No restrooms for the “wicked”?

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When I was fourteen years old, I had a Saturday job at a newsagents. Every week, a lecherous, greasy, fat guy used to come in and buy four ‘girlie’ magazines. He would bring them over to the till and the lean right over the counter with his eyes practically in my boobs and his hands ready to grope. I had to stare right at the tits and nipples on the covers looking for the price whilst he gloated at my uncomfortableness and red cheeks. The more flustered I became, the longer it took to find the price which prolonged his ogling: he had my bra and my knickers off in his mind. It wouldn’t have taken much for him to do the real thing.

Do I want him to be allowed into the women’s public toilets if he ‘says’ he is transgender? There would be no counter between that man and my young fourteen-year-old daughter if they are both standing next to each other washing their hands.

I was on a sardine-packed public bus in Delhi when I was twenty-one years old; white and blond and foreign. I was sitting next to the aisle. The journey was an hour from my post-graduate university to the city centre. People were crushed.  The next thing I know is I have a guy with an erection leaning on my shoulder. As the bus jolts, so does he. I try to shove him away but he is persistent. I get up with my Indian girlfriend before my stop. He pushes between her and me and proceeds to stick himself against my bottom all the way down the bus.

In both cases and there have been many others, it is highly likely that these men would have raped me if they had been alone and the opportunity arose.

And this is what the left is actually saying when they want to allow all humans with a penis to come into women’s toilets. It does not matter what the name of the gender is – transgender, bi, cis or just lonely, randy men. People with a penis can rape another person with a vagina – lesbian, heterosexual, bi – again it does not matter.  They will rape more easily if given the opportunity and means.

And what better opportunity is there than a woman with her knickers down, in a confined, enclosed space – with no one else around. 

There seems to be the assumption that these toilets are all like airport ones where people are rushing in and out and there are loads of other people around and that everyone is young, attractive, strong and metrosexual – but lots of toilets are not like that especially in winter and in the countryside. They are empty and lonely and the perfect spot for a man with an urge.

It doesn’t even need to be rape. How about a little accidental shoving from behind on some young taut buttocks or a quick forced slimy kiss and a tongue down the throat or a handful of breast between the soap and the handtowel?

Women also do lots of things in toilets other than just get rid of human waste. They have periods for a start. Sometimes women have such heavy periods that they almost hemorrhage.  They change underwear, they wash, they clean their teeth and put on makeup and some of them just have a social chat. They take small children in with them. Some are pregnant. Some are old and incontinent.

There is also the practical issue of adding more ‘people’ to already crowded women’s toilets. According to WPUK, Women’s Place UK – ‘Women have less than half the level of provision of toilets as men owing to historical sexist legal requirements that favoured men and because, even if the floor-space area for the Ladies and Gents is identical, men will always have more places to pee because you can fit far more urinals in than cubicles.’

‘Therefore, women always queue for the loo, because of unequal provision. Women also take longer to use the toilet for biological reasons’.

To be sure of this, just look at the queues that form outside the women’s toilets at airports after a long-haul flight.

The answer to the lefts push for either gender-neutral toilets or for transgender men to be allowed into women’s toilet is, I believe universally from women a resounding no.  The answer I also believe from men is a resounding no.  They neither want their young daughter leered at, nor their grandmother accosted by some ‘bloke’ dressed up in women’s clothes.

‘‘Ladies’ and ‘Gents’ toilets are being desegregated all over the country as a result of intense lobbying. But this means potentially any men can now use the ‘Ladies’. Indeed there is no ‘Ladies’ anymore.’’  says WPUK.

We need to push for this madness to stop.  If you are a penis-person, you cannot go into a vagina-person toilet whatever you would like to call yourself. 


Women comprise around 52% of the population: transgender less than 1%.

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14 Comments on No restrooms for the “wicked”?

  1. In the course of long life and a weak bladder I have had four different but equally unpleasant experiences from the use by “gay men” of public conveniences.

    The coarsening of life in Britain combines with a attack on family values and on responsible reproduction, albeit from contrary directions, proceeds unchallenged. Look at the TV choices every evening, for example. Satan unloosed, an appropriate metaphor.

  2. Whilst reading this article I was reminded of the transgender taxi driver out of the League of Gentlemen comedy show, called Barbara, and who was awaiting gender re-alignment surgery: “First they give you an injection; then they cut your bollocks off”.

    Not sure if this article is for real!

  3. Catherine. Maybe you should encourage women to adopt guerrilla tactics. You could have large ‘Women Only’ stickers printed so women could put them up in theatres, airports and so on. It would disrupt and confuse for a time at least. You could develop a gang tactic – block doorways to facilities and keep the men queuing uncomfortably.

    How about founding The Pissed-Off Women’s Party? POW.

  4. As Catherine says: “Women comprise around 52% of the population: transgender less than 1%.”

    That 1%, though, have determined and energetic activists fighting their battle. This exposes the perennial weakness of the conservative position. It is always defensive. The activist position, on the other hand, is all about taking territory.

    Until conservatives start to assert themselves and begin to reclaim lost territory with what might be called “counter-activism” their area of control in the community will continue to shrink.

    This will be a tough fight back. The Left are particularly adept at moral bullying. On this issue women may demand the right to safety but the activists will bleat about the denial of transgender rights insisting that their victim card trumps yours. Some sort of half-baked compromise may be the final outcome.

    • A start could be made with an argument from financial good sense. There is already an undersupply of female toilets as the queues in theatres and airports prove. The de facto conversion of female to male will mean many toilets unused or underused – a waste of resources.

  5. This is what Human Rights lore gets us – the notion that everyone has the right to do what they please irrespective of what harm or offence they cause unless it’s to one of the protected categories: sexual/emotional wreck, Jew-baiting Labour councillor et cetera when the police will be combing the country for you.

    When historians come to write of our times they will title their works ‘The Age of Stupidity: things that happened in a time we cannot understand.’