Boris Johnson’s great immigration fraud

Free housing, health, education and damages too

We all know what the problem is – our towns and cities are changing out of all recognition.  We see it with our own eyes. Our streets no longer look British, English, Welsh, Yorkshirian or whatever you want to call it. Turnips are replaced by yams, churches are replaced by mosques and we hear strange languages everywhere we go. Heathrow looks like Islamabad, Hindu temples arrive in the middle of Norfolk marshes and we find people praying on the grass outside posh cafes in the middle of Canary Wharf.  

It is no surprise when we are told that 70% of children born in London have one or more foreign parent. Nor does it surprise us when we learn that gross migration was 591,000 in 2010, 632,000 in 2014 and 613,000 in 2019. It never stops. It never changes whatever governments say. They sanitise the numbers by telling us about ‘net migration’ but this tells us nothing about the cultural changes taking place. They say numbers will come down but they never do so, and as a result we no longer believe anything they say. Labour wants votes, the Conservatives want cheap labour and the Lib Dems live in cloud cuckoo land.

Only 6% of illegals who land on our shores are sent back: This is an open door invitation. Even if you are a foreign national who has murdered a child, judges will try to stop you being deported because your rights might have been infringed. Nicola Sturgeon thinks giving all refugees the vote is a good idea.

We have new terms like ‘majority – minority.’ We all know what that means but are not allowed to say. We are not allowed to say, ‘We are full up.’  We are not allowed to say, ‘Health tourism is a massive problem.’ We are not allowed to say, ‘We want our country back,’ and we certainly are not allowed to say that certain groups commit crime at a far higher rate than others. We see fraud, acid attacks, rape and murder but we are not allowed to comment that their names are not Brown or Smith.

We see lawyers raking in millions from illegal immigration schemes. There are social security scams, drug line criminals, asbestos fraudsters and rape gangs but when defendants disappear abroad before trials on a second passport, everyone just shrugs their shoulders and accepts that is how it is. When it costs half a million pounds in lawyers’ fees and endless appeals to deport a single foreign criminal, no one bats an eyelid.  When a Muslim terrorist attack occurs, our government says it is nothing to do with Islam and that the perpetrators are insane. 

If we say, migration lowers wages, we are shouted down and told by the left that this is rubbish – but we all know that if you have three people who want to buy a house, the price will go up and if we have eighty people who want a job, the price will go down.  We now have to force income levels up by minimum wage controls, tax credits and in-work benefits. Billions of pounds of remittances leave our shores every year through little shops in Harrow.

Every single statistic relating to immigration attracts abuse or is viciously disputed by the left. Houses prices up because ten million new migrants need a home; don’t be silly, you are talking rubbish. Schools and hospitals full, council house lists without end, roads and trains choked, public services failing – of course it is nothing to do with the number of people. 

When the arguments fail to convince anyone, out comes the ‘R’ word, if not the ‘R’ word, let’s try ‘X’ for Xenophobic or ‘I’ for Islamophobic or Far Right, Fascist, Nazi or just Nasty.

Now we have Boris with his points system. There are six million small businesses in Britain.  How difficult is it for any of them to write a bogus letter offering a job to an immigrant? How will papers produced from Asian document factories be checked? An illegal needs adequate funds to obtain the necessary points? He gets a friend to transfer money into a bank account for a few days. Who will do the checking? Has anyone ever stood at the immigration counter at Croydon?

The Home Office reported: “Investigation into the abuse of English language testing [as part of the student visa application process] revealed systemic cheating which was indicative of significant organised fraud.

The administration of something as simple as student visas does not fill one with confidence that our civil service can administer anything. Nigerians, masters of internet fraud, run courses on how to scam. How about a course on how to cheat the British immigration points system? A nice little earner.

Boris, Farage and UKIP and anyone who think the points system is a panacea are mistaken.  Migration Watch thinks it will make the problem worse.

Fraud is the problem; the numbers will not decrease.

This is not just about immigration: It is about citizenship. Whilst we continue to give out British passports like confetti, we will never get control. Vietnam, a communist country, knows this, as does all of Asia. Even spouses only get three year visas. If you overstay your visa there, even by a single day, you will be instantly deported. China, a country twenty times the size of Britain gives out less passports in a year than we do in an afternoon. It understands.

If we had not given out passports so freely, decades ago, the problems that we are now facing in Bradford and Luton would not now exist.

Why? Because ‘Indefinite leave to remain’ or the award of a British passport, however corruptly obtained, means you are unchuckoutable.

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36 Comments on Boris Johnson’s great immigration fraud

  1. Excellent article and thank you for speaking the truth, as millions see it. It isn’t as some claim through hatred of others, but love of our own. It is so easy for many to claim it as an ignorant anti-immigrant rant. It is the inevitable feeling of a people’s experiences, and the anger at a political system completely out of touch with its roots and purpose.

  2. I wonder if Another One were to learn of a tribe in the Amazon forest whose habitat had been overrun by white settlers, would she or he be as keen to back the white settlers ? I somehow think not. What strikes me about Another One’s preoccupations is his or her religious fervour. Having come across the sin of racism as it were, she is as anxious to stamp it out as the Victorians tried to abolish sex. The left is of course a religious movement with all the terrible suffering that comes with trying to abolish peoples’ deeply rooted instincts. Stalin and Mao killed hundreds of millions of people who dared to want to go shopping, Pol Pot, another luminary of the left, try to wipe out, among others, anybody wearing glasses.

  3. An important consideration is that mass immigration/migration and ultimately replacement is occurring across most of the West in a coordinated fashion. In my opinion, the end goal is the replacement of the nation-state with a globalist state that is subverient to the Liberal International Order (aka Global World Order)… resistance has become a must as time is increasingly short…

  4. “Turnip versus Yams were literary expressions, not meant to be literal examples”

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. What you mean is, it’s a lie, just like all the other nonsense.

    I’ve not been to Islamabad actually, but I have been at a Qantas check-in desk at Karachi and, surprise surprise, all the people there were white. I actually thought you might be talking about the general area rather than the departure area of an international airport, and it only serves to make you look even more idiotic. What, pray tell, would you actually expect at those Asian airlines’ check-ins? I won’t bore you with my very enjoyable visit to Kashmir where I found downtown Srinagar quite pleasant actually (just before the current regrettable troubles).

    As far as GP appointments are concerned, I recently visited my local practice in SE London – an area chock full of immigrants of all colours and speaking all sorts of strange languages – for a couple of non urgent issues. I expected to have to wait at least two weeks for an appointment but was told, on a Friday afternoon at around 4pm, that I could see a doctor the following day (i.e. Saturday) at noon. The doctor of course was black, but then I’m not bothered by that.

    So there’s another of your little anti foreigner fantasies blown out of the water.

    I have no idea what your Luton comments even mean. Can’t comment.

    And your last two sentences are another illustration of what happens when dimwitted people take their invented falsehoods as proven fact and predict ludicrous outcomes.

    • How you got to be so intelligent, as opposed to a higher percentage of people who have remained dimwitted in their collective psychosis is amazing.

      Your one example of your visit to a GP surgery, is of course the standard example of what is happening Nationwide, and your superiority is the only gauge worth following.

      • You were the one praising the article for reflecting people’s experiences; I decided to give mine.

        I defy anybody to give an example of not being able to see a GP because of all the foreigners, when their doctor is likely to be foreign anyway.

    • Sounds as though emigration ASAP looks a good idea for you. Off you go. I’m sure they will love you in Islamabad (or wherever) Nutter.

  5. More eloquent straight talking by Catherine. Bravo.

    And a message for all those lefties peeking around the curtain here, so called populism is getting ever so popular.

  6. “Turnips are replaced by yams, churches are replaced by mosques. Heathrow looks like Islamabad”.

    Well, not really. I really don’t think this kind of ignorant, unsubstantiated racist shit has any place, not even here.

    It’s actually comical that you’re complaining about yams, when the humble potato is also a dirty foreign immigrant, and I won’t even mention bananas, chocolate or tea.

    In short, this is an unapologetic rabble rousing bit of fear-mongering with little basis in reality outside the demented imagination of the author. What’s worrying is that judging by the ranting woman on QT the other day, and a cup of hot chocolate thrown at a BBC reporter because of whom she works for, this kind of stupidity seems to be on the increase.

    • Another One. Everyone is welcome to comment on our website, however opposed they may be to a blogger’s views. We prefer literate critics with a well argued case but if you have had the misfortune to have a poor education, as you seem to have had, we would still like to hear from you. However I will block low level abuse of this type.

      • Well Myles, as the author has actually admitted that one of my objections was valid (yams v turnips), hopefully you might look at the rest of what I had to say too. Or else specify exactly which words lead you to your remarkable inference that I had a poor education. In fact, it’s usually well educated people who get pilloried on here as the “intellectual elite”, well qualified people often derided as out of touch with the “real world”. Now I’m being called “stupid” (I think) oddly because I object to obvious untruths being propagated as fact. You can’t win!

        Suffice to say, I had a really excellent education thank you, and that allows me to pick apart baseless lies such as those in the article. Over to you.

          • Ok, I won’t use words like shit, I’ll call it bollocks instead.

            Please specify a “rude assertion” and I’ll do it. Potatoes, tea and Pakistani check-in desks obviously not good enough.

            I note, as editor, you’re not too hot on insisting on verified facts in posts you publish such as this one. You should be careful. Barely disguised racism masquerading as warnings of social uncohesion can easily tip over into something which might actually be illegal incitement of hatred.

            “Heathrow looks like Islamabad” translates to “Terminal 4 when 5 Asian airlines’ leave” (only one of them actually Pakistani, and which I have flown with incidentally – there’s another fact for you).

            That is undeniably explicitly racist, apart from being utterly rudiculous. Do you not think? I really don’t think she meant it in positive terms.

        • Another one wrote: “I had a really excellent education thank you, and that allows me to pick apart baseless lies such as those in the article”

          I too had a really excellent education.

          And mine included arithmetic.

          Evidently, yours didn’t.

    • Have you been to terminal 4 recently as Gulf, Qatar, Saudia, Emirates, Pakistan International, Gulf, etc leave?
      Ever been to Islamabad?

      Ever been to central Luton? Every seen the ghettoes of central Luton compared to 5 miles down the road where there are pubs that look the same as in 1900?

      Ever heard of grooming gangs?

      Turnip versus Yams were literary expressions, not meant to be literal examples.

      It might interest you as well that a lot of second-generation immigrants are also afraid of crime and very worried about overcrowding, stabbings, acid attacks and crime.

      As I said, anyone complaining about immigration is immediately labeled, racist. When you can’t get a GP’s appointment, just remember that numbers might actually have something to do with it.

      Perhaps you would like to look at some of the stats from Migration Watch.–20-bogus-arguments-for-mass-immigration

      I also ask to you look at what happens exponentially to the population if we continue to import at this rate.

      If we do not stop immigration at this rate, we will have society disintegrate – no doubt about that.

      • Pubs closed – supermarkets.
        Churches closed- materialistic consumer society bordering on atheism.
        White Communities broken- more to do with white people more mobile, ambitious, less family orientated. Asians stil live in joint families.
        Drugs and alcohol plays a part aswell in breaking communities.
        Grooming gangs- i blame misogyny. where “women arnt believed by the police” its a lifestyle choice”. This was way before the metoo movement.
        Why didnt they target their own? Cos asians are overprotective.
        Theirs at least 10 family members around each girl even at 21.
        It wasnt pcorrectness. As they locked them up for terrorism, drugs, rioting.
        Terrorism- “toppling saddam would create instability in middle east leading to blowback and a power vacuum filled by isis.
        Migrant crisis- libyan war created a harbour for the migrants. Gulf war created chaos.
        House prices – no council houses being built, easy available credit created a housing boom leading to higher prices.
        Doctors/dentists- if its going take 8/10 years to train each one. Theres bound to be a shortage. With most prefering to go private.
        Mosques- similar to pubs, each muslim community needs one.
        Criminality- tory austerity, lack of police.
        Jobs- automation and immigration.
        Many years ago, asda tesco had 20 check out girls each. Our fault for prefering self service.
        Halal food- tesco asda etc are businesses for profit. Whatever sells. They not pandering to muslims and muslims arnt trying to change asda tesco. We got our own shops. Its capitalism

        Yes uncontrolled immigration is a problem. But theres other factors too.

        One final point. As an immigrant myself.
        “Islam and muslims” has become a catch all phrase for anybody anti immigration.
        If we are to reduce immigration and get the “right” immigrant then we need to go back to being “racist”. Look at immigration on a country by country basis.
        Indian muslims better integrated than pakstanis.
        Turkish muslims better integrated than somalians etc etc

        • With Thatcher closing most of our important industries such as steel coal agriculture.
          The only way for britain to succeed is think global. And for global trade we need to allow immigration. The indians and chinese and africans wil demand visas for access to their markets.
          Or the other option would be to keep selling our weapons and fuel wars and chaos.

        • You are indeed correct about the reason for the closing of churches. One of the main problems to befall the people of this Nation has been the systematic and deliberate policy of steering people away from anything remotely spiritual and remotely respectful to and for their culture, heritage, history and ancestry.
          The church in many ways has itself to blame, and now is nothing more than another political mouthpiece choosing to speak out only on certain “woke” items, standing by silently while our society has been ripped apart by many other things that have led to this consumer society of cheap tawdry thrills.
          Not that we have always been a dutiful church attending people, but there was once more morality, more sense of culture and who we were. Those things are not conducive to a consumer society, they may interfere with profits.

          One of the things that has done so much damage is drugs. An article on Conservative Home a year or so ago, written by someone in the know with official figures to hand, stated that the drug culture came in with immigration from the Caribbean, (by that I suppose he meant its beginning with marijuana) and since nothing much was done to eliminate it, it’s here now and we may as well have revenue from it. That, is in a nutshell the problem, if it makes money let’s do it and hang the consequences.

          This is just one area, along with immigration and the lies told of why we need so many here, that has been going on for a long time. I cannot believe were this happening in other lands, along with diversity quota’s, various other laws enacted on the heritage population and so on that there would not be similar reactions. Indeed in South Africa migrant workers are being routinely attacked, and that’s only over jobs.
          You mention housing and lack of building, well as more people come, more are needed to service every sector, where does the building stop then? We never asked for this, nor were we asked. We don’t want our home turned into one massive business park or housing estate.

          Our home has basically become not a Nation but a Corporation. The fight now is between those who have set themselves up to rule us through coercion and lies, and the heritage population.
          This is a vast subject with much to be said on it, we can only scrape the surface.

          • “the drug culture came in with immigration from the Caribbean”

            For Pete’s sake, what are you talking about. Drug taking has been rife for centuries in this country. It’s well known that Coleridge’s Xanadu was inspired by an opium induced dream. And you may be aware that alcohol is also a drug, or perhaps you aren’t.

          • Brexit has made it even more important to turn this nation into global corporation. Where else are we suppose to trade if not global.

            The irony is that immigrants are just as conservative as you and understand the need to preserve british heritage and culture.
            The problem arises when the racists jump on the bandwagon and start blaming immigrants rather than the immigration system.
            Its then that people start siding with the liberals.

            I disagree with the drug quote.
            Drugs has always been part of british party club scene since 60plus years.

            Whatever the faults of islam, abstinence from drugs and alcohol is promoted vigourously.

          • You know, Michelle as well as A Hussain, that the talk about quotidian issues (crime, drugs, family breakdowns) serves as a convenient, but massive diversion from the underlying argument. England is not England without mostly English people on it as citizens.

            You can argue about the semantics and phraseology, but that does not serve to got to the heart of the mattere. It should be quite simple to understand, and everyone instinctively gets it. If you were to consider just percentages, the countries of the GCC host massive non-native populations (up to 90% sometimes) but none of them ever get the privilege of becoming citizens (unless one marries a local man, for which conversion to Islam is obligatory; all said this is a rarity).

            The Arabs of the GCC have it down to a T; you can live and work there all you want, but no rights (except the bare minimum as international standards allow) and no citizenships. Not even if you’ve lived there for 50 years. Result? Practically zero crime among expats; except habitual offenders who cannot be tamed even in such an environment.

            The local authorities there make no qualms about making wholesale deportations of nationals whom they think are problematic based on evidence. Result? There is an incentive for people to behave well. For a people renowned for their common sense, one wonders where all that went.

          • Small correction of my own:

            “You can argue about the semantics and phraseology, but that does not serve to get to the heart of the matter.”

            “The local authorities there make no qualms about making wholesale deportations and severe visa restrictions of entire nationality groups of people they think are problematic based on evidence.”

            “For a people renowned for their common sense, one wonders what happened to the British people.”

          • Krishnan, a lot of the problem in the UK is the far-left-controlled MSM, which peddles lies and distortions non-stop.

            It has successfully brainwashed a significant proportion of the UK population that the British are a base people who should be perpetually consumed by pangs of remorse and guilt. And should be punished severely for the crimes of their forebears!

            As you wrote:
            “For a people renowned for their common sense, one wonders what happened to the British people.”

            Unfortunately, a lot of them have been hoodwinked by idiots like Ash Sarkar (Communist) who is given unlimited screen time in Britain to peddle her lies and distortions, and – horror of horrors – to influence government decisions.

            I know, and I presume you know, that the depiction of, say, the relationship between the peoples of India and other ex-Empire countries and the UK advanced by the likes of the arch-hypocrite Sarkar (everything she enjoys is the result of capitalism and British tolerance, not her Communism or perverted bigotry and racism) is an enormous lie.

  7. Fraud is too strong a word. Perhaps it would be more accurate to say that the problem is so massive and overwhelming that a major cultural change is needed if a any sort of solution can be found. Politicians will naturally seek a quick fix lest the MSM attack them for failure to fulfill their electoral promises.

    I watched Question Time on Thursday where an angry audience member demanded to know when our politicians would call a halt to immigration. She believed that “our borders should be closed NOW!” Easier said than done.

    Anyway, the response from the panel followed the usual soft Left pattern. For good Lefty measure one Ash Sarkar of Novara Media, a self-declared “actual communist”, trotted out the old “no borders” mantra that migrants “put more into this country than they take out”. That went unchallenged by panel or audience who, with the (possible) exception of Michael Portillo, seemed fixated on the idea that we need migrants to do the jobs that native Brits don’t want to do.

    The programme offered a kind of snapshot of the UK in 2020. We have voted for a new Conservative government. We have given the political/media elite a slap in the face with our Brexit vote. And yet, we still are so easily intimidated by socialist moral bullying that we will not openly oppose the cult of diversity.

    People say “We want our country back” without really understanding what that would demand of them.

    • mana in London wrote: “I watched Question Time on Thursday where an angry audience member demanded to know when our politicians would call a halt to immigration.”

      Yes, the BBC has instituted an urgent investigation into how that appalling woman managed to slip through their audience filter! Al-Beeb uses an external company, bless, to “ensure audiences are representative”.

      Representative of the BBC’s foul agenda, that is.

  8. I am glad SR is finally tackling immigration issue head on, rather than assuming mainstream conservative policies are the answer, and that it is all a matter of “assimilation” — no, problem is immigration as such and replacement of British whites by non-whites. Say it before it is too late.

  9. British residents; British citizens – but not British.
    You’re right to point to the opportunity for wholesale fraud – the points system opens the door to this, and makes a cover-up easier.
    You are also right to point to the gross immigration figure as the key metric – the net figure is an old canard that systematically obscures the overriding of our own cultural security, and the obliteration of our historical continuity.
    The forces behind this insult, not only to our own nationhood but to every Western nation that is forced to accept it, appear to be so powerful as to be unstoppable. Any resistance has been factored into their plans, whatever they may ultimately be, and demolished before it can ever gain any real collective force of its own.
    When Mr Johnson talked of transforming our country from one of regulation and implied oppression, to one of opportunity, I thought he might have a grip on the need to go beyond the (inadequate, generally doomed) paradigm of resistance. I am becoming steadily more disillusioned as he seems to be in collusion with the new and ominous tools of global control, the green agenda and 5G. I fear he is yet another hollow man.

    • Stuart, net migration is not just a bad, but an idiotic, metric.

      There’s an even better measure than gross immigration, though.

      Instead, aggregate immigration and emigration (having removed temporary visitors, returning citizens etc from both). It is the bellwether of the Culture Change tsunami to come.

      • Yes, Freddy, I agree entirely. I did try to develop just such a measure as you describe, almost immediately after the Ref. However, it turned out that the figures weren’t reliable enough to support such a metric – at least at that time the self-declaration involved, the sampling basis, and other deficiencies meant it was impossible to obtain from public sources.

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