Trump raises America’s living standards, and the left hate him for it.

Why don’t they – I mean The Guardian, The Times, The Independent and the BBC – like Donald Trump? Rather, I mean why do they hate, detest, loathe and despise him so vehemently? There is only one reason for this: because Trump stands for everything they hate and he hates everything they stand for. Among the latter, we might mention welfarism, high taxes, regulations, constant government intervention in the economy, mass immigration, the collective neurotic – psychotic? – obsession with global warming and foreign policy conducted as continuous national self-abasement.

Why don’t the bureaucratic socialists who run the BBC and the newspapers I’ve just mentioned take a brief look at Trump’s record in office since 2016? Well, of course, they have taken a look at it and they don’t like what they see. Because Trump, in words and deeds, has proved them wrong.

Trump promised to replace Obama’s politically-correct judicial administration with traditionalist and conservative judges and justices. Done

He said he would move the US embassy to Jerusalem. Done.

Where Obama declared that 3% economic growth was “an impossibility,” Trump’s policies have achieved – and exceeded that figure. It’s currently 3.2%. Done.

The New York Times – the US equivalent to the sick bunch of losers who run Britain’s mass media – predicted that the US stock market would “probably never recover from the news of Trump’s election as President.” When they printed that, the Dow Jones index stood at 18,000. Now it’s nearly 27,000. Done.

Trump’s energy policies have ensured that the US is now the biggest energy producer in the world.

Wages are rising. Done.

Unemployment is at a near all-time low. Done

Trump promised that – unlike Ballsache Obama – he would not be bullied by China. His resoluteness has paid off even to the extent that it is beginning to look as if a new east-west trade deal is more likely than not. Done.

He has promoted good relations with North Korea: just this week he became the first US President to step inside that country. Done. 

He said he would back the American military. No other president has done this better since Ronald Reagan. (The British lefties in the press didn’t like him either). Done.

But Trump is behind in the public opinion polls. So what? As Roger Kimball wrote in mid-June: “Donald Trump will trail in the polls until November 2020, just like before. It doesn’t matter who the Democrats run against him. This will be the case – just watch.”

Trump re-elected for a second term? Nearly done.

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5 Comments on Trump raises America’s living standards, and the left hate him for it.

  1. Those Americans who voted for Mr. Trump were deliberatly voting I suspect, for someone who was not a politician. I for one, would vote over here in the same way.

  2. Some of the outrage is caused by his lack of political guile and his making no effort to trim his language and thoughts to conventional political evasions.
    Whether the economic growth is caused by Trump is a tricky question – such things are not simple linear trains of causes.
    His flat, straight talking is welcome. The story about planes in the air being pulled at the last minute was genius (if true). He may be derided as school yard talker by those safely in posh London and NY, but you get nowhere pirouetting around the rats’ nests that rule most of the world. We need a Trump in the UK, the EU, and the UN.

  3. Over here in a Britain we once called Great we have an apologetic Conservative party with so little confidence that it allows itself to be bullied by the soft left, the liberal left and even the Marxist hard left. A sizeable portion of the voting public would like to see a governing class prepared to protect the law abiding public rather than merely manage crime with the old “tough on the causes of crime” blather.

    • I’m not sure the Conservatives are apologetic. They haven’t apologised for the police cuts or the anarchy/ corruption in the courts. The apologies for slavery came from Blair.

      It looks more they have completely lost confidence. I came across a guy at ConHome recently who wasn’t apologetic at all for our past… but seemed so dazzled by our achievements THEN that they had little confidence in our ability to achieve anything NOW (y’know, the whole declinism thing).

      That is why so many faux-conservatives get in. They never apologise for anything and thus look strong, and can therefore hide their lack of confidence in Britain’s future from the selection panels.