El Nacion Argentina. Obituary to Roger Scruton

An obituary to Roger Scruton publishes in El Nacion an Argentine newspaper. Written by Mario Vargas Llosa. A Google translation option is available – top right of page The translation engine says he ‘ran’ the Salisbury Review. I think it means he was a subscriber

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4 Comments on El Nacion Argentina. Obituary to Roger Scruton

  1. The original article, in Spanish, says that Vargas Llosa was a subscriber of The Salisbury Review. Google Translation made a mistake.

  2. A magnificent eulogy from Argentina – gracias a todos los amigos de The Salisbury Review!

    En este mundo degradado por la falsedad y la tontería, Scruton era un contraste formidable.

    ‘In this world degraded by falsehood and stupidity, Scruton was a formidable contrast.’

  3. Please allow me to put it correctly: it’s an article published in La Nación, an argentine newspaper, written by Mario Vargas Llosa