South Georgia is a nice long way off

On the way to Waitrose, 2030


‘Can we just escape?’

‘If this is progress, please can I just get off.’

‘Where will we go?’  older British people ask,  dreaming of a simpler age.

‘Portugal?’ they say hopefully.

‘Lots of immigration problems there and in Spain. The chaos on the Greek Islands will spread like blue dye swirling through a bowl of water.’ their all-knowing friend says.


‘It has a terrible language and is freezing in winter:  the Germans are already descending in hoards to Lake Batalan.’

‘What’s Vietnam like?’

‘Or Thailand?’

‘Singapore is so expensive and hard to get visas.’

‘Australia?’  – the last great hope.

‘Somali gangs  are spreading violence in the Melbourne suburbs. Political correctness is sweeping across the country like a dust storm. It is a country without enough water.’

The world is running out of safe places.  The world is running out of rurality and birds, hedges and the wild,  peace and quiet. The world is fast becoming one big, polluted, joined up international motorway.

Vast tracts of the world will once again be carved up by great superpowers. Technologically controlled totalitarian governments will be the new norm –  either run by the Chinese or the Islamists.  Europe will fall to Islam, Asia will fall to the Chinese, minnow Russia will be a Chinese state, a fatally weakened America will retain just its own Carribean backyard. ChinAmerica from Belize all the way down to the Southern Oceans will be China’s second great resource playground. Vicious fights will occur on the borderlands where ChinAsia meets EuroIslam.  Africa will once again be divided with angry bloody lines on maps -this time by the warring resource hungry Orwellian-Chinese and the mad, raging theocratic Fascist-Islam.

‘Stewart Island anyone?’

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24 Comments on South Georgia is a nice long way off

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  2. Sheilagh I like that! Technology has enabled an exponential expansion of government agencies power. I heard on BBC Radio 4 yesterday that an algorithm had discovered a new anti bacteria serum and the serum was named after HAL (the on-board computer in the film 2001: A Space Odyssey) in honour of the algorithm. Did it not occur to them that the HAL computer murdered the suspended-animation humans on board the spaceship?

  3. I agree Krishnan. Rampant capitalism allied with statists (the E.U. is a prime example) coerces everyone to simply be consumers (read Aldous Huxley’s ‘Brave New World’) and is precisely what corporations and governments desire. We could all end up like workers from another age and given tokens (cashless society) to spend only at the company store.

  4. Centralised living constantly shows up for the pot full of holes it is; when errors happen, as it is in China, casualty rates are humongous. The ever-surging move to homogenize humanity into one, big, controlled mass, under whatever form – religion, irreligion, United Nations, whatever – is rendering individual humans without a purpose. A sense of purpose is what is missing in most people these days. Also missing is a commitment or willingness to stick it out through tough times, and wait. Also missing is a willingness to invest in long-term, difficult endeavors such as sculpture, private gardening, poetry, beauty, finesse, taste and grace. Forgotten pursuits those.

  5. Fiji seems to be a decently-governed country, where most inhabitants are old-fashioned Methodists. The weather is sometimes horrific, but in all other respects it’s the closest thing to an earthly paradise that a traditional conservative could hope for.

    But we traditional conservatives are inevitably also traditional patriots, so we must stand and fight for our own country as best we can, even if the best approximation we can make to standing and fighting is standing and grumbling.

  6. Dear Michael.

    The Islamic world is of no threat to us unless we in the west allow it be by accepting Islam and socialism into our midst which – unfortunately – Europe and the U.K. has done. The only answer to defending those precious principles of western freedom that the founders of the American Constitution and its amendments (which were heavily based on English Common Law), knew to be crucial to real freedom is to be intransigent to foreign political doctrines – socialism, communism, fascism, and Islam and we should be throwing our lot in with Republican U.S. to rival those forces you fear. The Mccarthy ‘Witch-hunt’ in the 1950s of communism has been, to some degree, vindicated but the 5th column in our midst today is the globalist who puts commerce and personal gain above his/her country and culture.

  7. Dear Michael McManus.

    I couldn’t decide at first whether you were serious about the ‘virtues’ of China or being satirical. However, it appears that you are serious! Oh dear, as if bloody money is the answer to freedom and man’s needs. Freedom of thought, speech, and action is the most precious commodity to which statists and corporations are implacably opposed. They now have technology on their side to make slaves of us all in the pursuit of ever more power over us. To update O’Brien’s vision of the future – ‘imagine a computer stamping on the human face – forever’ and the facial recognition camera is yet another step forward to that reality.

    • Derek, I know how you feel, but I’m trying to accept realpolitik. The Islamic world is 57 strong and getting stronger in numbers and quality – look at Turkey, once a secularish live-and-let-live place. As Aquinas pointed out long ago, Islam is unstoppable because it appeals to men – the fighting and concupiscence. If people can be made to believe that God would pick a man like Mohammed for a messenger, they’ll believe heaven awaits killers, and can’t be expected to respond to reason or worldly happiness.

      The Chinese are after the same sort of life that we value – comfort, something to do, family, the right to speak your mind. The last is restricted, but much less than it was because you can’t let people be financially free without some political/social freedom coming with. The industrial revolution brought votes with it. The collapse of USSR meant that you could finally get a plumber and knock (at some risk) the govt.

      The Chinese students I’ve had were all happy, bright, optimistic, cheerful and industrious. Some of it must have rubbed off, you’ll say and maybe you’re right!

      We can’t choose a Garden of Eden so the Anglosphere’s long term friend is more likely to be China and neighbours than Iran/saud and the ummah.

      • I have to say this for the Chinese. It seems nobody wants another Mao-like doctatorship. What they fear is *anarchy* – because anarchy in China would mean civil war and starvation on a level that would make WWII, holocaust and all, look like child’s play. Tens of millions, if not hundreds of millions, would starve.

        To prevent THAT, they are rather paranoid about the disorder democracy brings and want a more regimented society. I am not sure they’re wrong – not because I support their denials of freedom, but because I see what may happen if the try overnight to become a western democracy.

        • Agree with you. The first duty of govt is to provide safety and justice through the rule of law. There are other ways than democracy, though as Aristotle and Lincoln said, democracy is the least damaging way of ruling.
          Democracy is plainly not suitable for most Muslims as most of North Africa and the Levant shows. It got the Palestinians terrorists in charge – and looks like doing the same in Eire.
          When I want to stir the pot, I suggest the best future for much of the world would be to be re-colonised by England. (I include America in that when provoked!)

      • Michael McManus sys that:
        ‘Islam is unstoppable because it appeals to men – the fighting and concupiscence.’
        Well, the concupiscence, yes, perhaps. But fighting? The Sons of Islam are good at murdering the unarmed and defenceless. But whenever they come up against anyone who can shoot back it’s a very different story. Ask the Israelis.

      • “The Chinese are after the same sort of life that we value – comfort, something to do, family, the right to speak your mind.”
        It is exactly why China is going to follow the West on its road to perdition. Modern Chinese are materialists. They do not have any transcendent values. They are after wealth and comfort. But will anyone sacrifice his life for the sake of wealth and comfort? That would rather defy the purpose.
        As for the family, modern Chinese, mostly brought up as lonely child emperors, are no longer that family-minded. Many of them simply do not want to have children. And a nation without children is a nation without future.
        Of course, there is also Chinese patriotism and the ancient tradition of sacrificing oneself for the sake of the common good. But, I am sure, this old spirit is being corroded by the new spirit of individualism and hedonism.
        Muslims, on the contrary, have their religion and are ready not only to kill, but to die to make it triumph. They are also more family-oriented and want children. Though, in recent decades birth rate has been steadily declining in most Muslim countries. However, nowhere in the Muslim world total fertility rate is as low as in China.
        As Westerners abandoned God, God politely withdrew from the West. Westerners now stand alone on the way of advancing waves of non-Western humanity that will soon drown them.

        • There’s an inverse relationship twixt birth rate and prosperity, so China’s fall is not surprising.
          I used to teach Chinese and other foreign students in a UK university and my optimism is solely founded on that experience of cheerful, bright, optimistic and free thinking girls (mostly) and one man. I’m not so sure westerners abandoned religious faith – look at the US, Spain, Italy – though some false idols have queered the pitch – fads that will pass when the millenarianist BS fails to materialise. (I’m hoping, though at my age I won’t be around to see it.)

          • Confucius and his disciples were traveling in a wild and remote region near the holy mountain Taishan one day when they came across a woman weeping bitterly in front of a gravestone in a cemetery.
            Confucius commanded the driver of his chariot to halt and asked the woman why she was grieving.
            The woman replied that her son had just been killed by a tiger, and before that her husband and father-in-law had also been killed by tigers.
            Confucius then asked her why on Earth the family hadn’t moved away from this dangerous place.
            She answered, “at least out here there are no government officials.”
            On hearing this, Confucius turned to his disciples and said, “Did you that? The lesson is clear: bad government is worse than a ferocious tiger!”

  8. The horror of technology overtaking human judgment and liberty is only just getting into its stride and like the the vague memory of my mother in the 1940s taking my brother and me to gambol through a carpet of bluebells in Epping forrest, the idea of real freedom today has gone down Winston Smith’s ‘memory hole’. Gone too are the days when having a firearm was considered no more unusual or dangerous than a set of golf clubs in the house (read Max Hastings’ book ‘Did You Really Shoot the Television) and driving was not a contest between the driver and the speed-camera. Like the fate of the Aral sea, ‘industrial progress’ and technology is sucking out the lifeblood of humanity and it’s no wonder that symbols of a gentler age are so prized by wealthy collectors. My few remaining years are increasingly spent in trying to avoid the growing tyranny that the 21st century is heaping upon us.

    • Good grief Derek Sibthorpe! You comment reads like one of those sad laments for a bygone age that romantically inclined Westerners (especially the English) are so fond of. A gentler age – when was that? Are you longing for some pre-industrial rural idyll? Perhaps you wish for the kind of narrow world George Monbiot and Extinction Rebellion would dearly love to force us into – environmentalists have such totalitarian instincts.

      I cannot agree that industrial progress and technology are sucking the lifeblood out of humanity. Quite the opposite. It may have been better for some when only a well paid elite could afford to run a car, take a holiday in Tuscany or fly to “The States”. Now the whole world wants a piece of the better life that Western technological progress has made possible. The common herd are spoiling “the environment” (that’s a nice place where the elite live).

      I am an older person and I do not want to run away from technological progress. In fact I am sickened by the way our technophobic political class have so pathetically surrendered Britain’s place as a technological leader since the 1960s. We have become a nation of mere techno consumers dependent on others to break new ground while we just buy in the fruit of their creative work. But hey! As long as we are a world leader in financial services what else matters.

  9. Catherine – give China a second look.
    1. It’s the only country in the world that is trying to stop the brainwashing of Muslim children into a seditious ideology.
    2. It has let go of the economy (as have other SE Asian places like Vietnam) and is thriving economically.
    3. When you let enterprise flourish (as Adam Smith was first to point out) there is usually an increase in liberty. For most Chinese, making a bit of money, minding their own business, and enjoying law and order is all they ask of life.
    4. There’s a can-do attitude that America used to have: hospitals built in two weeks, a ten mile highway in 3 days, and a HK mountain moved and an airport built in two years.
    5. There are limitations but there are here too. In China you can say there are only two sexes and keep your job, but if you walk with a squeak you’ve got a 100 million viewer TV show fronted by a trannie.
    6 China didn’t want HK back (and had no lease on the island) yet they’ve been patient while pampered students smash things up to get a democracy we never gave them, and democracy isn’t always the best form of rule.

    China Catherine. Ni Hao.