Meghan: the woke princess and the pea under the bed

Let them all come. It means cheaper cleaners

Clarence ‘Frogman’ Henry, an 1960’s American rhythm and blues singer, (Born 1932 – present) sings a beautiful love song entitled, ‘I don’t know why I love you but I do’ The song, on Youtube, is both touching and cheerful but that is not just what makes the video special. Clarence has an infectiously happy, friendly face, jolly and overflowing with joy – full of love himself. He is black and he was born at a time when racial segregation and lynching were real. It hurts a soft heart to think of such a wonderful man being hurt – just because he is black. This is real racism. 

In the film, Brokeback Mountain (2005), there is a truly horrifying scene when a man in rural America is taken to a river bed. You do not see all the graphic details but the film gives enough hints to suggest that he suffered a gruesome death and was probably tortured before he was killed. We know that he was a Harry Hoofter – a ‘daffy’, ‘a friend of Dorothy,’ ‘light in the fedora’ and ‘a backgammon player’. This is real homophobia. 

Compare this with the criticism of Meghan Markle. People including the entire British public have been accused of being racist. Meghan knew what she was marrying into a hereditary Royal family that cannot be seen to be political. She refused to meet Donald Trump, she invited Clinton to her house and she lectures people on various forms of ‘wokeness’. 

She holds ‘Climate change for women’ events knowing that climate change itself is highly political. She spends millions of pounds of the public’s money on clothes, flights and renovations and proceeds to say that she doesn’t much like opening swimming pools in Bradford or Bournemouth – then she wonders why much of the British public does not like her. This is not racism. 

Millions of people from different cultures continue to enter Britain, both legally and illegally. Criticising mass immigration because you fear that it will lead to the complete breakdown of society, violence and financial ruin is not racist.

Pointing out that 87 percent of grooming gang convictions are Muslim and of Pakistani origin is not racist. It is a fact and these people are paedophiles and rapists. Suggesting it is not a good idea to give prepubescent children puberty blockers is not transphobic. Saying that perhaps girls should not get blindingly drunk in the street, dressed in little more than bras and knickers because they might get raped – is not sexist.

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13 Comments on Meghan: the woke princess and the pea under the bed

  1. The nonsense stems from England’s rejection of the moral order, and anointing the royal person as a pope.

    Simple enough to take up the old codicil, and return to a modern medieval sentiment. Reject mammon and all who worship it.

    Shakespeare a good starter guide.

    The pimps pushing racist accusations would happily be the kapos in the new socialist gulags. The kapos though, are massively outnumbered and vulnerable.

  2. CB expresses here the sensible views of the great mass of the British public. The vast divide between those views and socialist conceit is something the Conservatives must weaponise.

    • I’m not sure if the Conservatives really have it in them to weaponise anything much. One important thing that the whole Brexit issue exposed is that many Tories have taken on much of the soft-socialist world view. There are long established Conservative grandees who could easily have found a place in the pre-Corbyn Labour party. Face it – the Left-liberals have won the cultural war.

      As the evolution of the MSM over the last few decades has shown, the power and influence of the media class have greater abliity to change our way of life than the opinions of “the great mass of the British public”.

      Our beloved MSM use moral bullying their weapon of choice. As a prime example consider the question of same sex marriage. The legislation was rushed through Parliament with little opposition even though it was neither sought nor favoured by “the great mass of the British public”. The driving force was the belief (held and tirelessly promoted by the media/political/academic elite) that any activity which excludes gays is by definition a social evil to be eradicated. Disagreement with this position is a moral failing (ie. clear evidence of bigotry) – so shut up and get woke!

      Having capitulated on that issue our governing class now face huge pressure from the other minority groups angry at their alleged social exclusion (the Transgender lobby comes immediately to mind) – and so the dominoes fall.

      • I understand your point but there are signs of progress. We have gained Brexit and a thumping Conservative election victory. The BBC has heard a wolf’s howl and the working class now sees today’s Labour Party for what it is. Meanwhile, the sexual inverts and race-hustlers whom we call politely call minorities are starting to fight among themselves. The enemy has weakened: we must press on with hope and determination.

        • I wish I had your optimism but it seems to me that the thumping Conservative majority and threats to the licence fee have pushed the BBC into doubling down on its Left-liberal agenda. I wonder if they see themselves as the opposition now that Corbyn’s Labour party has failed. Is it just my imagination or has there been an increase in bias on BBC’s perennial favourite topics?

          To give just one major example: Question Time. The attitude of the programme makers could be summed up as: Let’s go round the country and find out why people failed to put a Labour government into office. Or let’s find out why people are not doing enough to fight climate change, racism, sexism, homophobia, islamophobia, transphobia etc etc? To discuss we will have one on the Right, three on the Left and one, alleged, neutral. If there is any attempt to embrace the fact that the country has shown, yet again, that it prefers the Conservatives I am not able to see it.

          For good measure, the BBC Head of Drama just a couple of weeks ago declared his unashamed support for the woke agenda. He sees it as providing a much needed education for the masses.

          • I don’t doubt it, but the cracks are showing. The BBC is in its bunker, arraigning phantom armies and invisible fleets.

  3. I wonder when it was that a person writing such clear, factually correct comments reflecting the thinking of the silent majority, became seen by the significant boorish minority as so outrageous ! ?