Mozart’s Other Requiem and some bad music

6th January 2020 7

Some music sounds as if it was never meant to be listened to. In other words, there are pieces which are uninteresting, and others that are just plain awful. But of all the insults to the ear, the worst is when a sublime composition is ruined by a performance so bad it becomes intolerable. I’ve suffered a few of this … [Read on]

The Cult of Youf

5th January 2020 11

There’s something odd that left-wingers, lovers of the EU and global-warming believers have in common. They think something believed by 20-year-olds is probably truer than something believed by 40-year-olds or 60-year-olds. Check that sobering red map of 2019 election preferences by age. Revealing over ¾ of the Commons would have gone to Corbyn-led Labour had only votes of 18-to-24-year-olds counted. … [Read on]

Boris Johnson’s Nemesis: Non EU Immigration.

3rd January 2020 8

When was the best day to bury bad news over the New Year ? Just after on New Year’s Day on BBC Today when most of us were asleep or hungover. A border force official was asked why there had been a six fold increase in illegal migrants crossing the Channel last year and why so few illegals were … [Read on]

Oh I do like to migrate to be beside the seaside

2nd January 2020 6

Oh, how the people took their revenge. Among the many MPs booted out at the recent general election was Stephen Lloyd, whose seat the Tories regained from the Lib Dems. Two years previously, Eastbourne was one of several losses for Theresa May’s mismanaged administration. Having alternated between orange and blue since the IRA assassination of Ian Gow, this Sussex town … [Read on]

Is Boris the Cloaked Remainer?

1st January 2020 6

The affable wit of Bouncing Boris has worked its charm, and we now have a Conservative government with a strong mandate to get Britain out of the European Union, and soon. Or do we? Johnson’s deal-so-far is still a weak, booby-trappd version of May’s “surrender document”, with EU vetoes on all manner of things Britain is “allowed” to do after … [Read on]

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