The three tests of Boris as a serious politician.

We will know soon enough if he is serious or not if :-

  1. He scraps HS2
  2. Vetoes the proposed 3rd runway at Heathrow
  3. Scraps the principle of immigration to Britain country as a human right, shuts the immigration appeal tribunals which are an open door into Britain and replaces them with a system that allows no appeal against deportation once the initial decision is made by immigration officers.

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13 Comments on The three tests of Boris as a serious politician.

  1. 1 and 3 are “no”, not sure about 2 but not looking good. His constituency borders Heathrow.
    He’s already failed to vote on the 3rd runway due to pressing matters in Afghanistan when he was Foreign secretary. He promised his constituents that he would lie down in front of the bulldozers to stop construction so if he allows this to go ahead it will be a severe embarrassment. Perhaps he can resurrect his fanciful new airport in the Thames estuary idea?

  2. Dear Myles,
    Other indicators of whether this government are on the right course, are firstly do they take The Union seriously i.e. stand by the people of Northern Ireland,and also both putting that strumpet Sturgeon back in her place, whilst demonstrating an understanding that Scotland is much more than Edinburgh and Glasgow.
    Secondly the government must take our fishing grounds back, this will have a three fold benefit, an increase in our own fishing fleet, a corresponding increase in boat building, and an ability to ensure that our waters are farmed in a manner that benefits both the environment and our own fishermen.

  3. Where do all your immigrants go when they arrive and where do they work?
    Your factories are closing down (Honda in Swindon, British Steel, asset stripping by the EU), you don’t have enough houses, or road space, or living space. They can’t all be doctors, nurses, brain surgeons…

    • Sheilagh: I live in a village. If I never looked at the news from nastier places, I’d be convinced that 90% of all immigrants drive Amazon vans.

      But sometimes I visit the nearest town, where I observe that 90% of immigrants are cultivated gentlemen of leisure who spend their time, like Socrates, wandering the streets arguing about (presumably) epistemology. But the lower classes who have to work for a living in the shops I visit seem to be 90% natives.

      We ought to be grateful to our rulers since 1945 for filling our country with philosophers, even if we’re too uneducated to understand the mellifluous languages in which they conduct their polite, unthreatening debates. (Sometimes the philosophers get excited and stick knives into each other or into passers-by in a polite and unthreatening way, but surely that’s a small price to pay for high culture?)

  4. 1. Don’t know what HS2 is.
    2. My daughter was a runway model. What’s wrong with runways?
    3. No appeals from decisions made by immigration officers? I like Laphroaig as much as the next man, but that’s got to be

    • HS2 is a high speed new rail link for London to Birmingham, though sold as a benefit to the north. Already billions over budget though not a single turf has been lifted as far as I know.
      The extra runway for Heathrow has been debated since the time of the dinosaurs. One of the issues is the impact on residents already under siege from the badly sited airport. (The other is opposition from puritanical adherents of the climatist flat earth scam.)
      The appeals process, like the Human Rights Act, has turned out to benefit crooks and professional victims as much as actual bona fide humans.

  5. Serious or not, he’s safe for 5 years.

    More entertaining is whether Labour are serious about learning from their loss. There’s talk of the leadership contest being between Burgon and Long-Bailey – too ridiculous and self-destructive to be true, but there it is.

    Labour are not overburdened by intellect but have Starmer and Jess Phillips. She tackled that mob outside Birmingham schools, has been frank about the deficiencies in the Pakistan/Bangla groups’ attitudes to women, and – an act that should get her made a Dame in the New Year honours – told Diane Abbott to go and f*ck herself.

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