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4 Comments on Do you have the Virus? Did you win the lottery twice last week?

  1. I share the sanguine outlook of The Ediotr (oops… Freudian Slip!) concerning this; and just the other day on a different website I expressed my greater fear of death by falling into a wood chipper or by falling out of bed.

    But strange things do happen. The Union General John Sedgwick was shot and killed by Confederate sharpshooters during the Civil War. His last words before falling off his horse were: They couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn….

    And let’s be not be too cavalier, keeping in mind the 1918 Spanish Flu, which infected possibly 500 million resulting in 50 million (+/-) deaths, far more than the combined military and civilian casualties in the Great War.

    • That would be 10% mortality which would be much reduced these days with better care and medications. One hopes and expects that this is just the usual alarmist idiocy and like you and the general, I’m sure I’m out of range….

  2. MYLES
    I’ve just read that Dominic Cummings suffers from a mystery illness that causes stomach pains.
    I used to have just such symptoms which baffled everyone but which were eventually diagnosed as a type of migraine. It was an eccentric suggestion but led to effective treatment.
    I wonder if Cummings has had that possibility considered and might get relief with pregabalin or maxalt.
    I’m not a medic and in any case have no way of getting in touch.