Brexit: Never again let the servants’ hall have a say.

Apparently, Boris Johnson is to blame for the ugly scenes in Parliament the other day, and for the ugly atmosphere in the country at large, because he uses the terms ‘surrender’ and ‘betrayal’ to describe those who would thwart Brexit. There is anguished discussion in the mainstream media of whether the Prime Minister should not be ‘setting the tone for public discourse’.

But the tone, which is inevitably getting more heated as the campaign to stop Brexit gathers pace, was set within days of the referendum result by the establishment’s tarnishing of the seventeen million who voted Leave with the epithet ‘populist’, a straightforward euphemism – ‘dog whistle’ language in the Left’s favoured lexicon – for ‘racist’, ‘xenophobic’, ‘uneducated’, ‘working class’ and ‘stupid’. Or, to put it in a nutshell, ‘fascist’. And the tone for the Brexit referendum result was set by the liberal establishment’s pursuit over decades of its own self-interest under the guise of multiculturalism and mass immigration, policies which have wreaked havoc on the lives of ordinary people, but which have furnished the privileged with a bottomless reservoir of cheap labour and a cosmopolitan lifestyle – with domestic servants and easy access to continental villas.

What language or behaviour are people supposed to adopt when they can no longer afford to buy a house or rent a flat; when their neighbourhoods are transformed beyond recognition; when real communities are destroyed and tax-funded multicultural community projects take their place; when English is no longer spoken; when their history and their traditions, indeed when ‘England’ and ‘the English’, are declared institutionally racist, and ‘deconstructed’; when their freedom of expression is shut down and their language censored for fear of causing offence; and, the final indignity, they are written off as ‘populists’ whose democratically expressed opinions no longer count?  

What do these self-righteous liberals expect them to do. Go die in a ditch? 

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15 Comments on Brexit: Never again let the servants’ hall have a say.

  1. The Liberal-left continually refer to arise in populism by which they mean a 1930’s style fascism.
    However, I suspect a closer analogy is Margaret Thatcher’s fight with the (at the time) too powerful trade unions. This time the people and the government are in a fight with the considerably more powerful neo-establishment. The sad fact about the necessary fight with the trade unions was the collateral damage which was incurred by people in the coal mining areas of the UK. With this current fight, the collateral damage is likely to be senior civil servants taking early retirement, and a reduction in the bonuses of CEOs et al, hardly worthy of much public sympathy.

    • Probably pointless recommending that you acquaint yourself with evidence and reason, but on the off-chance that a sensible parent supervises your comments, take a look at The Human Tide by Paul Morland and learn how demography affects our future in ways you can’t imagine.

    • I think he means England. There is a greater proportion of people in Asia who speak English well than the proportion of people in some of your major towns and cities. We seem to have exported many of our more linguistically-challenged brethren to your shores. Of course, inevitably, the more who arrive, the less the likelihood that they will come across native speakers as models of proficiency.

  2. One MP has been killed by a man palpably out of his wits but hundreds continue to die by stabbings, shootings and jihadi attacks that are substantially the result of MPs policies, neglect, connivance or delusionary wokeness.

    Empty death threats are a dime a dozen these days. Real crimes are out of control because they are ignored, lightly punished or not punished at all.

  3. ‘Whenever the legislators endeavour to take away and destroy the property of the people, or to reduce them to slavery under arbitrary power, they put themselves into a state of war with the people, who are thereupon absolved from any farther obedience.’ ~ John Locke, Two Treatises on Civil Government

  4. You Brits are perhaps realizing very late in the game that your greatest enemies are within your ranks: MPs, the judiciary (led by Nick Phillips from Worth Matravers), the Church (Williams and Welby from Canterbury), the press (journalists at the FT and The Economist) and other media (the BBC), the Police (Dick), the education system (the Universities of Oxford, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Sheffield), the RNLI, the National Trust, the armed forces…all your institutions, the bedrock of democracy you gifted to the world, have been completely overrun by your enemies while you have slept and sheathed your swords.

    ‘Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more,
    Or close the wall up with our English dead!’

    • No – we have realised all this for a long time. The difficulty is standing up against the establishment, since, with our present voting system, we have no true democracy and our voices are not heard.

      • Very sad about the RNLI – another marvelous apolitical institution that has been politicized. You Brits have produced several outstanding and courageous women sailors, Grace Darling and Ellen MacArthur among them, but I’m sure even these women, had they been rescued from drowning by the RNLI, would be only too happy to kiss the lifeboat crew’s cox in gratitude, even though he might have Playboy centerfolds and Pirelli calendars pinned up in the gender-neutral heads.

        • Oh Sheilagh, you’re getting very close to hate-crime there. Even thinking such thoughts as to what might be pinned up in the gender-neutral heads pins you up as a danger to society.

      • I listened as far as ‘the Israeli invasion of Gaza’. You can’t invade your own land. Jews have been driven out of their ancestral lands over several centuries and forced into a tiny plot now called Israel – as if it were something newly set up on someone else’s doorstep.

        If Israel tries to influence politicians, good for them – but it’s a hopeless task faced with ingrained hatred from losers, Muslims and Nazis throughout the world and especially among British media and the Labour and LibDem parties. Israel is the only civilised tolerant democratic open society in its neighbourhood and a better place to live than much of Europe. One of the many reasons all 57 Muslim-ruled arab countries are the shitholes they are is that they no longer have the Jews who used to manage their business and politics for them.

        I don’t know the origin of this nasty video but you should be ashamed of yourself Mr Mills for imagining that it is welcome here.