Labour will bring Shamima Begum home

All Labour MPs – especially Mr Corbyn and his Cabinet – should be prepared to answer the following question every time they appear on TV or Radio

“Will a Labour Government allow Shamima Begum to return ?’

We know the answer. An Immigration Tribunal is obliged to rule in her favour, the purpose of the various Immigration Acts is to legitimise mass immigration in the face of public hostility. Moreover Labour has announced it is going to open the doors to all migrants, close all immigration centres and give all immigrants the right to vote on arrival.

It will mark the end of the English Nation.

Keep asking your liberal friends the same question. The cowardly journalists on SKY news and the BBC won’t.

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27 Comments on Labour will bring Shamima Begum home

  1. “It will mark the end of the English Nation.”

    Speaking as a very proud Scot, I don’t think that any such thing as an “English Nation” exists or ought to exist. Likewise, no such thing as a “Scottish Nation” exists or ought to exist.

    We all ought to think of ourselves as members of the wonderful and beneficent United Kingdom that was wisely created in 1707.

    And we ought to combine to fight to expel existing foreign invaders from our beautiful UK instead of allowing even more invaders to arrive and be allowed to vote.

    • I cannot agree. The UK is an admirable political entity but England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales are nation. The peoples that founded them and fought for them are cousins. But this great family is now in desperate danger.

  2. We do not, as a nation, closely and clearly define the duties that citizens owe to the state. We should not be surprised when people like Shamima Begum decide that that it’s all fine and dandy to go off and live with ISIS and then return to the UK if it doesn’t work out. Rather like leaving the wife to go and live with the mistress but assuming the wife will have you back if the mistress kicks you out.

    Yes, Labour if elected will let her back in along with a host of people far more malign. They will further degrade the value of British citizenship. But I seriously doubt that pointing this out to so-called progressives will alter anything.

    We need a campaign for constitutional reform and hopefully the debacle of Brexit will see it launched.

  3. If this is the level of “journalism” you chose to read you are in danger of fulfilling your own fears.
    Terrible straw man debate
    Asking a question and then answering it with no nuance or understanding of the respondents position on their behalf is poor quality propaganda as it only confirms what the reader wants confirming.
    I will be happy to block this drivel ever appearing on my news feed again
    This gullible girl was created in the UK and it is the UK’s responsibility to ensure that she is no longer a threat to herself or others, and whilst at it they need to do the same with the most active threat of right wing extremists that this sort of article is fuelling.

    • This gullible girl is old enough to vote according to lefty ninnies.
      If she was ‘created’ in the UK it was not by anyone adhering to enlightenment values, so doubtless you will demanding others like her are taken into care?

      There are no dangerous ‘right wing’ extremists. Not a single person has been assaulted, injured or killed by anyone claiming right6 wingness. Those of a leftist Islamic disposition however have killed, raped and seriously injured a number just this century in the UK you probably don’t want to guess at – but it’s four figures.

    • If you Brits do let her back in, why not lodge her and her fellow combatants already back in the UK (said to be in the thousands) in a refugee camp constructed in Worth Matravers? Nick Phillips to be appointed as commandant; as a Sephardic Jew, he knows only too well how horrible it is to be persecuted by xenophobes and racists…oh, wait a minute! Appoint the FT’s Martin Wolf as the senior camp education commissar; he can lecture on the twin evils of artificial national borders and restrictions on free movement of people across the globe.

    • It’s also worth pointing out that Jacob Rees Mogg on Question Time also said that she should be brought home and it was wrong to remove her citizenship.

  4. She was born, brought up and educated in this country, this is where she should be dealt with.

    Boris “I am not a crook” Johnson should be deported to the US where he would obviously prefer to be. (By the way, did you notice he appeased terrorists by stating that the only way to stop the death threats, violence and actual murder is to get brexit done? I’d have thought the police should be arresting those responsible. That would stop it.)

    As for Priti Patel, I can’t express enough opprobrium for her.

    The posts on here are getting ever more extreme. One day, you will drop right off the edge. You’re like a bunch of school kids, with immature opinions, wanking yourselves off trying to prove you’re more shocking than the rest.

    • My goodness. I wish I was clever and well educated like Rachel, with that fine sensitivity the left have as they admire their own opinions in the mirror of self righteousness. Perhaps she is rich too, never had to live on a council estate and where did the kiddies go to school? Like St Dianne Abbot’s children, privately educated ? Or Comrade Corbyn who went to a public school?

    • You would do better, before you are out of your (mid?) teens to moderate your playground language.
      Your point is worth discussing, but one fact against it that in a war, conventions have to be broken and remade. We did not in WW2 allow Lord Haw Haw to be tried in Eire (among other reasons that the pro-Nazi Irish would have acquitted him.)

      To secure punishment for IS terrorists it is clear they cannot return to the UK. The malign effects of the Human Rights ideology would see to that. The only possibility of deterrence and justified revenge for those murdered by IS is that they be left where they are to face the harsh consequences.

    • >She was born, brought up and educated in this country, this is where she should be dealt with.

      The accident of her birth does not make her British; it takes more than just being born in a country to really belong to it; she hasn’t paid taxes into it, shares no history with you, is unrepentant and has no love of her birthplace, nor have her ancestors contributed to defending it with their blood and sacrifices; her betrayal makes it even less likely that she should deserve the protection of an enemy of the group she joined willingly.

      Give priority of entry to the poor but courageous Nadia Murad instead.

      • “Give priority of entry to the poor but courageous Nadia Murad instead.”

        That leftist/feminist motormouth lives in Germany. Is she less safe there than she’d be here?

        The only immigrants I’d welcome to the UK would be the Christian victims of Islamic persecution in the Middle East.

        • But PJR be charitable (1 Corinthians 13 would strike a chord with Yazidis I think). We enlightened ones who ancestors have done so much to civilise the world – futile with islam admittedly but you’re up against concupiscent men running things there – welcome leftists and feminists whose religion doesn’t tell them to kill dissenters. Critics help us understand ourselves better and test our virtue. Whether Nadia is safe anywhere in Europe is a good question, but we should do whatever is needed and whatever she asks.

      • Sheilagh: “The accident of her birth does not make her British; it takes more than just being born in a country to really belong to it”

        Well actually yes it does make her British. She “belongs” as much as any other minor.

        Frankly, it’s likely people in her “birthplace” expressing opinions like yours that led to her having no love for it.

  5. “The Tony Blair Institute for Global Change” sounds like satire. But Blair’s activities in Iraq, as well as his sole as Middle Eastern Peace Envoy (someone has a very sardonic sense of humour) are sadly not satire. He is a war criminal who should be on trial at The Hague.

    • The purpose of a trial, at The Hague or elsewhere is to establish guilt or innocence. The accused is innocent until proven guilty. To say that Blair is a war criminal (as so many people do) is to assume that guilt has been proven and a trial is unnecessary. In that case all we need do is assemble a lynch mob.

      Do you remember the run up to the 2003 attack on Iraq? A man our broadcast media treated as a national treasure, the late Tony Benn, rushed over to Baghdad for an audience with the brutal mass murderer Saddam Hussein. Benn took it upon himself to apologise to Sadam for Britain’s dreadful warmongering behaviour. It seems he chose to forget that Sadam had sent his armies into Iran in 1980 starting a war which was to last 8 years with a loss of life in hundreds of thousands. Then of course there was Sadam’s invasion of Kuwait, a crude commercial, resource grabbing war not to mention his brutal oppression of the Kurds. As always, the Left’s moral outrage is only directed at the capitalist West.

      On his return Benn was greeted by the broadcast media with fawning approval as a peacemaker. However, there was one interview where a young Iraqi woman, an asylum seeker I believe, challenged Benn and expressed her contempt for him. He was very rattled.

      • Well said. There was widespread support for the second Gulf war among the Iraqi diaspora for the sufficient reason that removing Saddam, in a class of his own in a strong field, was a good thing. He helped to foster the view that he was hiding WMD (he was if you count poison gas) by his evasive behaviour. I lodged two Iraqi PG students during the Kuwait invasion and they were certain that Saddam had ‘special weapons’ to defeat the USA such were the obfuscating strategies employed.
        The Kuwaitis certainly expected a second attack and feared that Schwarzkopf’s forces would not be available a second time. GW2 was a relief for them.
        The only explanation for the Left’s behaviour is psychological: arrested adolescence: they never grow out opposing their parents/authority figures.

  6. If Tony Blair and his do-good supporters have their way a mere peaceful protest against the return of jihadis may be challenged in the civil courts.

    “The Tony Blair Institute for Global Change” ( is proposing what it describes as a new tier of hate group designation. This, it is said, would help tackle nonviolent extremist organisations that “demonise” specific groups on the basis of race, religion, gender, nationality or sexuality. Criminal law cannot be used to silence law abiding organisations that oppose the liberal left orthodoxy so civil courts can be brought in to do the work.

    Soon the liberal-left will have yet another weapon to use against those who fail to celebrate diversity.

    Expect the BBC and Sky News to help publicise Blair’s latest initiative soon but don’t expect anything more than token criticism. Meanwhile, fanatical balaclava clad, club-wielding SJWs will carry on their de-platforming activities largely unreported in the MSM (unless they happen to clash with a militant right wing group).

    • [“The Tony Blair Institute for Global Change” ( is proposing what it describes as a new tier of hate group designation. This, it is said, would help tackle nonviolent extremist organisations that “demonise” specific groups on the basis of race, religion, gender, nationality or sexuality.]
      Adherents of the Koran would fit right in here. They even call themselves “peaceful” without a hint of irony.

      • All described and predicted by Douglas Murray and Michel Houellebecq. A recent poll of our new Nazi-inclined Labour party membership found a majority ‘ashamed’ of Britain. I expect a poll of Muslims and other Arabs would find them not even aware that, to take just one crime, they conducted slavery on a scale that dwarfed Britain’s and continue it to this day.

  7. Even by labour standards their latest immigration policy is insane, but it will have exceptions of course should Mr Trump or Mr Bolton want to call.

    This woman is only one of several hundred and my suspicious mind wonders why we hear nothing about the rest.