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14 Comments on Immigration is killing the NHS not mythical ‘cuts’.

    • E O Anthropus and Sheilagh: when you speak of “Mass immigration over a short span of time”, do you consider 71 years (and counting) to be a short span of time? That’s how many years have passed since the massive unwanted immigration began.

      As for the NHS, I’ve recently been offered the opportunity to travel 40 miles on December 30th to have my arsehole probed (and not even by malicious aliens!) in order to prevent bowel cancer. Is this a waste of public money or what? I think the NHS’s preventative public health policy is utterly wrongheaded. We humans are too numerous. When we get sick, let us die peacefully with the help of drugs, and meanwhile don’t frighten us or bully us.

  1. The only way in which permitting new arrivals to use the free-at-point-of-use medical services would not place a greater economic burden on the indigenous population, the taxpayers, would be if the contribution to the economy of the new arrivals over their lifetimes exceeded the demands they place on the medical (and other free) services paid for by the taxpayers.

    Mass immigration over a short span of time means that this “debt” is likely never to be repaid because mass immigration is essentially a Ponzi scheme on an enormous scale – immigrants themselves all get old and need medical care and inter-generational funded pensions.

    The British state-funded medical system is probably close to collapse as external demand keeps increasing and yet the capacity of governments to fund it is limited.

  2. The Economist has been campaigning relentlessly for years in almost every weekly issue to bring about the same mass-immigration, no-borders disaster with Australia and Japan.

    For instance, it describes Australia’s objective, points-based, rational immigration system as “ruthless” and “dog whistle”, this latter slur being thrown out despite the recent huge influx of immigrants from Asia and the Middle East.

  3. 14% of say 56 million population in 1970 is 7,840,000 people over 65.
    19% of say 67 million population in 2019 is 12,730,000 people over 65.
    This is an increase of nearly 63% in the population of people over 65, not 5%.
    How to lie with statistics!

  4. I do like Sargon of Akkad. Makes me laugh while knowing I should weep. And sadly, he is right: he will be hounded out as being a racist, a neo-Nazi, a fascist…

  5. Sargon of Akkad is a sage who won’t be silenced. Any GP surgery queue will show how mass immigration is bursting the banks of vital public services.

      • A couple of weeks ago I attended a day surgery clinic in north London.
        22 procedures carried out. 1 Anglo Saxon, 1 Welsh woman. 1 Irish woman and 19 from the EU, Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, South Asia, Africa and the Caribbean.
        Thankyou Carl.

  6. This may be a factor, but I dont see it being the sole reason. In 2017 over 60% of adults were overweight and obese, and as the population ages the number of people with chronic illnesses is increasing too.

    Also there is a widespread mindset of going to A&E at the drop of a hat. I personally know someone who took their child to A&E after their daughter was scratched by the house cat. People demand antibiotics for bacterial infections. Others are prescribed a long list of meds when on a small number are necessary. People call ambulances because they’ve soiled the bed.

    The British public take the NHS for granted, and abuse it.