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3 Comments on Suppressed: Immigration causes a net loss to Britain

  1. Have a conversation with a middle classs, degree educated socialist (I do mean conversation not confrontation – you find out more that way) and you will soon learn that what really drives them is hatred of capitalists not love of the so-called lower or working classes. The poor, the underprivileged, the downtrodden, the luckless – these are just a kind of mascot used to illustrate the evils of capitalist greed. Helping to improve their lot is nowhere near as important as using them as a moral weapon against capitalism.

    • Furthermore, Corbyn and his cohorts are not internested in our country, it’s culture, it’s history, it’s people – what drives them is the establishment of Marxist/socialism by the process of destroying what there is and then building the New Vemezuela on the rubble. What is their national anthem at their conferences? The Internationale – about as British as Borscht. Immigration? Throw the doors open. The military? Emasculate it. What is the Eminence Grise. The Trade Unions and their sinister leader McCluskey.

      Let’s hope their manifesto is another long suicide note.ww

  2. As mentioned in this excellent interview, Ms Roche was the instrument for Blair’s New Labour to open door immigration, culled-this was not mentioned-with government promotion drives in the sub-continent for immigration. There are 50 categories of benefits in the UK, that makes for 2,500 options or mixtures of options for benefit entrepreneurs. A 2 dollar a day person, plus extended family members, can immigrate to the UK, and aim reasonably at a 50k dollar annual income. Labour its the guarantee of immigrant income, as the champion of big government. Why this policy? Because in the 1980s, skilled working class voters backed Thatcher. If the native working class are too stupid to vote Labour, says Labour, we will import our electorate. They serve as vote banks. Plus postal voting.