Is this the Jeremy Corbyn who sat in the House of Commons listening to Xi Jinping, master of China’s concentration camps, address the quislings?

Jeremy Corbyn, the communist leader of the Labour Party and celebrated anti-semite, is refusing “on principle” – a strange phrase, coming from him – to attend a Buckingham Palace banquet given by the Queen to mark the state visit of President Trump. Corbyn claims the US president had used “racist and misogynist rhetoric.” That’s rather rich, coming from such a champion Jew-baiter. He added that it would be wrong to “roll out the red carpet.” I was under the impression that all Corbyn’s carpets are red?

Meanwhile, the aptly-named John Bercow, speaker of the House of Commons, who had already indicated his opposition to Mr Trump’s giving an address to parliament, let it be known that he too would not be attending the banquet hosted by the Queen. It’s one thing to put up two fingers to Donald Trump, but it’s a right Berk-O to snub Her Majesty. And the feeble Vince – pronounced wince – Cable, alleged leader of the Liberal Democrats, has also turned down the Queen’s invitation. When it comes to Labour Mayor of London, Sad Eek Khan, the Queen has got her revenge in first by not inviting Khan to her supper – owing to an embarrassing feud he has long carried on with Donald Trump. Proving that he can be just as rude as Berk-O, Sad Eek said, “I would have refused to go anyway.”

What will Mr Trump think of these discourtesies? I suspect he will comfort himself with the knowledge that the character of a man can be indicated by the quality of his detractors. In any case, it’s certain that, whatever his faults and shortcomings, Donald Trump is a far more substantial character than two of his recent predecessors in the job: the effete Bill Clinton and the garrulous, posturing, signal nonentity Barak O’barmy. This latter was the first person to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize before he was out of his diapers.

Whereas Trump has produced full employment in the USA, lowered taxes and doubled economic growth. He is closing down illegal immigration and effecting policies which will make the Chinese think twice about their habitual trade-cheating. He is also strengthening nuclear non-proliferation.

What are we to say of the US president? I’ll leave it to his friend Conrad Black: “The denigration of Donald Trump abroad, especially by such nauseating mountebanks as Jeremy Corbyn, John Bercow and Sadiq Khan, along with the home-grown human wave of Democratic kooks and re-treads running against him, is a badge of honour.” Subscribe

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11 Comments on Is this the Jeremy Corbyn who sat in the House of Commons listening to Xi Jinping, master of China’s concentration camps, address the quislings?

  1. Corbyn a “racist”? Well, I used to think these were people whom defended English natives against unwanted foreign settlers not those who defend native Palestinians against….

    Arrest that man, constable!

    • Palestinians are not natives. They are the invaders and always have been. No Arab or Muslim has any right to any part of the middle east. It’s all ancestral Jewish. Israel is the last tiny bit they are holding on to having been cleansed from everywhere else.

      • I am not comfortable with this, Michael, as the Jews keep telling us that the land was given to them by God – which is open to debate. Are they and the Arabs not all Semitic races, but divided by their religions? Over the course of the centuries that land has been occupied, over-run, invaded, fought over until it is difficult to see who has any territorial right. Between the wars when the Jews were being persecuted by Nazi Germany – and everyone – the world rightly felt they were owed a
        homeland. The problem was where?
        Palestine was largely occupied by nomadic Arab tribes who naturally resented immigrants who might outnumber them, with predictable consequences.

        • What happened in Germany was simply the last straw, not the reason for Israel. The Mufti of Jerusalem backed the germans as did his demented congregations. Jews and Christians have been persecuted, taxed and murdered by Muslims ever since their heretical sect gained ground – and it spread rapidly, as Aquinas pointed out, because it appealed to violent and concupiscent men. There are 57 Islamic states and no one, however often I ask, can name one that is not patriarchal, misogynist, racist, cruel, repressive and supremacist. Our children are taught lies about history – the fatuous claim that the crusades were an invasion for instance. They were a failed attempt to stop pilgrims being murdered by Arabs. 100 years ago Jews were central to business and commerce in arab states – 40% of Bagdad was Jewish.

          Uprooted by Lyn Julius, and In Ishmael’s House by Martin Gilbert have the sorry story.
          We should be demanding massive compensation for Jews in place of their right of return, getting Israel, the only ME country where Muslims are safe from each other, into NATO and kicking that fascist son of a bitch in Turkey out.

  2. “He is closing down illegal immigration”

    A ludicrous statement. Look at the aciotns/policies of the administration, and not at the rhetoric (which you could best call inconsistent). The border’s worse than it was during Obama’s tenure, both in terms of raw numbers and the criminal/social impact.

  3. Chinese Comintern propaganda has found many a fertile mind in the west. I wonder how left political teams got so radical in the English speaking countries recently. Then I read the big black book of communism. Discovered the common way the far left deal with their political comrades is a metaphorical bullet to the back of the neck. Those Laogai blueprints are ready comrades.

  4. I’m wondering if any of these powerful half-wits has read Jonah Goldberg’s book LIBERAL FASCISM or has any idea why socialism might be incompatible with freedom!

    • The answer must be No – but people convinced of their virtue have a great capacity for delusion and causing harm. Adam Smith somewhere warned that virtue was more to be feared than vice, the former having no chance of being limited by conscience. The Left/Right distinction is an obfuscation. We have democracy (messy but we know when we see it) and we have tyranny in the form of socialism, fascism, theocracy, or absolute monarchy. Life for citizens is the same hell whatever the label.

  5. Democracy in action is a dirty business much of the time – so we should be pleased that dimwits and freaks have an equal opportunity to show their stupidity and nastiness and not be novichoked, whipped, jailed or disappeared.

    The comic high has to be Khan calling Trump a fascist – plainly he hasn’t been paying attention to his ancestral religion (tsk tsk). A glance at the 57 varieties of fascism in the world, aka Islamic states, and a flip through a simple dictionary should help him out.

    • The Islamic State and Islam in general, can’t really be fascist – fascism being a secular creed. And as for the Khan being a stone cold loser; the real losers are us, those unfortunates of “Greater” London who have to live under the jackal.