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14 Comments on Senate acquits Donald Trump of being Donald Trump

    • Better to read Martin Gilbert’s In the House of Ismael, or Lyn Julius’ Uprooted rather than waste time with a faddish nobody like Dylan.

      ‘Always accuse your enemies of the crimes you yourself have committed’ has always been the policy of totalitarians and bigots.

  1. The problem with American politics is that a large number of voters in American elections aren’t what any sane American patriot would recognise as real Americans.

    The problem with British politics is that a large number of voters in British elections aren’t what any sane British patriot would recognise as real Britons.

    In both countries, all politicians try to appease the invaders instead of expelling or disenfranchising them. Unless the invaders are expelled or disenfranchised, there is no hope for Anglo-American civilisation.

  2. Speaker Pelosi must have attended the same How To Adhere To Dispassionate Professional Standards course as our little man.

  3. Senate votes could be partisan-predicted – the evidence was a very minor consideration.
    Still, “plucky little Israel” has the West Bank, so what else really matters?

    • Good Isreal has the west bank, for now at least. We know what happens when we give the Palestinians any land. It becomes an instant death-to-the-Jews terror base.

      • @ Skeptic
        Palestinians used to have almost all the land of Palestine. Where did Jews derive the right to keep it or “give” them any of it (back)?
        What would happen if the English lost parts of England to immigrants of different race and religion? Would we just be quiet and grateful? Oh, don’t bother…. And as for my first question, is asking it a crime?

        • Well, as an Israeli, I am sorry my continued existence offends your sense of justice. But you see — that is the WHOLE POINT of the existence of Israel.

          Israel knew, from the start, that the people who for 2000 years proved the Jews have no right to exist, will now prove the Jewish stated doesn’t. So what’s the point of establishing the Jewish state?

          Well, for 2000 years, we Jews had to beg for our lives: apologize, and explain, and hope against hope that those who think we should die can be convinced not to kill us. But now that Israel exists, WE DON’T CARE ANY MORE.

          You think I have no right to exist? You think my country is illegitimate? Too bad, so sad, it is now YOUR problem.

        • David, you’ve got things the wrong way round. Jews in the levant and North Africa go back 3000 years and were happy to share with the Christian and Islamic heresies when they turned up later. Genocide and taxation and persecution drove the need for a safe haven and they now have a tiny piece of the ME that they can call home – and are willing to share with Christians and Palestinians (20%) – even as far as being in the Knesset. Find one of the 57 Islamic states where that could happen. The sentiment is not reciprocated. I wrote about this in the Summer issue of SR.

          If you want to check the facts yourself: Martin Gilbert, In the House of Ismael is the best book. There’s also a watchable fictionalisation of life for Palestinians in Israel on DVD: In Between. Maysaloun Hamoud got a fatwa and death threats for her work of course. That’s the difference you see.
          Skeptic is right.