“If you want to succeed in politics, you must keep your conscience firmly under control.” Liberal Leader Lloyd George

I’ve always wondered what “liberal” means in connection with the Liberal Party. I know what they’d like us to understand by it, because it’s their perpetual boast that they are the tolerant party which stands for democracy. Well, today we know what the liberals mean by “tolerance” and “democracy” – for they have given us one very definite, practical example. They have decided that, if by some satanic miracle, they were ever to form the government, they would revoke Article 50 and so keep us in the EU everlastingly. So by “democracy” they mean: ask the people what they want and then when they tell you – as we did in the Referendum – refuse to give it to us. “Liberal” also means “liar” – because the leaders of the Liberal Party promised that they would honour the result of the Referendum. They should take note of their own patriarch William Gladstone who said, “Nothing that is morally wrong can ever be politically right.” Well, isn’t it morally wrong to break one’s word?

Liberals have never been much good, not even in the 18th century when they were known as Whigs. Dr Johnson defined them as “a faction.” Quite: factions have factional interests such as the minority view that we should stay in the EU.

Politicians of all parties have committed crimes and misdemeanours but such imperfections are rather more shocking when perpetrated by members of the Liberal Party: on account of their insufferable, pretended higher righteousness and their persistent claim to the moral high ground. Take insider trading for example. Lloyd George and his cronies Rufus Isaacs, Lord Murray and Postmaster General Herbert Samuel were guilty of this in the scandal that became known as the Marconi Affair. Lloyd George was at it all the time, so to speak, and it was especially for him that the 1925 Prevention of Abuses Act was proclaimed.

Towards the end of the 19th century, “the Liberal idealist” Jabez Balfour MP made vast profits from running fraudulent companies. He absconded to Argentina where he was captured, brought back to Britain and jailed. But when it comes to the scandalous big time there’s no one better than Liberal leader Jeremy Thorpe who allegedly conspired to murder his – homosexual, of course – lover. This scandal ended Thorpe’s political career.

But let me end by returning to “the greatest Liberal of them all” – David Lloyd George. He not only practised shady dealings but actually took a pride in such shiftiness, saying, “If you want to succeed in politics, you must keep your conscience firmly under control.” Lloyd George, the great Liberal democrat who claimed to believe in the sovereignty of the people, also said during the Great War: “If the people really knew the truth, the war could be stopped tomorrow. But, of course, they don’t know and they can’t know.”

That’s exactly the rank anti-democracy presently being practised by those Liberal Party leaders who have told us they mean to ignore the will of the people as expressed in the Referendum.

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10 Comments on “If you want to succeed in politics, you must keep your conscience firmly under control.” Liberal Leader Lloyd George

  1. The (il)Liberal (un)Democrats, are not a pleasant bunch, contemptuous and disdainful of the majority of Britons, hence their just announced policy of staying with their fellow anti-democrats in Brussels.
    Kirsten Johnson candidate for North Devonshire speaking about what she hopes will become her constituency: “Demographically it’s 98 per cent white. We don’t have a lot of ethnic minorities living in North Devon. People aren’t exposed to people from other countries. They don’t travel a lot…’”

  2. It’s also alleged that LibDem MP Clement Freud sexually abused teenage girls.

    And that LibDem MP Cyril Smith sexually abused teenage boys.

    And that LibDem Leader David Steel MP covered up Smith’s crimes.

    For a political party that doesn’t have many MPs, that’s a lot of MPs to be involved in sex scandals. (And let’s not forget the murderous homosexual Jeremy Thorpe.)

    Of course, it’s possible that Smith, Freud and Steel did nothing wrong. But why are all three of them treated more kindly by our paedophilia-obsessed media than Bishop George Bell? Is it perhaps because the BBC and the Press Barons support the LibDem party?

    • Old George is also reputed to have had a very liberal attitude to other people’s wives and so on. Politically though, they’re all illiberal dictators!

  3. The glaring point you are missing is that the political leaders who made the promise to implement the result have all lost their power, either voluntarily or in a public vote. Cameron resigned immediately, nobody knows what happened to Clegg, and the majority Tory administration lost its majority in 2017, when tellingly it campaigned almost exclusively on a manifesto of implementing the brexit result. If that is What “the people” had really wanted, it would have been done already. That’s democracy.

    What you are saying here is that regardless of what has happened in the interim, promises made by former politicians should be implemented regardless of any change in circumstances. Or that the new leader of a political party should be constrained by the ideas of their predecessors. Which of Tony Blair’s or Harold Wilson’s policy commitments would you like to see implemented? I look forward to hearing the pips squeak.

      • No, YOU voted to leave. And the lying politician is Boris. We know he has knowingly lied as he has been sacked for it. His lies never end, all the way up to kippers and pork pies!

        No referendum is binding, he’s lying to you about that too.

        • As a matter of fact, Ken Clarke called him a liar in the house the other week. And the lazy, disgusting liar had to sit there and take it, because he knew it was true.

  4. The picture accompanying this article of a respectable family in an English village scene and captioned as ‘Extreme right-wing’ is a parody of course for the weapon used by today’s authoritarians to smear conservative policies and to deflect and cover their own anti-democratic actions. Patriots and conservative minded people are often smeared as ‘Nazis’ by socialists and so-called ‘liberals’ who practice similar tactics in politics and public spending as Hitler and his cronies did from 1934 on. – read Adam Tooze’s excellent book ‘The Wages of Destruction: the making and breaking of the Nazi economy’ to learn that the ‘National Socialist Workers Party’ (NASDAP) was far from anything remotely called ‘right-wing’. The coopting of big business into the Nazi state’s interests and needs in 1930s Germany has worrying overtones with the Brussels cabal of today.