Skiing while Rome burns ?

Right  this minute, about 850 students from Cardiff University are partying in the French ski resort of Tigne at a height of 2100 metres. (7000 feet).  They will be drinking alcohol hauled up mountain roads by trucks.  Tomorrow, in a somewhat hung over state, they will be run up and down mountains as high as 3450 metres. (11,300 feet) –  by funicular railways blown through mountains, cable cars swung across glaciers and state of the art chair lifts.  The ski pass costs nearly £250 for six days.

The poor students will live in snug, warm apartments.  Many will have wonderful equipment made from state-of-the-art materials: neon nylon jackets, carbon fibre skies and high tech plastic ski boots. 

Freshly squeezed orange juice is available, miles from an orange tree with any oranges on it at this time of year. Airflown organic vegetables stack the shelves of the local supermarket. Plastic water bottles abound, full of liquid dragged up against gravity by fossil fuels –  even though you could safely eat the snow from the mountains.

Cardiff is not the only university to partake of this annual snow-fest. Nottingham is also here this week; Oxford and Cambridge were skiing, dancing and boozing last week.

And the week before?  Well some of them like Mr Robert Boardman-Pattison, (what a deliciously wonderful name – perhaps he was a snow-boarder), were lying down in front of the very airports and roads that they use to come to these resorts.

Snow-Boardman is one of the Extinction Rebellion organisers. The Daily Mail reported:

‘He posted pictures onto Instagram from numerous skiing holidays, posed in front of the Leaning Tower of Pisa as well of pictures of palm fringed exotic travels.’

‘Almost half of 18- to 24-year-olds chose environmental issues as one of the nation’s three most pressing concerns, compared with 27% of the general population.’ The Guardian, June 2019.

Maybe they should read John Seldon 1654, ‘Table-Talk:Preaching.’

 “Preachers say, do as I say, not as I do”

Hypocrisy has been around a long time.

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5 Comments on Skiing while Rome burns ?

  1. Socialism is, of course, an emotional fashion statement and does not require any kind of individual academic integrity. I once challenged a collegue about the sura in the Koran about studying the scriptures of the Jews and Christians, his response was that others had already done this, so he, himself, did not need to.

    Not that he actually knew the results of those studies, or even who did them, and he just assumed that the results had been absorbed into the mainstream of his religion.

    The important thing was to always follow the band, to dilly, or to dally for oneself was to get lost, and then one has to take individual responsibility to find the way back home, which means being exposed to criticism and maybe even ostracism….

  2. But remember that these are students. Students are happy in their cocoon of know ing everything, but actually know very little of the real world into which they are shortly to be pitched. Which is why so many emerge as socialists, but wake up ten years later when reality strikes.

  3. >Hypocrisy has been around a long time.
    Judging from the etymology, since Ancient Greece at least.

    Hypocrisy is probably one of the chief defining characteristics of the Left; hence the phrase “limousine liberals” (or champagne socialists).

    E.g. calling for the closure of private schools whilst sending their children to, errr, private schools. Decrying the use of fossil fuels whilst flying business class halfway across the world to lecture others about anthropogenic climate change.

    Hypocrisy must be on the most loathsome characteristics of a person in the public eye, and one which the general public can most easily spot.

  4. Shome mishtake ma’am shurely.
    As all fule kno, all snow been melted by global thingy.
    They must be droppin acid like in the old days.