Immigration, the subject every politician lies about

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Address by Catherine Blaiklock to the newly formed Hearts of Oak movement in Westminster 28.2.20

Who are Hearts of Oak ?

Ladies and Gentleman

In the last two decades, hundreds of thousands of people have entered this country every year. Often we have no idea who these people are. We have never been given a vote on the issue of mass migration and still none of the main political parties are remotely interested in talking about it. The population of Britain has increased by 10 to 15 million in the last two decades.

Anyone who voices their anxiety about this is likely to lose their job, forfeit their good name or even be prosecuted.Anyone who comments that Bradford looks like Islamabad, Southall looks like India or Chinatown looks like China is called a racist – in other words, a very bad person.

It is the left that calls everyone racists while discriminating against the native and working-class population. What if not skin colour is a black, Asian and minority ethnic program supposed to be based on? It is pure racial discrimination.

Even commercial advertising has become a form of racial engineering. Advertisers are pressured to show the typical British family are of mixed race. In reality just 3.5% of all children born in Britain are from such families as are my own children.

Why is this happening?

There are many causes: votes, money, profits or the Marxist destruction of the nation. Our society is being racially engineered. Tony Blair said he wanted to rub the right’s nose in diversity and how he has succeeded. In places like Birmingham the minority has become the majority.

As in last week’s Question Time, nobody, save one brave member of the audience (and she paid for it in subsequent vicious attacks on her on social media) dared say, ‘We are full up.’ We are not allowed to say ‘Health tourism is a massive problem.’ We are not allowed to say ‘We want our country back,’ and we certainly are not allowed to say that certain groups commit crime at a far higher rate than others. We see fraud, acid attacks, rape and murder but we are not allowed to comment where the perpetrators come from.

Furthermore, every single statistic relating to immigration attracts abuse or is viciously disputed.

If you say houses prices are massively higher because ten million new migrants need a home, you are told not to be silly, that you are talking rubbish.

Schools and hospitals are full, council house lists are without end, roads and trains are choked, public sector services are failing, social security and housing benefit rocket ever upwards – but of course it has nothing to do with the number of people.

If we say, migration lowers wages, we are shouted down. We are told by the left that this is not true – but we all know that if you have three people who want to buy a house, the price will go up, and if eighty people who want a job, the pay will go down. As a result, we have had to force income levels up by minimum wage controls, tax credits and in-work benefits, billions of pounds of which leave our shores every year through money laundering operations by little shops in Harrow and Blackburn.

And refugees?

Only 6% of illegals who set foot on this soil are sent back: This is an open-door invitation. As we saw last week with the Jamaican deportation flight, if you were not given a mobile phone chip by the state and even if you were a foreign national who has murdered a child, judges will try to stop you from being deported because your rights might have been infringed. Refugees have been given the right to vote in Scotland.

Who are these refugees? The politically persecuted, the destitute, the sick?

Not exactly. Here is a typical example of an economic migrant.

Hassan, 28, is earning a reasonable living in a paint shop in Ogadou. He has managed to save $5000.

His family decides that Hassan should try to get to England. He has been told that if you set just one foot on English soil, their judges, who fear being called racist, will not deport you and you will be given lots of free stuff.

Once Hassan has a British passport, his family tells him that he must bring over a wife and start a family immediately. Each child brings a British passport and the benefits which come with it. Entire villages have ended up in Britain by this type of chain migration.

The government and the righteous left would rather the public did not know about Hassan, or his fellow migrants from all over the world, the majority of whom fit this description. True, there are genuine refugees from war, displacement or famine, but as we know from Syria and the Christian Barnabus Trust, few actually make it here. Only those with money get here.

Both migrants and the majority of refugees are here for economic benefit.
Boris Johnson thinks that he can solve this problem by introducing a points system based on a job offer, the ability to speak English, a minimum salary and sufficient funds for the migrant to keep himself without claiming social security.

This idea is fatally flawed because of the way migrants regard this country. They regard it as a honey pot. Job offers, bank accounts, documents and the ability to speak English are all subject to fraud and there is a huge industry out there ready to service them.

How difficult is it for one of the six million small businesses in Britain to write a bogus letter offering a job to a migrant? How will papers produced by Asian document factories be checked? If a potential immigrant needs adequate funds to obtain the necessary points, he gets a friend to transfer money into a bank account for a few weeks. We already know from the Home Office itself that English language testing is subject to rampant fraud.

Many of these applicants, will, after a period of five years be given a British passport and become full British citizens with exactly the same rights as those whose families have lived here for millenia.

This entire problem is about citizenship. If we had not given out passports like confetti, decades ago, the problems that we are now facing in Bradford and Luton would not now exist.

Why? Because ‘Indefinite leave to remain’ or the award of a British passport, however corruptly obtained, means you are unchuckoutable.

We cannot continue to offer free housing, health care, social security, transport, food and water, education and old age care, to the whole world. If we do this then in a decade, we face a total collapse of our entire society.

Boris should instead consider the following:

Stop issuing passports to people born abroad.

Stop social security payments to anyone new entering this country.

Remove people with dual nationality if they commit criminal offences.

Deport anybody who tries to enter this country illegally, using false papers, or making unfounded claims of persecution.

Replace the full British passport for immigrants including spouses with a 3 year renewal visa. This is what happens in most Asian countries such as Vietnam who understand sovereignty

Even if the mainstream media and the BBC will not report this event here today, we must keep on talking about immigration. We will not be shut up.

To stop uncontrolled mass immigration of all kinds is a moral duty, not just toward our citizens but to the migrants themselves. Thousands of people, including children have drowned in the Mediterranean because the left have urged them to come and do everything possible to make it seem as if it would be easy. It is perhaps the most wicked and irresponsible thing ever done in our history.

Mass immigration even under a points system causes tremendous cultural and social dislocation, for both the migrants themselves and the native population. It also causes hardship and poverty for the sending nations by depriving them of their nurses, doctors and skilled labour.

“History does not repeat itself, but the music is the same’.

In The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, Gibbon describes how in 410 AD when Alaric the Goth invested Rome, ‘The trembling senate were unable to guard against the secret conspiracy of their slaves and domestics, who either from birth or interest were attached to the cause of the enemy. At the hour of midnight, the Salarian gate was silently opened, and the inhabitants were awakened by the tremendous sound of the Gothic trumpet. 1163 years after the foundation of Rome, the Imperial city, which had subdued and civilised so considerable a part of mankind, was delivered to the licentious fury of the tribes of Germany and Scythia.

Replace ‘trembling senate’ with our cowardly, appeasing, political class, biased media, blind civil service and those who would prefer to virtue signal or make money rather than directly address the monumental issues facing this country.

We must stand up for what is right.
Thank you.

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42 Comments on Immigration, the subject every politician lies about

  1. Sheilagh is right and Britain’s fate and decline was sealed in August 1914. When a nation state cannot or is unwilling to support itself without mass immigration, it has failed and open to spivs to profit from it’s demise.

  2. Mass immigration is a Ponzi scheme dreamt up by economists.
    Immigrants themselves grow old and need pensions and medical care.
    The economists’ solution: more and more immigrants.
    You Brits in your ancestral homelands are facing a Fahrenheit 451 situation on the fringes of the British Isles.

  3. Immigration supporters claim that it is a “net benefit” – but never seem to include the costs of housing – or more schools, hsopitals and transport.

    Their “claim” tends to focus on tax receipts versus cash benefits.

    So a million# low-paid field workers and hopsitality staff can work hard but pay little or no tax – quite legally (i.e. no criticism intended).

    Meanwhile 100,000# high earning immigrant lawyers, bankers and doctors may be paying top-rate tax that is more than enough to cover any benefits received by the field and shop workers.

    BUT that million# has to live somewhere.
    Hence house prices have gone up much faster the inflation.

    #Numbers invented to make the point
    Has any economist put together actual figures ?

    • “#Numbers invented to make the point”

      And hence an invented point. But we see imaginary numbers to support extreme views all the time.

  4. The authors of this disaster are a strange alliance of hard left ideologues and big corporate business. The ideologues have oikophobia, a self hating suicide cult disorder they want everyone to catch, that their precious perfect socialism might triumph, even if over ashes and skulls. The big globalists want profit and cheap labour. The destruction of the British national people is of no bother when you are driven by the greater good of corporate profit. More cheap workers. Which is an equally cultish sentiment. This is a problem not unique to, but common in the English speaking nations. Reject the worship of flesh. The love of mammon is the root of evil. Smell the spring air blowing across the moor once again. Reject both sides of these cults. “All we have to decide is what to do with the time we are given.”

  5. Even the title of the article is a gross generalisation;

    “the subject every politician lies about”.

    Really? Every single politician lies? That’s a big assertion and I’m sure you can back it up. Can’t you?

    • Surely the only details he disclosed are freely visible on her wiki page, so not private at all. Banning him for that is odd, especially since you repeatedly publish articles by this well known racist.

      • Andrew you wrote, ‘Unpleasant racist’ I warned you before about personal abuse. Next time you can join your friend in spam land

        • Well said, editor. The abuse on this thread has been an example of aggressive, hard left intimidation and I for one am glad you’ve had the guts to ban those responsible. The sneers, the disdain, the personal attacks are all part of the left’s modus operandi and when they have provoked an answer in kind, they cry foul. Argument is one thing, but the left doesn’t argue; it bullies.

        • I wrote “well known racist”. That is not “personal abuse” as you put it, that is a reasonable description of her which can easily be substantiated by reference to several print articles and her own words describing black people as of inferior intelligence, and so on.

          Not only are her spouses openly described on her wiki page, but she even used a photo of her husband while canvassing in a general election. Not very “private” then.

          I would say you equating me with flat-earthers is way more personally insulting, and without any justification.

          What you choose to do is entirely your affair, but from what I’ve said above I know it won’t be based on any kind of rationality, but strangely made up transgressions.

  6. I shared the platform with Catherine at the Hearts of Oak launch in Westminster last Friday. ( I presented Amy Dalla Mura of ” Anna Soubry you are a traitor” fame with our inaugural Free Speech award ) A pleasure to hear such intelligent clear words spoken with aplomb.

    There is a clear need for this country to have an electoral force that speaks up for the patriotic decent working class majority now that Labour has sunk to new lows of cultural marxism with a huge lashing of own country self loathing, as ably demonstrated by some of the snarling comments on here.

    Anybody got a spare half a million to get Hearts of Oak supporters on the electoral road ?

  7. The main thrust of Catherine Blaiklock’s article is the powerlessness of the indigenous population to change the multicultural mess that is now Britain and there is an excellent article in the on-line comment site – Unherd – ‘Let’s scrap the Human Rights act’ by John Grey in which he argues persuasively that ‘human rights’ has enabled the judiciary to assume political power. This, surely, has to be at the root of Britain’s homogenised political parties and inability to act on the wishes of a voting public which came close to scuppering the referendum vote. The Human Rights Act has empowered judges in their ‘Ministry of Truth’ to encircle and diminish discourse in politics and the true freedoms of the people they claim to protect.

  8. “We must stand up for what is right. Thank you.”

    Yes, and thank you, Mrs Kirkpatrick – er, Ms Blaiklock – may I just say as president and on behalf of all members of our newly formed Hearts of Oak Club, including of course dear Tommy Robinson momentarily detained in the nick again, thank you very much for that most inspiring and heartfelt rendition of Kipling’s Gunga Din.

  9. Why do politicians lie on this subject? Because they can, is the simple and short answer. They’ve been doing it for a very long time, and tinkering here and there whenever it looks like the natives are getting restless. A globalist tactic so I’ve read is one called ‘give the dog a bone’ i.e make a few little changes here and there on one or two pressing issues to make it look like you are doing something, but nothing that will hold up the policies or eventual desired outcome.
    Boris Johnson is a globalist, and centuries of history,heritage and culture of the natives mean nothing to him or many others like him. What’s in it for me, and what money can be made, is the only thing that matters.

    Cameron was a little more upfront in his speech about a ‘sea of white faces’ and how he wanted this to be a place for all to come and get on. It’s all much more in the open now, yet people refuse to see it and still think everything will be fine, if we can just tame X religion we’ll all live happily ever after.
    We’ve even recently had some so called academic sitting on a comfy sofa on TV saying ‘whiteness is a psychosis’ and everyone just carries on. I’m amazed people can’t or won’t see where this is going. Let’s not forget our ‘white privilege’

    I am in no way trying to belittle the efforts of those who have put together Hearts of Oak, but perhaps it’s all a little too late. Just another civic get together, that won’t break the political establishment out in a sweat.
    Which brings us back to the question of why they can lie so blatantly about immigration. There is no real challenge to them and they know it.
    Until a party that pulls no punches, and isn’t afraid to spell out the problems existing and that will arise in the future takes the political world by the throat, then this will carry on. Then there will be no option but to hunker down and hope for the best.

    • You have in a nutshell Michelle Cooper. UKIP was the only party that took on the challenge to seriously question mass-immigration to England and, for their pains, tore themselves apart in responding to the slurs of the catch-all accusation of ‘rayyycism’. The dividing ground between wanting to preserve your own culture and the murderous doctrine of the Nazis is infinite but we have allowed people like the M.P. David Lamy fo conflate it with that hateful name. Intolerant ‘liberals’ are, ironically, like Dr. Goebbels at being adept in distorting the truth to defeat and dominate their moderate opponents such as the late Sir Roger Scruton and David Starkey who are shunned and/or traduced by a complicit media.

  10. Most of your proposals sound like common sense, Catherine. Five years for a full citizenship? I have lived as an expat in a Middle Eastern country for north of 20 years and I am on a three-year visa. I am glad for the opportunity and behave well, and so do my compatriots who actually make up the largest segment of the resident population in this place, and are on similar visas.

    The natives here do not feel threatened by us at all – for all you can tell, two to three companies of policemen could easily take care of the entire expat population of my country’s origin. The natives, when they do interact with us, are comfortable in the knowledge that we are guests; it makes for a far less toxic relationship. Civic troubles, if there are any, usually come from elements, usually non-native, who feel that the country “owes” them some things by way of religious or ethnic affiliation, or who simply can’t help themselves but be criminal.

    Thanks to the restrictions on citizenship, I have very strong links to my home country and its culture, while being respectful and understanding of the local culture (which we happily participate in when given the opportunity), and I am aware of my place where I stay. I am refreshingly “less confused”. Overall, it’s a win-win deal. If and when I do part this place for better opportunities elsewhere (including in my own country), I will take the good memories of my stay here with me, and my hosts here will cherish the good interactions I have had with them.

  11. I see project fear is alive and well. All made up, notice there are no references to back up any of this stuff. Even the town where the so-called case history example is from is fictional. Probably somewhere in “bongo bongo land” where the local “piccaninnies” smile their “watermelon smiles”.

    The population has increased by no more than 8 million in the last 20 years, so even the terrifying quote for immigrant numbers is a lie.

    • Only 8 million in 20 years! Is that all? So the crowded schools, over-flowing hospitals, housing shortage, jammed roads and packed trains, voter fraud, knife crime, drugs trade and terrorist attacks are all imaginary. Thank-you, Andrew. We shall sleep more soundly tonight!

      • Yes, I think you can sleep soundly tonight.

        By “voter fraud”, are you referring to the vote leave campaign, who were proven to have broken electoral law? Where did they come from?

        • No, I refer to postal-vote fraud: an illegal (but inevitably tolerated) activity now a prominent feature of UK elections.
          But, hey, like they say: ‘no worries’.

          • It’s not tolerated, people have gone to prison for it in the recent past.

            If you have proper evidence you should inform the police. Of course, you haven’t, and you won’t.

    • “piccaninnies”, Andrew? Actually, Andrew, Boris Johnson called them pickaninnies, although I suppose your Pic-tish dialect supports your version. Your slave talk reminds me of a sweet old Ben King poem (c. 1890s) “Coonie in De Holler”:
      Coonie in de holler hidin’ hin’ de logs,
      Little pickaninnies ketchin’ pollywogs,
      Banjo am a-ping, ping, pingin’ out a tune,
      Ebery t’ing am lubly as a day in June.

      Coonie in der holler done gone up a tree,
      An’ he am a-hidin’ whar no one can see.
      But he know his bizness ‘nough not to come down,
      Kase he know him likely meet dat frocious houn’

      • Actually John, if you refer back to the original Telegraph article – still available online – he spelled it the exact way I quoted him. Please then, write to him with your withering put-down as I’m sure he’d love your odious little poem anyway, and while I won’t expect an actual apology from you, I’ll happily picture you accordingly grovelling for forgiveness for your inaccurate observation and subsequent rudeness.

        Does anybody here ever say anything that’s not complete nonsense?

        • Andrew says: ‘People have gone to prison for voter fraud’.
          So what? People have gone to prison for every kind of crime but the vast majority of criminals have not and never will. Crime pays handsomely in the UK after 60-odd years of applied Marxism.

          • So it’s not tolerated, as you said it is, and of course the biggest recent frauds perpetrated on the British electorate are the proven illegality of the referendum campaign, and the ‘second referendum’ masquerading as a general election in which more people voted for parties that wanted a final say than for brexit zealot parties. Not quite the overwhelming mandate for brexit we’re lied to about. Very clever, but dishonest.

        • Well, my dear astrology graduate, I’m sure Boris meant ‘piccaninies’ in the most affectionate way, even if he did spell it wrong.
          [cue: ‘watermelon smile emoji]

          • No, he’s just a racist. Apparently an ignorant one too. And it’s astronomy, although I understand the pseudo-(non)science version would be preferred by some of the woolly-minded bigots on here. 9ver to you Myles.

      • Brilliant attempted insult, as I’m actually an astronomy graduate and fully aware what shape the planet is. No Myles, you’re the one who believes in wacky conspiracy stuff like that unproven and discredited epigenetics “research”. Who knows what other nonsense you swallow without question because it fuels your ludicrous reactionary world view and allows you to gleefully take a snipe at two genuine giants of science. Keep taking the homeopathic pills – at least they won’t do you any harm.

        I won’t even mention the hypocrisy of this little comment after your previously calling me out for what you called an “ad hominem” attack, although you clearly don’t know what it means.

        • ‘the ‘second referendum’ masquerading as a general election in which more people voted for parties that wanted a final say than for brexit zealot parties’
          You may be an astronomy graduate but you’re away with the man in the moon on that one. Do you not know how democracy works? What else was the election, with its thunderous result, but ‘the final say’? How many referendums, elections and dances round the mulberry tree would we need before you lunatics were satisfied?

          • 52% voted for parties who wanted either a second referendum or to revoke brexit completely.

            Johnson was very clever to make a general election all about brexit, because he knew a 2nd ref would be lost.

            Yes, I know how democracy works – you have a civilian government, by definition. How you appoint the executive works in very different ways in different countries. I believe the ancient Greeks even selected people at random, not a bad idea actually. In the United States the candidate who received 3 million fewer votes was awarded the election because of a truly bizarre system.

            Frankly, I think our current system is anachronistic nonsense, and I’d say that whatever the colour of the government.

        • I don’t know where you live but I urge you to visit, Small Heath, Sparkbrook, Sparkhill, Newtown, Bordesley Green, Nechells, Aston, Moseley,Washwood Heath, Ward End, Winson Green, Hockley, Handsworth, Vauxhall, Duddeston and dozens more of the districts of Birmingham where you can settle happily with your non-British, mainly muslim foreigners who rule there. It is unbelievable and they actually rule and the Police keep away. Just see their cars of which they have plenty, selfishly parked on yellow lines outside schools with no fear of a ticket or any punishment. This may be trivial but it is a snapshot of their totally non-civic attitude towards a country they despise whilst they plunder it.

          • How dare they have cars. Of course,even if true, they are the only people who park on yellow lines aren’t they. It’s normally white middle class mummies who do that.

  12. Dear Catherine,
    You show both great perspicacity and great moral courage, and I agree with every point you make in this article. Most of my friends feel as if we have been made foreigners in our own (our only) home. Yet no one talks about it in public, we all plan to move north or west, as we face this invasion, an invasion we have no current means of fighting.

  13. A heartfelt piece by Catherine Blaiklock but, alas, she is preaching to the converted here at Salisbury Review. Until the news and current affairs wings of the broadcast media decide to deal honestly with this subject and allow full access to dissenting voices there will be no great demand for change. I’m sure the majority of people still feel guilty when calling for immigration control and the Left are only too ready to encourage that feeling.

    The real trouble with the Left-liberal attitude to mass immigration is that it is hopelessly shallow and short term. By welcoming the “poor huddled masses” virtue is shown and humanitarian credentials displayed. Little consideration is given to the long term consequences, social and economic, of providing the “better life” we supposedly owe these people.

    Anyway, judging by the recent behaviour of “woke” activists no matter how welcoming we are we can still be denigrated as racist and xenophobic. Our speech, our thoughts and even our body language can be thoroughly scrutinised to expose unconscious bias, racism, micro-aggression etc. If a failure to celebrate diversity is lurking guiltily in any part of your mind the though police will winkle it out. Soon your future prosperity may depend on compliance.

    • I know. It is almost impossible to get through except via twitter.
      The Telegraph will not even publish anything about immigration or Islam.
      The irony is that the only way to get through is via negative exposure in the left-wing press.

      • We need our own Freeview channel!

        Hammering away at the BBC is a bit of a lost cause. It has always belonged to a paternalistic cultural elite. The political views of that elite have changed over time but what has remained constant is the belief that they have both the duty and the right to dispense a moral education to the masses.

        Back in the mid-1970s one of my work colleagues was a student on summer break from Oxford University. He was studying the classics because, as he said, it was the best way to get a career in television. Television, as far as he was concerned, WAS the BBC (anyway, there were only 3 channels at the time). How things have changed. I suspect that a solid grounding in identity politics would be needed now.

        It would be great to be able to tune into a channel which enables the dissident voices to be more widely heard. Imagine being able to view documentaries which challenged the received wisdom on climate change, immigration, diversity, capitalism and offered the subversive truth about all those socialist pet causes which get a free pass on mainstream TV. That being said, I imagine the funding needed for such a project would almost impossible to raise.

  14. There is no person, political party, or organisation in Britain in a position to turn this around. It took Nigel Farage more than twenty years to campaign for a referendum on Britain’s membership of the European ‘project’ and, even then, it was through a tactical miscalculation by Prime Minister Cameron that resulted in the unexpected vote. It appears that the people of Britain have regained their sovereignty from the E.U. but not from those in power who now see that sovereignty as a saleable commodity – ‘inward investment’ and continued high immigration – to a wider world. It seems to me that, with ever growing national debt and increasing deficit, the United Kingdom has become leasehold, not freehold.