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18 Comments on ‘My mission will have been a success when the terms are so brutal the British will prefer to stay in the Union.’

  1. When / if we finally exit from the EU the Remainers will do little or nothing to help make post-Brexit Britain a success. Their hearts are just not in it. As large numbers of Remainers are members of the so-called metropolitan elite (ie. the brightest and the best) they wield considerable power and influence particularly in the creative / media sector. They have their agenda on Brexit (as they do on so many other issues) and they will not be denied.

    I can’t imagine the BBC reporting even-handedly on post-Brexit life but I can easily imagine them churning out story after story on “Britain’s catastrophic act of self harm”. Plenty of airtime will be given to expert opinion on how that “unwise referendum” has placed the nations’s future in the hands of the worst kinds of people. There will be endless speculation on how Brexit can be undone so that we can return to the safety of the EU. Remainers will not accept defeat. They will just become sulky Rejoiners .

    All those pro-Remain spokesmen for trade and industry will complain that it is impossible to turn a decent profit outside of the EU – the country faces ruin unless we rejoin. “Our NHS” will be facing collapse (as usual) with “patients lives being put at risk” by the insanity of Brexit. Our ever pompous institutions of higher learning will bemoan the intellectual impoverishment of the nation due to Britain’s new found insularity.

    For Brexit to succeed in the long term a cultural revolution will be needed. Unfortunately, the only cultural revolution we are seeing currently is an increasing push to the more extreme ends of the liberal left.

    • Alas, you may be right, but can I put a contrary scene?
      We leave on 31 Oct with nothing more done about deals.
      The businesses in Britain, Germany and other EU states scramble to keep trade and enterprise going – taking a pragmatic view as successful business has always done. Tariffs, if they are imposed, are circumvented by price cuts and other measures.
      Meanwhile the eurocracy, faced with a fait accompli, moves to find some accommodation with us. Maybe we listen, maybe we don’t. In either case they are now irrelevant bystanders while the wealth creating that pays their vast rewards strives to prosper. The not-so-bright drones you mention start to understand where their money comes from. Germans first, and soon everyone else – probably not the French – are emboldened and the whole labyrinth begins to crumble much sooner than anyone expected.

      • The pragmatic view befits only the risk averse plodders of the industrial world. Survival is the name of that game. Brexiteers may have been hoping for a more creative spirit. Pragmatic solutions have left us courting the favour of foreign industrialists. We plead with them to let us build their inventions here. But, hey, what does it matter if our industry is reduced to a workforce of fitters and assemblers? A job is a job.

  2. The EU is a construct of the Globalists intent on destroying nation states. Just look at the insane Migration Pact. All the politicos are signed up to it. The good news is that the EU will collapse soon. It is an bankrupt model with the ECB about to pour more money into the fragile Ponzi scheme that are its finances.. As usual the self loathing arrogant liberals can’t see any of this such is their arrogance and elitism.

  3. Dear Brits,
    stay tough. It will (hopefully, and I am serious) a hard Brexit. Because that is what the EU is driving towards, assuming that, like in a crazy car race where on care approaches the other, the UK government will turn the steering wheel in order to evade collision (not collusion hahahaha). Jokes aside, it will be tough, I am certain. But it will be better than anything which awaits the remaining EU members. Which will be slow agony, which the ruling class (together with the state-sponsored media) will try to hide and put the blame on the usual suspects (Trump, climate change, Putin, “right-wing populists” like Orban, Salvini, AfD…). Go for it, Brits! This is your second Dunkirk! (And I say this as a German…)

    • Many thanks Thomas. Brits who do business in Europe report that everywhere there is indifference, in France hostility, but in Germany dismay at the loss of a friend.
      The reaction to Alice Weider’s speech among Leavers I know has been to judge it on personal grounds – she’s AfD so can be ignored.
      Well, I say let’s all judge her on personal grounds. Here’s an attractive, articulate, hyper-intelligent lesbian – she must be right!

  4. I genuinely thought we were going to hear him say it, but no. So typical of a brexiter to pick out an unsubstantiated quote and present it as fact.

    “Supposed to have confided in friends”. Really? There’s not even a vague source mentioned. In any case, hard brexit already is so brutal that no sane government would do it. Sadly we no longer have a sane government.

    Good speech otherwise. Generally pro-EU.

    • The Eurocracy has acted with malice and contempt from the very start, so if he didn’t say out loud there’s no doubt those are his sentiments and those of his pals. You may have a short memory so just take a look at what these totalitarians have said to and about Boris in the past few days.
      Pro-EU speech? That Germany will pay for the corruption and viciousness of Italy, Spain and the dozen or so lost causes further east? That Germany will pay to keep the workshy, feather-bedded protectionist French in the way they’ve got used to? That Germany will lose the ability to stop them pillaging taxpayers funds? That Germany should lose its massive motor exports to the UK because of EU spite? And that this soviet caravan will trundle along as it pleases? Clear to me that the EU is doomed much sooner than we thought.

      • And here we go again: “Even if he hasn’t said it out loud there’s no doubt those are his sentiments…”. In other words, we can’t provide actual evidence of what we’ve decided he thinks so we’ll just make it up. And to think you call them totalitarian! It looks like you don’t know what the word even means.

        Lies, lies and more lies to go with all the lies told by Boris Trump, sorry Johnson. Are you still angry about those non bendy bananas?

        • Malicious attacks by EU are plentiful. Find just one, aside from the AfD speech, that shows any respect for democracy and awareness of personal failings. Just one.
          Past my bedtime. Good night.

          • Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, and you of course can provide none for your first sentence.

            The EU is of course more democratic than the UK, with its unelected upper house, hereditary head of state, and national anthem that requires declaration of a belief in god.

  5. Excellent, intelligent AfD speech and further proof that our enemy is France and the pan-handler countries not Germany. Last year’s farewell concert to Simon Rattle at the Waldebuhn saw 22000 Germans swaying along to Land of Hope and Glory as happily as they did to Berlinerluft. Utter disgrace that this speech was not headline news.

      • Yes. AfD are dismissed as unreportable because they deplore Muslim/immigrant crime and the left (inc BBC) are in a fix when two protected categories (Islam and Gay) come into conflict.
        There’s an amusing piece in this week’s Spectator by Julie Burchill on the perplexity induced in the Guardian editorial office by Boris’ multi-ethnic cabinet, a right they think belongs to the left: ‘Bloody Tories, coming over here, pinching our Asians …’