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6 Comments on Need anybody say more about Boris?

  1. Looks like his Odyssey is over. Odysseus lost some of his crew to Scylla, the rest to Charybdis and spent eight years of the ten-year journey bedding the enchanting Calypso and Circe. Any resemblance to Boris is purely impertinent.
    Personally I hope he strives to deserve the Odysseus title Sacker of Cities starting with Tehran.

  2. Max Hastings’s damning assessment of Boris is uncomfortable reading – see Spectator and elsewhere. One could hardly say more to point up his utter unsuitability, if you are to take the opinion of his boss at the DT. Of course, Hastings is a fervent Remainer.

  3. Yes.
    Will he have the courage to stand up to the ferocious moral bullying of the liberal left or will he just be cowed into declaring support for all their precious causes?
    What kind of people are his close friends and advisors and what do they expect of him?