Britain is no longer a nation so why vote ?

What a depressing night. Apparently, people are turning out in record numbers to vote. I can’t imagine why.

In days past, exercising one’s democratic right lifted one’s spirits. There was something distinctly moving about the sight of ordinary people turning up calmly to vote in a new government. Generations of Englishman had bequeathed this precious right. Millions round the world were denied it. One’s cross was unlikely to make a difference. But just for a moment, one felt part of a greater pattern. The nation was deciding, and one was part of the nation.

But for the first time, like many others I imagine, I have been forced to spoil my ballot paper.

Not too much to expect, one would have thought, for there to be a party, even an eccentric individual, to put the national interest first. But that would require the admission that there is a nation. And none of the mainstream parties can bring themselves to do this. For to do this would be offensive – an offence against diversity. For we are a diverse inclusive multicultural society. Or at least, so we are told.

‘Speak for England!’, cried veteran Conservative MP Leo Amery on 2nd September 1939, as deputy Labour leader Arthur Greenwood rose to reply to Neville Chamberlain, who had just delivered a statement outlining his latest efforts to appease Hitler. The house cheered and Greenwood rose to the occasion.

Hard to imagine such language being used nowadays. But then in those days, global Britain meant imperial dominion. Now it means an open invitation to invade and to colonise us.

Tonight, I shall retire early to bed with an aspirin and a dystopian novel.

I wonder how other Salisbury Review sympathisers intend to spend the evening.

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6 Comments on Britain is no longer a nation so why vote ?

  1. James, I believe at some point we all have to come to terms with the fact that the genie is well and truly out of the bottle. The 1948 Commonwealth Nationalities Act of course was the first real step, but naturally was stoked in earlier fires and successive changes to this act, the Racial Equality Act of 1966 being just one, followed by gems such as the 2010 Equalities Act, have all but outlawed any opportunity for meaningful opposition, as you know, under threat of prosecution and imprisonment and certainly loss of job and income.

    The progressive left have played a blinder for decades now. Firstly put in place measures that will significantly change the native demographic, destabilising the homogenous nature of society, with its traditional roots of identity to place and ethnicity and replacing with a more fluid version that allows extreme cultural appropriation, but only by ethnic minorities, of the native ethnicity. This immediately breaks the ties that had bound our society for over a thousand years, now suddenly anyone, from anywhere can be British and even English. Only ethnic origins and identity are sacrosanct and never to be appropriated and always to be nurtured in the multicultural furnace.

    Second, as indicated above, put in place those legal and cultural mechanisms that brook no discussion or opposition to the overall plan that people can see being carried out on a daily basis. They did not vote for it, have never been given an opportunity to, despite successive polls indicating immigration is the biggest issue we have in the majority of electorates outside of the large, immigrant dominated cities. Our political representatives have made our bed for us and given the liberal nature of academia, the media and mainstream politics, voices such as yours, as we saw with Mr Powell in 1968, will forever be in the wilderness.

    Our fate is sealed, it is just a matter of time. No major political party is right of centre socially and never will be given the significant opposition being so would create in all pillars of the liberal establishment, that will come together, as they have during the Brexit debate to attempt to destroy anything they see as opposition to their progressive liberal view of the world, particularly given the power that social media has brought to minority opinions. The fact that they call the current Conservative Party right-wing and say that they are beholden to the ‘’far-right’’ ERG, tells you all you need to know about the lengths they will go to, to strangle at birth any attempt to right the wrongs of the last 70 years. Truth, as ever is the first victim.

    Social liberalism and Libertarianism has been destroying our country from within for decades and the default position for any major political party in a Western Liberal Democracy, is to be progressive and socially liberal. So called British Values are no longer unique to Britain but are merely a facsimile of what every Western liberal democracy espouses as its values; tolerance, diversity, equality etc etc.

    As a nation our identity has been hijacked and subsumed into a multi-ethnic one, without our consent and there is nothing we can do about it. Now that identity has disappeared, they attack our history and traditions, our cultural icons and anything that remotely evokes any pride in our past or who we are. It has been a wonderful plan, perfectly executed and which is well on the way to be complete as the direction of travel is clear to see and cannot be stopped or even delayed.

    • Thank you, Albion. A splendidly lucid analysis of the problem.

      One possibility is that the politics of identity and multi-culture implodes into ethnic and religious warfare among our protected minorities. Sikhs versus Hindus versus Muslims versus Blacks versus the Chinese, with gay and transgendered rights stirred into the brew. There are so many contradictions. I don’t think it would take very much.

      Otherwise, we still need to pass the time. Consoling each other on the pages of the Salisbury Review? A retreat to the highlands? I find a wartime medley on the piano consoling. Does anyone know a good pub where we could gather?

      • If you do find such a pub, count me in! I’m taking up fishing with traditional tackle and dinghy sailing and of course live in the Cotswolds. So will do my best to believe that nothing much has changed and enjoy myself. What will be, will be as they say and by God, didn’t we have a wonderful run!

  2. But it was of the utmost importance to cast our votes for the political party inclined to wholly embrace progressivism at a slightly slower rate than the rival party advocating for it at greater speed!

    • Yes but at least with Corbyn, and the institution of the world commune, what we are getting would have been clear. The Tories would have been destroyed in their current form. Resistance could have mobilised. A new party might have been born from the ashes.

      With Johnson and his brand of ‘one nation’ Toryism, the progression is insidious. Open borders for all who will ‘contribute’ etc. But hats off to Johnson and Cummings all the same for a masterful tactical triumph.

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