Only whites can be racist?

I was racially bullied as a child. It’s not something I talk about often, in fact, I don’t think it’s something I’ve ever discussed as an adult. I’m about as anti-victimhood and anti-identity politics as a person can be but bear with me on this one.

I had a very loving family, but growing up wasn’t always fun for me. I was yelled at for just walking down the street, ‘Paki’ being the most common insult, which always annoyed me as it was factually incorrect, I’m half White / half Black-Caribbean, but that just highlights the ignorance of my abusers.

We had live fireworks shoved through our letterbox; I was spat at by strangers. During my first week at middle school, a group of older boys tried to shove my head down the toilet.

Looking back, it was tough at times. But I always took some solace in the fact that I had it relatively easy compared to my father. You see my dad’s side of the family were the first Black family in town, so when my father was growing up, he had it a lot of worse than what I did.

I’m not sharing all this to play the victim card, far from it. I’m laying my cards on the table to show my credentials if you will. I understand what racism is; I lived it. It doesn’t define me, but it is, of course, a part of my makeup.

Racism, from the Oxford dictionary, is quite simply “prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s race is superior.”

The people who were bullying me because of the colour of my skin were racists. Now that doesn’t mean that if people dislike me or call me names for any other reason, they automatically become racist. I have quite strong views; I imagine it’s easy to dislike me or to be offended by what I say sometimes, that’s fine. It shouldn’t matter if you’re White, Black, Asian or from any other ethnicity, to dislike or disagree with me does not make you racist unless the reason for that is my race/ethnicity.

However, there seems to have been a social movement that passed me by. In this world of social media and identity politics, we seem to have reached a point where it’s no longer socially acceptable to even criticise a person of colour without being branded a racist. When BBC’s Joe Lynam told Stormzy to ‘stay classy’ recently, after the rap artist tweeted ITV to “suck my **ck” for misquoting him, I assumed it was the fact that Mr Lynam was white that he received so much vile and abuse from so-called ‘Black Twitter’. Little did I know, criticising Black people isn’t a racist accusation reserved only for Whites. I, too, was branded a racist for endorsing Joe’s statement.

It’s the old ‘tone police’ argument. “Stop policing how black folks respond to harm!!!!!” tweeted Seyi Akiwowo, founder of Glitch and prominent activist, before blocking me. How dare I – or anyone else – criticise Stormzy? He’s black, don’t you know. Off-limits! Criticise those horrible white folks instead.

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21 Comments on Only whites can be racist?

  1. Just wondering if Calvin Robinson is a fool as would he support Germany maintaining statues to those who murdered Jews or Southern Confederates expecting blacks and whites with a conscious Christian / humanitarian compass to respect slavers who enjoyed the evil genocidal trade?

    Does he have a view on hooligan whites who defecate and abuse police up and down the country every weekend in the so called night time economy?

  2. After living in London for 23 years, I had to up and move, the high tidal flow of migrants had really changed the dynamic of London in this time. I ended up moving away due to the rising knife crime, of which I had some first hand experience.
    I didn’t work in the most pleasant of areas at time’s, but on this occasion it was fairly local to my residence, I never thought I’d be targeted by a moped gang at all let alone by my home.
    I’m sorry to say it they weren’t Caucasian or Asian Or Middle Eastern they two guys that tried to rob me of my Car were Black. This is a cultural problem, many cultures bring slices of their homes with them and some actions are backwards or alien to us Westernised Brits. For example In Poplar/Bow, some of the Bangladeshi community still throw rubbish bags off their high rise balcony’s as they simply did back in Bangladesh.

  3. The white commuters being bullied were almost certainly elderly. The Bus Drivers just sit in their”office” and pretend it’s not happening. There’s one black female in my area who regularly gets on the bus screaming into her phone and making remarks such as “This ugly birch is blocking my view ” or They move so “f…..g slowly”. Always it is white pensioners she targets. There is a twist in this tale, someone who has observed her activities for some time told me that there is no-one actually on the other end of the line “listening” it is all a pretext for premeditated abuse. She does it because she can. When she wants a change of scenery she goes to Morrison’s and performs the same stunt.

  4. That is the question bothering me from beginning when I have arrived to live in the UK more than a decade ago. It doesn’t matter where I came from and what is my background, so I am not going to share these details here. I have lived in the cities like Bradford which is known as a huge hub of Pakistani community, but as a white non-British I was never a subject of any unpleasant treatment by local residents. Now, from 9 years I live in London. During that time I was a subject of very serious racial abuse provoked by very angry black man in the area where I live, which I remember very well in detail and I don’t think I will I will ever be able to forget the abusive and completely unjustified comments made about me by that angry man. Clearly, I was his problem because I was a white man. In his assumption I was also automatically rich, because I am white and that was not acceptable to him. Later, when commuting on the public transport to the city centre, I have witnessed numerous situation where white people have been a subject of racist abuse by black commuters. There was no reason behind that and the main ‘fuel’ was unexplainable anger which was channeled on the people who couldn’t or didn’t know how to defend themselves.

    Now, almost 10 years later, I am much more immune to all of that nonsense, but my views have crystallised and I can clearly see the failure of politics, law and perhaps society to fight for common sense. As long as media, politicians, and organisations will support biased ways of treating people in society, this problem will only get worse. I know that many British people choose to simply escape that by moving away from large cities to the countryside. Is that a solution? Who is going to fix that problem and have a gut to face those unreasonably angry people and tell them to stop!

  5. Good piece Calvin. The voice of reason. I admire your ability to see through the appalling treatment you and your father suffered because of the color of your skin – I received similar treatment a few times because I’m also mixed race – and rise above it.

  6. It is the same with Jews. Any criticism whatever of the Jewish religion, or how it influences the behaviour of its adherents is immediately howled down as ‘anti semitism’. Barring explicit injunctions for actual warfare, Orthodox Judaism has much the same attitudes of hostility and contempt for non Jews -and attitudes towards women- as Islam has for non-Muslims.

    For example the common word for gentile girls is ‘Shiksa’, which translates as ‘filth’. In a letter to the Israeli national press, a senior Rabbi said that Gentiles existed only to serve the Jews. The Talmud allows Jews to cheat Gentiles. Rabbe Schneerson, the leader of the Lubavitcher Jews described Gentiles in terms which, without exaggeration can described as Nazi-like. Jesus is said to be boiling in excrement. And so forth,

    Jewish people can say what they please about non-Jews. A classic was Gloria Steinem’s remark that ‘White people are the cancer of history’. Imagine if someone said that , ‘`The Jewish race is the cancer if history’!

    Being Jewish is to be unjustifiably privileged in this way, Of course, constant reminders about the Holocaust keep this attitude alive. Although 14 millions are said to have died in them, we never hear about the other 8 millions. According to the philosopher John Gray there have been 20 genocides involving millions since 1950, but we rarely or never hear about them, nor about the estimated 100 millions who died thanks to the Cult of Equality world wide.

  7. Whatever niceties we may observe, it is a fact that immigration and race-mixing on a sufficient scale will mean the end of the English race.

    • Robert Sharpe: There is no such thing as “the English race”. But there is such a thing as English culture, which is tolerant enough to include Scottish, Welsh and Irish culture, but not tolerant enough to include Female Genital Mutilation, Mahomet’s Holy War against the Infidels, or Grime and Drill “music”.

      In order to preserve that English culture, do you agree with me that millions of recent immigrants and their offspring should be expelled from the UK?

      If so, what do you think should happen to Calvin Robinson, the author of the provocative article to which we’re all responding? (He doesn’t have to live in the UK in order to contribute articles to the SR.)

      • There are semantic problems with the term “race”. But there is such a thing as the English people. It is the major component of the officially defined “White British” who were born and live in the territory known as England. It is distinguished by common consent from the population section(s) currently known as B(A)ME. It and its ancestors have been the principal creators of the English culture most of whose features are described in the literature listed in the Bibliography of The Royal Society of St George (qv online). Their society was not the product of 500 years of colonial “coloured” labour which must be expiated by “reparations” and the obliteration of “white” portraiture, literature, music and architecture,

        The term “systemic racism” is now used to discredit the attempts by English people, at present still a numerical majority in their ancestral homeland, to hang on to some of their native culture, familiar traditional institutions and residual territory beyond an occupied capital city which is being subject to comprehensive alteration by Diversity Commissars.

        “De-colonization” is colonization by uninvited intrusive foreign communities aided by a collaborative left-ideologized “allyship”.

  8. This article is an important contribution to the debate on race and identity. I hope it’s not insensitive to make my observation that mixed-race boys have the hardest time. They have to extra-prove themselves to be accepted by black peers, while white middle-class teachers refuse to accept them as white.

    • Bullying of all kinds is a familiar albeit regrettable feature of childhood and adolescence. My parents took me on an ill-fated private emigration to Australia, where my school in Sydney had a large intake of white-only refugees from eastern Europe and Dutch ex-colonies. I was tied to a tree and threatened with a knife by two native Oz because I was a “bloody Pom”. I used my fists and earned respect. Thankfully back in England my primary school, not far from the local synagogue, had a new boy, a German still wearing Lederhosen whose father had been brought from the French Occupation Zone for his expertise in lens manufacture. He was surrounded in tears by a circle of local Jewish boys singing “The Germans lost the war!” I rescued him, and our families became friends, though I still had two Jewish friends in the same school. Later, as a teacher I can recall various incidents of “ethnic” hostility, the mildest being the Sikh girl who refused to sit near a Muslim; I shall write about the delights of “multicultural education” in due course.

      Many immigrants to the UK have experienced quite a bit of personal insult, though ethnic violence has been very mild compared to the horrors in some of their homelands; Google e.g. Genocide in Africa & Global Slavery Index. Open western borders & the enforcement of maximum mixture are however NOT the answer.

  9. I suppose it was probably inevitable that we would end up in this situation whereby to be white and to even dare to disagree with someone of a different ethnicity, could land you in hot water.
    It seems to be mainly other whites who have brought this about. This idea that to be white is privilege, and we must all atone for the past even if our ancestors were not slave traders, or living it up in the Colonies at the natives expense.
    Of course there are those like Dianne Abbott who will stir the pot as well. She’s done pretty well for herself I would say considering she lives in such an appalling racist society!!

    I’m not trying to say the authors experiences or that of his Fathers were of no consequence, of course they were. However, the people who did these things to the family are likely as not the sort of people we can all despise as they are always on the look out for a victim to hide their own weakness. It could be someone who is fat, has a speech impediment, a large nose, the list is endless but basically anyone they feel they can intimidate over their differences to themselves.

    I grew up in a small Fenland town and in the late 1960’s we had one black family come to live in our road. No one bothered them, or ostracised them. There were two girls and one boy, and in fact they were all very popular at school.

    Both my parents thought too many people were coming in to the Country, and various laws being made via race relations were being aimed at making changes unfair to the natives.
    My Father used terms of the day which had no more intent of malice or disrespect than Paddy/Jock/Geordie or Brummie, neither of my parents were like that. We watched all the politically incorrect programmes of the day, and yet no one ran out to erect a burning cross on the black families lawn or turned against them. Had either myself or my siblings been rude to the family or bullied the children for being black, we’d have been given a good hiding by our parents,of that I’m sure, and I think that would be true of most of the people I grew up with. There were exceptions, and always are.
    My Mother did put a stop to a couple of teenage boys who were going to put a brick through the new Indian shop keepers windows, just because they were Indian. These were though the bad apples in the barrel, and just trouble through and through.

    I lived in London in the mid 1980’s and I was on more than one occasion racially abused. In fact in one incident I was quite terrified that I was going to be physically attacked by a group of young black men, and it was only that some Asian lads came round the corner and attracted their attention that they left me alone. Seemingly the black lads and Pakistani lads were having running battles with each other for turf.

    My nephew was racially attacked when he was 9 by a group of Pakistani boys. Pushed from his bike, beaten quite badly and told not to go into “their area” again. That was the Police response, that he shouldn’t have ridden his bike down those streets!!

    Can only whites be racist? No, but in modern Britain it seems like we are the only ones on trial for it, even when it’s clearly not there.

  10. I noticed that Trisha Goddard on “Good Morning Britain” immediately introduced the race card when the Meghan/Harry “bombshell” arrived this morning. The discussion was actually about whether they had scored an own goal by their decision to become slebs, but still to retain their public funded “cottage” (£2.4M refurb), and presumably to use their status and title as a publicity hook.

  11. There does seem to be a mania, here in the US at least, about white racism, and white supremacy, and white nationalism, etc., as if it’s a real thing flowing through society in any noticeable way. It does seem almost entirely manufactured. Fairly certain I’ve never met a white nationalist/supremacist or white racist in my life, and I highly doubt anyone else has either. Maybe there’s the odd covert Nazi holed up somewhere, eagerly conversing with the other handful of likeminded souls on the dark web, but the idea it’s some sort of pressing concern, that hate is on the rise and mainstreamed by Trump’s election is comically wrong to the point it seems a deliberate and knowing falsehood.

    Nearly every *hate crime* turns out to be a hoax. Jussie Smollett, the Covington High School travesty, the Air Force Academy hoax, the Hopewell Baptist church arson, the Plano West High School hoax, Amari Allen, the (black) woman who wrote KKK on her car and set fire to it, and these are just the handful that pop into my head, there have been so many other, yeah there was the one kid shot in a car (Texas?) where the mom said it was a white MAGA guy in a pickup, causing 48 hours of incessant Trump-bashing self-immolation, turned out it was a black guy not in a pickup involved in some drug/turf war with her son. Anyway, the list of fake hate-crimes is legendarily long. Evidently white folks are so disappointingly un-racist people have to fabricate hate crimes to continue justifying special pleading.

    Here in NYC Orthodox Jews keep getting assaulted in Brooklyn, prompting ever more earnest lectures from our esteemed Mayor about the evils of the Trump society, with nodding solemn agreement from the news anchors covering the story. The colluded unspoken pretense is that it’s somehow good ole boys just wandering down to Borough Park in Brooklyn with their anti-semitic GOP-voting ways. Of course the reality – as comes out when either arrested or when the media are brave enough to issue CCTV footage is that, er, yeah, probably wasn’t some MAGA-hat wearing Trump voters, it was, you know, young black males, or crazy older black males or females with mental issues. Either way, a problem for the narrative.

    The only two overt acts of *racism* that I can personally attest have both happened in the last year: 1. At a newly renovated playground on 64th street between Amsterdam Ave & West End Ave. It’s right behind some public housing and I took the kids there after school. A lot of the other parents/nannies avoid it, presumably because it’s immediately adjacent to public housing – there was a shooting in a stairwell a few weeks back, and an arrest where the perp, handcuffed, jumped out the back window of the police cruiser and was nailed in the street by another cop which made the news (searchable on google). I’ve never thought of it as overly dangerous though, after all we live in the city, everywhere these days smells of pot, looks dirty and has shadyish characters hanging around. So I took my nippers to play on the swings and monkey bars. Anyway, nothing to report for a few minutes, but then a young Asian kid (Chinese) kid came down the slide when he was wet, slightly not cool I get it, makes it slick and sticky and wet for anyone else coming down, but the young (black) mom at the bottom was far more exuberant in her dismay, she picked up her toddler and let the tirade begin: ‘Motherf***in’ caucasians!! (kid was Chinese, but hey) ‘motherf***in’ caucasian mother***ers!!!’ etc. etc. It went on for a long while, her complaining at the high-and-mighty folks who didn’t want to set foot in the playground before it was remodeled coming over there and takin’ over our swings etc … I’m assuming she didn’t take her baby home at night, read him/her some Enid Blyton and Aesop’s Fables while raising them to not play the victim card but to work hard and judge people by the content of their character.

    2. The second was by the Hudson River over the summer, at the water fountain by the Intrepid. My kids were playing in the water, running through the jets and generally having a good time. My young daughter was standing over a jet of water and it was shooting up at her and she was giggling uproariously. At that moment a group of young black males were walking past and they started laughing loudly and pointing and discussing about how much the white b**ch was going to love the black c*ck, they traded that kind of sexual language and imagery, all couched in racial terms as they walked past. My daughter didn’t hear. Imaging that reversed, a group of 6 or 8 teen/20-something guys so casually verbally abusing a five year old girl in such a crude, sick and saddening way. The Rev. Al Sharpton would be there organizing a protest march and the Nightly News would solemnly swear it had the portents of the Third Reich.

    A little longer than I expected. Sorry for boring on so long. 🙂

    • The visibility of the Afro countenance is the chief (but not the only) “problem”, and black girls in particular are conscious of the distance between their physiognomy and that of the blonde babes who are preferred by their own males. Lincoln drew attention to this and Garvey proposed a solution in the USA.

  12. Oh, activists, activists! The moral high ground is such a small piece of territory. It offers immunity from criticism along with heroic status. Consequently, a place there is much sought after. The purity of the moral high ground needs to be carefully preserved and numbers kept under control. To earn your place you must have either the status of victim or be a conspicuous defender of victims. Tight border controls are the essential.

    On the moral high ground there is no such thing as settled status. Overcrowding is a constant problem. An exploited group may morph into a privileged elite over time and will need to be excluded. Exclusion is never peacefull and orderly. To maintain residency the shrewd player will always be on the lookout for the current most “disadvantaged” groups to claim solidarity with or membership of. False claims are a perennial problem for the monitors of victimhood.

    By the way, as I do not seek a place on the moral high ground, I would like to say that Rap, Hip-Hop, Grime etc are ridiculously overrated musical styles lacking both invention and sensitivity but overloaded with swagger and self assertion.

    • Leaving aside the last paragraph (I’ve been known to LOVE some appalling music in my time! ahahah), those first two paragraphs are the best summation of the modern wave of PC self righteousness, virtue signalling piety (God I hate piety!!), that I’ve ever read. So congrats to you! ahahaha

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