Covid 19. Should we flee into the mountains?

We now know the basics about Covid 19. If it behaves as it did in China, it will burn through the population in three months, vaccinating 80% as it goes. Unless it mutates, once you catch this strain of the virus you cannot be infected with it again.

A greater proportion of older people with serious conditions will die, ordinary flu seizes 0.1% , Covid 19 about 7% or above. Then, like a fire in a stubble field, the epidemic will flicker out, although a dying spark might start the fire again this winter .

Washing your hands, keeping out of crowds, avoiding the underground or football matches help, there is no evidence that drinking organic tea, rain dancing, voting for Rebecca ‘Wrong’ Bailey, or doing penitential exercises for leaving the EU are of use.

Could this have been avoided ? Our insane compulsion to fly around in aluminum cigar cases with closed air circulation systems, flying Petrie dishes, cannot have helped.

There is an apocalyptic whiff about Covid 19, a viral John the Baptist as it were, come to warn us that we have gone too far in converting nature into toys for our amusement. The earth, like any living organism, has its own immune systems like Covid 19, for dealing with the likes of us.

Be warned!

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10 Comments on Covid 19. Should we flee into the mountains?

  1. It’s just Nature in her inscrutable workings to keep this planet’s population stable. Yes, the Black Death was a bit early, but we’ve had SARS, Ebola, malaria, and we keep conquering them, so Nature Is getting into her stride with something a bit more frightening. I remember some sort of epidemic in the fifties that sent thousands scampering for immunization . My then mother in law merely observed that when the plague strikes 10 die of the plague, and 1000 of fright .

  2. There’s some unintentional misinformation here. You imply deaths at “7% or above” in an unspecified population “older people”. This is misleading unless you do a little extra work and clarify this in a number of ways – such as age-group, underlying health problems, Wuhan (decades of socialist smogs) vs. the rest of the world, etc.

  3. Oh dear, humour aside that’s quite a St Greta of Gaia polemic Mr Harris. It had me reaching for the chianti. Devine retribution being preferable to these microbiological thunderbolts.

    • I haven’t heard from the Church of Climate Denial for a while, abjuring the wicked false prophet Greta. Across the road is the Church of Global warming, BOTH doctrines about as close to science as the Flat Earthers. Keep on boarding the aluminium cigar cases !

      • We’ve been travelling in cigar tubes and their predecessors for nearly 200 years without black death like catastrophe so perhaps our culling is overdue.
        But our replacements are already on their way across the Mediterranean.

        • Not quite at the rate and manner you are thinking of. I don’t recall sailing boats having their own sealed air circulation and they did not land passengers in the numbers were are talking about. 80 million arrivals and departures per annum at Heathrow alone. Like global warmers climate sceptics are big on confirmation bias

          • Like the plague, smallpox and syphilis reached distant continents to decimate their civilisations via the mass transport of their age.
            The false Gods of Climate Change and the evils of capital not being worshipped then, it was simpler to see that the real problem was simply man. If there were too few he was prey. If too many he became the plague.

  4. Where’s the bishop of Carlisle or wherever it was? The floods were God revenging himself on people who walked with a squeak he said, so what’s this Chinese thing for? Brexit?

    • I don’t think it was an Anglican Bishop who made the statement you refer to. The Church of England rid itself of any belief in Divine retribution – and in anything Divine, come to that – some years ago. Moreover, the
      retributive floods were said to be aimed at the passing of un-Godly laws, not at people. As for the new virus, who knows? The world’s madness increases day by day.