Tommy Robinson: Political Prisoner No 1 Belmarsh

Tommy Robinson is being held in solitary confinement, in his own vast isolation block in the heart of Belmarsh Prison. The great names of Islamic terrorism have all been inmates; the Manchester bombers, the 2005 London bombers, Abu Hamza and Anjem Choudary and an assortment of other mass murderers. There were secular criminals Ronnie Biggs, the great train robbers spent time here, as did Jo Cox’s murderer Thomas Mair. Tommy Robinson is one of a tiny number civil prisoners sent to Belmarsh. He published a Facebook video of defendants entering a law court, but as everyone knows, they were not ordinary defendants but part of a sequence of Muslim rape trials across the country. He was convicted of contempt of court.

We wait to get in among a crowd representative of every country in the world, intermixed with a lesser number of scruffy whites most of whom were British and working class. Surprisingly, given the large number of Muslim inmates, there was only one Muslim woman visitor. A regular visitor she was dressed in a black Abaya that entirely covered her face except for her eyes. She was friendly, showing us the way to the first of the endless security points. Her hands and fingers were covered in henna seen at Indian weddings but she was not Indian. A disgruntled visitor next to me mumbled that they could not take her finger prints with all that ‘stuff’ on her fingers but who would protest in such an environment, even if true.

We arrive at a large room somewhat like an airport security hall. Small groups of about five people proceed slowly through the complex. We are ushered into a series of rooms like lifts, entering by one set of sliding doors and exiting by another. In each room two fingers were fingerprinted and re-fingerprinted, photographed and re-photographed, our prints and photos compared afresh with the ones taken in the previous room.

Rings, bangles and shoes came off, my mouth and ears are checked. Yet even here the authorities’ fear of giving any offence to Muslims showed. While they poked and prodded my body and I was ordered to remove my cardigan, the woman in the Abaya was not asked to undress. Instead she momentarily pushed back her headdress so that they could check her ears.

Then the three of us who had come to see Britain’s No 1 political prisoner  were separated from the other visitors, some of who seemed to be having fun as though it was a casual day out at a fun-fare. Now it was quiet, deadly quiet. Our own special, overly friendly warden arrived. Was he a secret supporter? What did he think?  I could not ask, nor could he answer – walls in such a place have ears.

We entered a vast, walled space the size of half a football pitch: High gates, razor wire, towering walls, clanging metal. An enormous, terrifying dog pulling at his stone-faced minder followed us in. All for one prisoner.

We are shown into Tommy’s visitor’s room; tiny, dirty, plain, smelling putrid and stale, shadowed by a thirty foot wall and overlooked by a single small sealed window.

Then Tommy Robinson was brought in. It was a shock to see how short he was; tiny, almost unassuming. The media portray him as a lionised, dangerous, radicalised figure but here was someone who just looked small, thin and tired. He was pale, sporting a beard and a new haircut with a flouncy quiff that made him look like an unassuming English teacher.

Close up it was his eyes that I noticed. The girl with me said that they were ‘prison eyes’; the eyes of the worried, the isolated, the fearful. He never laughed and rarely smiled

We had two hours. He started by describing his life of the last few months.

‘I have two hours a day out of my cell,’ he said. ‘That’s it. Even the bombers get four or five hours.’

I asked what he did and how many staff guarded him. Two were on duty all of the time he was out of the cell and one when he was locked in his cell. 

‘There is no one else here – no one. This entire block is empty apart from me. I have an exercise bike and books, a TV but no computer.’  He gestured to the horrible gloom below the high wall, ‘Look outside that window.’

‘That is the tiny space that I have to exercise in. I never see the sun and have to walk around and around like a caged animal.’

I asked about emails and letters. For a number of weeks he was not allowed any, then, for some inexplicable reason, he was, although every letter had to be opened and screened in case somebody had filled the envelope with anthrax spores or explosive.  Each email was read and printed out so that the pile of emails he received was sometimes three feet tall. He read every single one.

He made a number of comparisons about the rights and exercise privileges afforded to Muslims who had murdered compared with himself who merely posted a film on Facebook. I thought of the Muslim woman in the Abaya who was not searched as I was. 

Tommy began to talk about his life in Luton; what the town was like as he grew up compared to now. How everyone (he meant white British people) had moved out and the streets had become filled with people totally different from him. He was pained and saddened by this but did not seem hate filled. He did not rant.

He was very worried about his life – about law suits, rape threats to his daughter, his wife, and his empty house. He had built an expensive house but could not live in it because of threats from gangs from two sides, both Jihadis and from Antifa – although the later were cowards compared to the Jihadis.

An Antifa nutcase spent weeks trying to work out which safe house he was in by studying every house in a twenty mile radius of Luton until he found Tommy’s house by the print on his curtains after which immediately the intimidation and threats began again. Tommy and his family can never have a settled, safe, stable life in Britain. He ought to move abroad but he will never do that. He will fight to the bitter end.

I asked, ‘What do you want to do when you get out?’

‘I want to keep on making films, exposing what is going on. It is still going on.’

Some towns had only a very small number of Muslims, just a few percent, but there were still terrible problems with grooming gangs. If there are a thousand Muslim men between say 18 and 55 in a town, he said, you will find five hundred of them are on lists of arrested people.

‘There was some girl getting raped. I knew who the two men doing it were.  I will talk to anyone.  I don’t care. I went over to their house to get them to stop.  I can find out who is doing this stuff, why can’t the police and the authorities? In one case, this group had made a twelve year old girl pregnant.  They took her to a field and ‘fixed’ her with a screwdriver up her vaginia.’

He suddenly slipped in, ‘All this has been good for me in one way.’

Maybe, I thought, he was working on the Trump basis, of all publicity is good publicity. Could he possibly have wanted to be arrested for the publicity and the fame?  I did not know.

Did I think he was genuine ? Yes. Did I think he was worried about his future, family and being sued?  Yes.  Did I think he would not get into trouble again ?  No. Did I think he was a bit irresponsible? Yes.

He is not someone who thinks in accountancy or sensible terms. He is brave, a showman (even if a bit depressed when I met him), a fighter for a cause he believes in. Seeing an  existential threat to this country, he will keep on fighting even if it kills him. 

Then the interview was over and he was led away, a small figure in a large place. We left. It took us one hour to get into the prison, three minutes – the Alsation still following us – to get out.

I took a taxi amid the wasteland of semi-industrial units and roads and nothingness that surround Belmarsh. The driver, nervous of finding himself in such a place, wanted to get away as soon as possible.

I thought of Kipling’s poem Tommy Atkins.

O’ it’s Tommy this, an’ Tommy that, an’ ” Tommy, go away ” ; 
But it’s ” Thank you, Mister Atkins,” when the band begins to play
The band begins to play, my boys, the band begins to play, 

The band is playing.

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26 Comments on Tommy Robinson: Political Prisoner No 1 Belmarsh

  1. Tommy is persecuted and unjustly imprisoned for OBEYING God by speaking out for Britain’s most precious possession – her children. The number of severely persecuted, terrorised child victims is huge. And heartbreaking. Until the day I die, I will be deeply grateful to Britain’s hero, Tommy Robinson for speaking out.

    Tommy is an outstanding role model to the world. A light that shines so bright in this dark world. Thank you so very much Tommy!

    Please God protect and surround Tommy and his family with Your Guardian Angels throughout their entire lives. Bless them with all of Your many blessings! Thank You God, Amen.

  2. You Brits may have to resign yourselves to being pushed to the rural fringes of the British Isles, much as the Celts were when the Teutonic tribes invaded. You will have to pass down your language, cultural and literary traditions orally a la Fahrenheit 451. Your women will shipped to the harems of the London caliphate and you will pay tribute. The Blairs, Welby and Lord Phillips, as head of the dhimmi, will preside over sharii’a courts in Canterbury and Worth Matravers, and will reach high office as your obsequious representatives, Islam not discriminating on the basis of skin color or ethnic group. Although a Sephardic Jew, Phillips will thrive, as the Jews generally fared better under Islam than they have done under Christianity. Khan, the traditionalists’ cat’s paw, will be replaced by a more orthodox caliph and imprisoned in an inflatable balloon above Hyde Park.
    We in the Far East will probably remain predominantly secular as there are so many of us brought up in a secular, scientific world, and as we quite enjoy the Western lifestyle and Enlightenment values you gifted us and which we study intensely in school.

    • Dear Sheilagh,

      I have no children. As the only child of two only children, I don’t even have any first cousins.

      But I still care about the future of my country. I’d probably try to defend my country against its enemies, though I’d be more of a Private Godfrey than a Wing Commander Gibson.

      There are hundreds like me, but are there thousands? Are there tens of thousands? Hundreds of thousands of patriots will be needed when war is declared, but do they exist?

      By the way, don’t be too enthusiastic about the “enlightenment values”. It’s those “values” that have destroyed the great and good civilisation formerly known as Christendom.

      • Dear PJR,
        It’s thanks to the Enlightenment and The Age of Reason that the abhorrent aspects of Christendom (the burning of heretics at the stake, the Inquisition, forced conversions, the persecution of the Jews, the religious massacres etc.) were eliminated. Modern Western Civilization is thus a blend of Enlightenment values coupled with the benign remnants of Christianity, the intolerant aspects having been discarded.

        What is destroying Western Civilization is not Enlightenment values but a return to a world similar to the pre-scientific bigotry of Christianity that preceded it.

        Many modern-day Christians seem to think that secularism is equated with immorality, but this is utter nonsense. Secular societies still have moral standards; humans have an innate sense of what is right and wrong without having to refer to a rulebook handed down from the sky. Murderers and thieves are punished in China just as they are in the West.

        • Well said. Adam Smith – a stern Scots moralist primarily – and David Hume and Edmund Burke are examples of what the enlightenment brought.

          I would hesitate to say that Islam is a return to pre-scientific or pre-Christian world. Polytheists were tolerant of others’ beliefs in the main and although Homer records some pretty nasty behaviour there are examples of enlightened morality in such as Herodotus. Names escape but there was the Spartan king who had no heir, so the assembly decided (despite the scandal of it) that he should take another wife (she being to blame of course). Both ladies were in pod in a trice, so the gods plainly approved their lapse in standards.

          The struggles to scientifically understand the world by Parmenides, Heraclitus, Pythagoras, Anaxagoras and others put the pagans ahead of Christians never mind the Muslims. On ethics I doubt we can claim we’re any further forward than Moses and Aristotle left us.

          • Good point Michael. In the Far East it is often commented that monotheistic religions (which we did not have for millennia) are the source of many of the world’s problems.

  3. The case of Tommy Robinson is a disgrace to the United Kingdom. Robinson is the result of government policy, and government cowxardice.
    Policy: The Blair government opened wide the door to immigration from the northern part of the sub-continent, and even went out recruiting new British citizens, in the reasonable hope that, once in the UK, they would serve as a useful vote bank. The vote bank of British working class voters was no longer so enamoured with New Labour’s Islington Marxism. One result among many, the transformation of Luton from a one mosque town in the 1990s to a 26 mosque Luton, and major supplier of terorists onto the world market. Robinson is not a “racist”, as accused. He is a working class boy, whose assumptions of how this country works has been turned upside down. He is an example of the deep erosion of public trust in British institutions.
    Cowardice: since stepping down from leadership of the EDL because of its penetration by BNP thugs, he has militated on behalf of the under-age British girls-white, Sikh, black- who have been gang raped, under the eyes of the authorities, for decades. Police, social workers, teachers, local officialdom, MPs turned a blind eye to the trashing of British law. Since The Times revealed this scandal ion 2011, the courts have begun to react. But it is well known that only a small percentage of these criminals are being apprehended.
    The bottom line: large chunks of working class people feel, not “left behind in the patronising patter of the liberal cosmoplitans, so much as discarded, to cope with sink estates, bog standard schools, drugs, and low wage-low skill jobs. All three political parties: toff Conservatives, Islington Labour, the inaccurately named “Lib-Dems”, are to blame.

  4. Splendid article. Always a delight to read the Salisbury Review, and to visit the website for further articles – and indeed to read the comments written by uncommonly insightful people who can think beyond fashionable rhetoric. (Some of the comments are almost as juicy as the articles they are responding to!) God bless Tommy Robinson.

    • Thank you Edward and everyone else for their kind, insightful and interesting comments .
      The mainstream media including the big so called conservative newspapers will not publish such an article .

      • The failure of the MSM, with or without the excuse that IPSO is threatening them, to openly address matters of public concern is a serious threat to our freedom and democracy.

        There would be no Robinsons and no ‘far right’ demos if we had free, frank and fearless debate. Permitting a faceless minority to decide what can be said or not said is storing up grievances and troubles for the future and supplying no incentive to find shared values and a common purpose.

      • Dear Catherine Blaiklock,

        You remind me of one of my heroes, Robert Conquest. (He ought to be one of everybody’s heroes. All the people who, as a result of our abysmal educational standards, have never heard of him, ought to look him up.)

        Mr Conquest was derided for his absurd claim that life in the Soviet Union under Uncle Joe Stalin wasn’t much fun for the tens of millions of people who died as a result of his lunatic policies. Many years later, when even the leftists (with the exception of the Corbyn gang) could no longer deny that Stalin was even worse than Hitler, RC was invited to revise and reissue his best book, “The Great Terror”. He suggested retitling it “I f*cking told you so.”

        Today you, Catherine Blaiklock, f*cking told us so. Thank you.

  5. Very depressing to see the dismissive and contemptuous attitude of many British journalists toward Robinson. Even some free speech advocates who recognise the problem of increasing Islamic influence and power in Britain and who you might expect to support him prefer to show their disdain. Is it simple snobbery (ie. he is a non-intellectual working class male therefore when he criticises muslims it must nothing but the rantings of a racist lout)?

    Never underestimate the effectiveness of left wing moral bullying. Our high-minded media elite need to tread a careful path through that moral minefield where a wrong turn could lead to charges of racism, sexism, homophobia and of course Islamophobia. The charges, once made, are difficult to refute. Reputation is enormously important to the professional intellectual and the idea that one could be regarded as anything so small minded as a bigot by one’s peers must be enough to deter most from loose talk.

  6. Dear Catherine,
    That is a most sobering article, and reveals the consequences for a man who may not have always acted with wisdom, but has acted with honesty. It is genuinely chilling that holding views which differ from those considered acceptable by the (il)liberal wealthy, can result in such treatment. Thank you for writing with such insight and clarity, Tommy Robinson’s case has a Solzhenitsyn like quality to it. I suspect that most Britons would be shocked by your report, should they have the chance to read it. However the main stream media will never discuss such an issue, preferring to focus on students ‘triggered’ by the lectures they must attend, or overpaid BBC journalists who aren’t quite overpaid enough. Tommy Robinson’s treatment as an individual, is related to the collective treatment by the neo-establishment of the 17,410,742 who voted to leave the EU. The contempt which those in power have for the majority in the UK, cannot be overstated.

    • He’s not even honest about his real name. It’s a pretence.

      He broke the law and he’s in prison for a few weeks. That’s how our society works, under the rule of long established law.

      You disgusting people want that to end and mob rule established, and it won’t work.

      You’re all extremely gullible, and very stupid.

      • Mob rule? He was publicising the fact that numberless Muslim men are sexually abusing underage girls – just as their beloved founder did – and that the state is covering it up. (The same cover-up is happening across Europe.)
        You are the credulous one if you think there’s a legal case for hiding the procession of such offenders (all with the same upbringing) and running to hundreds with more to come. (Figures are estimates as the trials are not being reported at all in MSM.) Were any other group, Scots, Milwall fans, stamp collectors, involved in such crimes there would be a national debate. Nothing is therefore being done to prevent this depravity being transmitted to another generation, failing despairing law-abiding Muslims as well as the victims of some of their men.

      • Dear Tommy Andrews,

        Before accusing Catherine Blaiklock of being a disgusting person who is extremely gullible and very stupid, you should consider the fact that she resigned from a senior post in UKIP on the grounds that the leader of the party had appointed “Tommy Robinson” as an advisor.

        Her article doesn’t suggest that she has a very high opinion of “Tommy”.

        My impression of Catherine Blaiklock is that she’s just a decent, intelligent woman who’s always willing to modify her opinions in accordance with the evidence she finds.

        My impression of “Tommy” is that he’s an ignorant twat, but I’m not convinced that being an ignorant twat ought to be a crime.

  7. A good article Catherine. However I would just like to correct one line where you wrote…. “as did Jo Cox’s murderer Thomas Mair”.

    I think that should have read: “as did Thomas Mair, the man who has been sent to prison for the murder of Jo Cox”.

    From what I have seen of this case, it is unlikely that this man had anything to do with Ms. Cox.

    • Which of course, does not detract from your advice and my view that he should leave the country when he gets out.

      Otherwise they ARE going to kill him.

  8. This is the 21st century version of Winston Smith incarcerated in the Ministry of Truth. Members of ‘the inner party’ with the aid of their vociferous legions waving gold-starred blue flags are an echo of Orwell’s ‘Ingsoc’ in his novel ‘Nineteen Eighty Four’ and the never-seen-in-person – ‘Big Brother’ – could be likened to the shadowy forces of international banks, pension fund managers, and corporate interests. To top off the analogy, we have the ‘telescreen’ providing 24/7 propaganda, the ‘thought police’, and public surveillance everywhere.

  9. Tommy Robinson’s fate is a disgrace to the British Law. He is a self educated, working class boy, who-he been of another generation-would have been readily folded into either Conservative or Labour party policies of the post-war years. He has been labelled by the press, and also by judges-who should know better-as a “racist”. The evidence is that he founded the English Defense League in response to Islamic fundamentalists tallest abuse hurled at the East Anglia regiment’s march past on return from Afghanistan, then stepped down when he realised that the EDF was being penetrated by British national party thugs. He then went on a crusade to draw attention to the mass rape, organised by primarily Pakistani immigrant men, on British(white, Sikh, black) underage girls. As we all know this scandal had been going under under the nose of the authorities(police, local officialdom, teachers, social service employees, MPs) for years, without their taking any action whatsoever to implement the law of the land. Tommy Robinson is the creation of our runaway, post-modern british state which makes up “law” on the hoof, and rides roughshod over the rights of individuals. See my blog:

  10. Hard to believe this is happening in Britain 2019. The 0nly reason I know that one mass trial has just ended in Leeds and yet another immediately begun is because the news appeared on Yahoo (US) that shows on my screen when I look for email. A recent article on The Conservative Woman site explained that reporting anything that might give offence to ‘communities’ is banned/discouraged by the press regulator.
    This man is presented to us as the devil incarnate but whatever he has said or done comes nowhere near what the fascist ‘anti-fascists’ and others like them have done with impunity, still less the sex offenders and those whose misconduct in public office has let this cancerous evil grow.