Brussels Coup d’etat

'One common aim the defeat of Great Britain' Petain.

Parliament will reject any deal – however favourable to Britain – that Boris Johnson might bring from Brussels. Not that there was any deal in the first place. The EU long ago decided that we were never going to leave under any circumstances and Mrs May’s deal is a punishment for even thinking of trying. If we accept it, we will be fined, our representatives expelled from the European Parliament and Northern Ireland annexed to Greater Europe. The alternative is to remain a full member, but politically humiliated to the extent that we will be regarded as a demented family member who once tried to leave home and whose affairs in consequence have to be handled from now on by a solicito

The BBC and Sky have reacted to this coup d’etat as Europe’s broadcasters did to Hitler’s invasion of the continent in 1940 – 41. All who disagreed with the occupying power were silenced and only ‘news’ favourable to the conquerors was broadcast. Not once have I heard any commentator on our main channels offer any criticism of Brussels, anything the latter say is political holy writ, offered to ignorant and pathetic suppliants – us.

Sky is in it for the money, the BBC because it loathes and detests the working classes. It’s ok to have a few expensively dressed women with northern accents on political shows, but when it comes to the real thing – the family up north with £200 in savings who can be put on the streets if Dad incurs a parking fine and falls behind with the rent often to a landlord who pays no taxes, exports all his earning overseas, and is cheating the social services to boot – the BBC turns its head away to gaze in the windows of a Bond Street jewellers.

The EU is not a democracy but a giant rip off supermarket.If you don’t have the money to buy anything, and you don’t want to work for pittance wages that immigrants will accept then the bouncers will put you on the street, as they have an entire social class in Britain.

Nemesis awaits in the form of an unstable Euro, (coming to you next year) and thanks to continuing mass immigration, the exponential growth of an army of ageing unemployables which the EU will not have the money to feed or house. 

The poor will indeed inherit the European earth. It will be an economic wasteland

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15 Comments on Brussels Coup d’etat

  1. It is interesting to consider why the remainist protestors were in Luxembourg, and how they got there. Suffice to say they weren’t British farmers, fishermen, soldiers nor factory workers. If they were employed locally, which seems likely, they probably work for the EU in Luxembourg (The European Institutions in Luxembourg), one wonders if they were given special paid leave to enable, and encourage them to protest.
    Brendan O’Neill writes, with clear insight in Spiked.

    • Luxembourg. An annoying country whose facilitation of the likes of Amazon have deprived us of much needed Wonga. So what with our Overseas Development Fund, a annual payments to the Scots and our ever increasing contribution to the EU coffers, we are in a fine economic mess.

  2. The AfD in Germany supports Britain. No – they are not the Nazi Party in new clothes – they are speaking out against Merkel and her politics. We have an alternative to the EU as well, but it is being sabotaged daily by the media, notwithstanding that the Referendum result was going to be expressed through Parliament. But the representatives of the people fell back on the argument that they were appointed, not to represent their constituents, but their own views. Since it was known that three quarters of MPs were remainers – what was the point of the Referendum?

  3. Germany and the Fascist EU have not militarily invaded, occupied and conquered Britain. Boris must tell the EU we are leaving immediately and that ALL Agreements made with the EU including the LISBON TREATY the European Arrest Warrant, the European Defence Union and the UN MIGRATION PACT are declared Null and Void.

    If Britain’s treasonous Parliament refuse to obey the will and the vote of the people in this, the entire nation must take to the streets to protest every hour of every day.

    Millions of heroes fought and died, giving up their young lives in the 2 World Wars so that we could live in freedom and safety. We must not let their great sacrifice for us be in vain.

  4. What Boris wants is a Thatcheresque landslide majority at the next General Election, so that he can imagine himself as the Divine Augustus, Father of his Country, etc etc.

    Opinion polls suggest that Boris can get what he wants if he appeases the Faragists by campaigning for a trade-only “deal”, with “no deal” being the only alternative mentioned in the manifesto. There’s no need for an electoral pact: if Mr Farage tells his Brexit Party not to put up any candidates in the General Election, the Conservatives will have a majority of 50+, perhaps 100+. In return, Mr Farage will probably become a Duke. Sorted!

    And so we’ll leave the EU. Huzzah!

    But what will happen next?

    Will harmful immigration be reduced, stopped or (best of all) reversed? No.

    Will public morals be improved, by reversing the preferential treatment currently given to all manner of sexual perversions? No.

    Will Marxist indoctrination in our schools (including private schools) be ended? No.

    Will the destruction of the countryside, to make room for ticky-tacky houses and wind farms, cease? No.

    If we escape from the EU, life outside will be very similar to life inside. We’re all doomed.

    • Quite so. We shall turn our backs on our Saxon and Norman relatives, and join the Africans, South Asians and East Asians in the new world of more equality, more diversity and more….delusion.

  5. Well said. The BBC (I choose not to have television reception so I can speak only of radio) is the mouthpiece of Brussels and only brings on the occasional ‘Brexiteir’ to be ridiculed and/or traduced. LBC is the radio station for a balanced view with phone-ins often from informed and erudite working-class people. I recently bought a DVD of the little seen film ‘It Happened Here’ which is a scenario of the Nazis having successfully occupied Britain and the reaction of ordinary people many of whom fall in with jobs aiding the occupiers. This scenario can be likened to the capitulation of many English and other Britains to the E.U. and justifying tyranny.

    • As a Leaver I am no longer so sure of LBC in relation to Brexit. Ian Dale is still very good as is Nigel Farage and JRM. Nick Ferrari fails to listen to callers comments, he mumbles complaints to himself when he has a caller who he doesn’t agree with and frankly, whilst he has collected a few scalps (Diane Abbott and Natalie, whatever her name is), he isn’t bright enough to carry this show too well. He is also a bit of a luvvie when he talks to other journalists.

      For a Leaver I can do no better than recommend Talk Radio: Julia Hartley Brewer till 10am, weekdays followed by Mike Graham till 1pm. Both are in my opinion, excellent because they are on my side.

  6. Three and half years ago we thought that we were leaving a trading club. Now we realise we were in the EUSSR all along. Thank God Italian and French tanks have only reverse gears and none of the German ones are roadworthy thanks to their former defence minister who is now one of the gang of four running the whole show.

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