Boris Johnson’s Nemesis: Non EU Immigration.

AD 2050

When was the best day to bury bad news over the New Year ? Just after on New Year’s Day on BBC Today when most of us were asleep or hungover.

A border force official was asked why there had been a six fold increase in illegal migrants crossing the Channel last year and why so few illegals were returned to France under the Dublin Agreement that stipulates migrants must ask for asylum in the first European country to which they arrive.

She did not answer this absolutely fundamental point and the incompetent or partial BBC interviewer did not press her.

The official then went on to describe how Border Force Officers had learnt that illegal migrants are given special packs by gangsters briefing them how to lie to immigration officials so they can stay in Britain. She also described how, if illegals see a patrol boat flying the French Flag they are told by the gangsters not to call for assistance or pretend they are in danger, but if they spot a British patrol boat they should make for it sending out distress signals.

The official made it clear that the primary job of the border force was to save lives in the Channel.

This would explain why with an increase in Border Force patrol vessels there has been a huge increase in ‘successful’ illegal crossings. She was not asked, nor did she volunteer, why it was that British patrol boats took those they rescued to Britain instead of returning them to France.

The Border Force and Immigration service is a creation of the Whitehall that Dominic Cummings wants to reform. Whoever formulated these rules for the border force is no friend of any of us.

What stinks is the contempt Whitehall holds all of us in, for how else can this policy and many other totally incompetent plans like it on health, transport, industry etc, be explained ? It would be justice if under any Cummings reform the Mandarins got not a penny in redundancy but that is a dream too far.

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7 Comments on Boris Johnson’s Nemesis: Non EU Immigration.

  1. Following the advice of the post-WW2 Royal Commission on Population, migrants should have been on well-paid but temporary contracts to fill absolutely essential work that could not be done immediately by native workers or machines. Settlement of alien races and religions, especially with extended families, was not needed or desirable, except for occasional purposes like Chinese restaurants. This should have remained the general guideline for the following five decades. I said this and wrote along these lines as a youth in the late 1950s – the Daily Mail not long ago dug out what I had written only to depict me as a “conveyor-belt” of evil racist hatred. Si monumentum requiris, circumspice.

  2. I am reading David Kynaston’s “Austerity Britain”, and in the chapter dealing with the arrival of the Windfush there was real anxiety that the 472 male and 1 stowaway woman did nor assume that they were emigrating to Britain, and the government “Labour) went to great lengths to make it clear that any uncontrolled immigration would have dangerous prospects for the country. People were relaxed about it as the means of getting here were by ship and that would be a safety valve. However, as air travel became the norm the numbers rose dramatically; many of the immigrants did not follow any sort of registration procedure which resulted in the “scandalous” Windrush generation problems.

    From a West Indian immigration we now have an Islamic immigration – far more sinister – but unlike the original West Indians who longed to come to their mother country, the Muslims have come to change our culture to what they perceive as God given. London is now 40% born outside the UK and irretrievably lost to Labour as are the great city centres like Birmingham, Bradford, Leeds, Blackburn, Nottinghaam.

    Immigration control is a farce. Unfortunately we cannot warn any boats approaching our shores illegally with the intention of landing will be sunk. If that had been the practice earlier in North Africa it would have saved hundreds of lives as they realized it wasn’t worth the risk.

  3. Dear Nick and Myles, you both make very good points. Something is very wrong with the UK’s approach to immigration (both illegal and legal), and the very people who are affected most by it (the ordinary Britons) are ignored, and indeed treated with contempt, by those with the power to change things. The lack of housing, consequent building over good (and beautiful) agricultural land, the overstrained health service, the overstretched police force, and knife crime in London are just some of the direct consequences of the insane attitude toward immigration which the overpaid, underthinking, neo-establishment exhibit. Of course their attitude towards immigration is fuelled by a very powerful loathing of us Britons.

  4. No party has ever campaigned or won power on promising more immigration.

    Everyone promises that they will lower the number of immigrants arriving in the country. They know what people actually want to happen. So the fact that it never happens once they have been elected is perhaps evidence that they are lying to us, and don’t care what we think.

    Unprecedented levels of nation-changing immigration, changing the country radically, rapidly and permanently, against the wishes and interest of the existing population, is surely the most unforgivable policy of all time. Our ancestors would never believe it, our descendants will surely suffer from it. And it’s just us – I watched online the New Year celebration in Mumbai – care to give a % on the amount of diversity in the crowd? I watched the Beijing New Year celebration – care to give a % on the amount of diversity in the crowd? If you guessed 1% you massively overestimated.

    Everything else can be corrected – you raise taxes, you lower taxes, you’re in the EU, you’re out of the EU, more funding for this, less funding for this. But wholesale demographic change. How does that rectify, absent a balkan style civil war. All those advocating a consequence-free open border mass immigration policy – from Blair, Mandleson, the BBC, the civil service et al – should be swinging from a lamppost given the horrendous future they’ve ensured. Every time a rochdale or a telford mass avoidable racist mass rape happens, Jack Straw or Alastair Campbell or a mandarin from Whitehall or BBC DG or ‘comedian’ should be in the dock for aiding and abetting. They won’t be. We’re too nice.

    And that’s why we’re at the front line of this crap. In France they ignore you if your accent is 3% off native, you’re relegated to the banlieue if you’re not fluent. In Britain we stop, and apologize and translate the world’s pidgin English, going out of our way to showcase our ‘tolerance’, thinking it’s earning us brownie points to a world that’s not looking and couldn’t give a crap. I guess I’m guilty too – I would never be nasty to someone – and no doubt rightly so – it shouldn’t really be down to individuals, as effective as that is a la France or Italy (let alone every other corner of the globe where they’re far worse), to sort of casually dismiss and ignore folks and discriminate. It’s surely the government responsibility to secure the borders and protect their own native citizens. We, sadly, live in an age where so many of our leaders and ‘elites’ actively dislike their own people, culture and history, and advocate loudly on behalf of ‘the other’, the more remote the better. That, twinned with a 2nd generation from elsewhere, increasingly in positions of power, harboring – blood thicker than water – sympathies with their ancestral homelands far above and beyond the interests of their (ethnically different) fellow citizens – is it any wonder it’s all getting a bit sh1t, and virtually guaranteed to get way sh1tter.

    If we had any sense, non-EU immigration would just be completely halted, for a good long while. With no anger or prejudice, just halted, until we can feel comfortable as a society again, settled and happy. But, as it is, everyone and their 100 uncles and cousins from the foothills will continue to arrive, and we’ll all be forced to *celebrate* the *vibrancy* our our diverse situation on pain of ostracism and, very probably, arrest. Yay, Celebrate!

    • Completely spot on. Your point of second generation immigrants and their increasing positions of power is a point in case with the. current Home Secretary. She I believe wasn’t backwards in coming forwards in writing a book along with other MP’s where part of her contribution was to say we the British are lazy in the workplace.

      I wonder how that works out then, if as we are always being, told we are a wealthy nation with a strong economy. Do you succeed that way if your people are lazy?
      I don’t care what context she used it in, she’s wrong and it just holds the mirror up to the other issue of who can and who can’t speak their mind. The natives have to mind their p’s and q’s to the point of being very wary now when in contact with those of different ethnic backgrounds.

  5. What you guys need is a (nueva) Reconquista (a firm but humane one, without the negative baggage – The Inquisition etc). Your homelands are being overrun and swamped. Not long to go to Fahrenheit 451 levels of exclusion from your own history and past.
    Start by setting up refugee camps and soup kitchens in Worth Matravers and in Canterbury Cathedral. Phillips and Welby can wait table.

  6. I don’t recall Doc Martin having ever seen an African or Muslim in his Portwenn surgery. Wouldn’t that be something, and why is that if there’s been such an uptick in illegal migrants crossing the Channel? I can only guess that ITV knows on which side its bread is buttered. People, especially people like Doc Martin, don’t want to see them

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