoples by the Crimean khanate in order to supply the Ottomans’ harems and galleys of Constantinople also needs wider recognition in the West, as does the perseverance and bravery of the crews of the Preventive Squadron.

    What we find rather bizarre in Asia is the craven virtue-signalling of white liberals such as Prof. Mary Beard and their seeming hatred for all things civilized simply because those achievements are “tainted” with “whiteness”. It could be that Beard and her fellow travelers espouse these views cynically as an insurance policy for when Western civilization is overthrown in order to save their own necks. In which case, they are deluded; white slaves in Barbary were despised by their owners in Barbary for “turning Turk”.

    I think that in Asia we appreciate more objectively the achievements of the Enlightenment and Western civilization. Of course, Asia suffered at the hands of colonialism (altho’ its leaders weren’t above some bad behavior themselves), but it also benefited hugely from technology transfer and modern medicine. My school textbooks were full of admiration for the immense contributions to civilization and scientific discovery of Western “dead white males” such as Galileo, Copernicus, Kepler, Newton, Leibnitz, Maxwell, Watt, Laplace, Euler, Gauss, Koch, Pasteur, Gibbs, Avery, Salk, Crick and Watson – the list is very long, and many of these scientists and mathematicians led far from privileged lives.