Welcome back Mr President.

On Monday ‘the guvnor’ touched down in Britain again, this time for a state visit. Welcome back Mr President.

There are lots of things to like about President Trump. He’s a patriot and has a real affection for Britain, his mother’s birthplace. He was a wild kid who liked to challenge authority so his father sent him to military school. It worked, he learned about discipline and how to channel his aggression.

Business school followed, and then, like his father, real estate. Money, he says in The Art of the Deal was never a big motivation except ‘to keep score’. The real excitement was ‘playing the game’.

In his early days, he drove around in an Austin Healey and was never without a beautiful girl on his arm. He comes over as driven but likeable.

You wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of him, but he talks straight and everyone knows where they stand. And he’s loyal to his friends. In short, he’s what Americans call ‘a regular guy’.

Above all, he says what most ordinary people in Britain and America think but dare not say. Almost everything he says is ‘unacceptable’ and ‘inappropriate’ by prevailing liberal norms, by the standards of the new secular religion of multi-culture and diversity. In other words, everything he says is a counter blow to those who would destroy our Western civilization.

So, when Trump dared to suggest that Muslim immigration should be curbed (I thought he expressed himself with some sensitivity in the circumstances), he was immediately condemned as racist and Islamophobic. No-one in public life dared to defend him, not even his friend Nigel Farage, for fear of being similarly condemned. But according to a 2017 Chatham House Survey, he voiced what more than half of Europeans think about the matter.

My favourite moment of the last visit came during the press conference at Chequers when Trump turned to May mid-speech and told her what a shame it was that we were losing our culture under a deluge of immigration. May shuffled nervously and in response came out with the standard spiel (perfectly memorised) about valuing diversity and multi-culture. But Trump is his own man, unbeholden to any party machine or establishment caste, and speaks freely.

Let’s hope that the President speaks his mind on this visit, no holds barred, and with a bit of locker room chat thrown in for good measure. The more establishment liberal apparatchiks he upsets, the better. Let them be outraged. Let the protestors stew in their own bile and self-loathing.

And let the self-serving global liberals of the British Conservative Party take a lesson in putting the nation first from a patriotic American.

Welcome back Mr President.


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  1. “…And then it changed, in the name of progress and improvement and enlightenment, which meant the destruction of much they had fought for and held dear, and the betrayal of familiar things they had loved. Some of them to superficial minds, will seem terribly trivial, even ludicrously so- things like county names, and shillings and pence, and The King James Version, and yards and feet and inches- yet they matter to a nation. They did not fight for a Britain which would be dishonestly railroaded into Europe against the people’s will; they did not fight for a Britain where successive governments by their weakness and folly, would encourage crime and violence on an unprecedented scale…..
    ….where free choice could be anathematised as “discrimination”; they did not fight for a Britain where to hold by truths and values which have been thought good and worthy for a thousand years would be to run the risk of being called “fascist”-that, really, is the greatest and most pitiful irony of all.” George Macdonald Fraser writes about his comrades from the Cumbrian Border Regiment, who as part of 14th Army, beat the Japanese in Burma.

  2. It is instructive to note that dictators and horrible leaders of all kind: Xi Jinping, Recep Erdogan or Nicola Ceausescu are welcomed o this country and the protests are very small and limited.
    Donald Trump visits this country and a large segment of the population professes deep unease. Has he filled US prisons with his enemies, killed opponents or otherwise engaged in the leftist playbook? No. Putin and the other loathsome creatures of the left will always be left in peace.
    What a topsy-turvy situation!

    • President Trump is proud of the English-speaking nations who between them have created the greatest civilisation the world has ever seen.
      That is why he is hated by the malevolent Left.

      • …and because the monoglot white liberals in the vanguard of the protests have never lived for any length of time in other cultures, where racism and bigotry is commonly endemic, and don’t realize that Western civilization is remarkably free of these human vices.

        The lack of prejudice in white males of all ages from the UK, Australia and the US in Asia is noticeable. Many of my girlfriends are married to or are dating white men, and it is rarely due to economic exploitation – in fact, it is often the reverse – the Asian women frequently come from wealthy families so they are not exactly gold-diggers. There seems to be a great chemistry between Asians and Westerners which is rarely replicated among other ethnic groups.

        • You’re absolutely right,, Sheilagh. The only Asians we are leery of are those driven by the cult. of Islam. Curiously – my uncle was killed in the relief of Kut in 1917 leading his Punjabi company against the Turks. – fellow Muslims. This is one reason I believe National Service would be a binding commitment for our youth, apart from the obvious one that if we want peace we must prepare for. war. Many, of course are against re–introducing it, but my experience of serving with NS soldiers was that they were great. Our much-loved Michael Caine fought as an infantryman in Korea – maybe that is why he supports. Brexit.

          • I doubt the military would welcome what is really an educational role. HMG would be better employed in getting off its knees and celebrating what this great country has done for the world, and silencing those who give allegiance to other jurisdictions and infect children’s minds the same way.

          • Kut. It must have been awful. The survivors endured a forced march all the way to Turkey, but the officers were treated well when they got there whereas the other ranks were treated appallingly – very few lived to the end, I gather.

  3. What you hear is what you get. He’s no worse or better than your typical civilised human but incapable of dissembling and diplomacy (lying as a C17th diplomat described it). He is regularly misquoted and culpably misunderstood, but we’ve been here before and will be again – Thatcher and Reagan got the same treatment. What were the achievements of their critics? case closed.