Is Social Distancing racist ?

Ngupta Singh Welfare Jones, Senior Lecturer in Diversity Studies at Belmarsh Postgraduate Institute of Equalities wonders if social distancing may lead to racial affront and post traumatic stress disorder.

‘The so called Prime Minister of Great Britain Boris Johnson,’ declared Jones angrily, ‘should be more careful about what his officials say. How does he think a vulnerable jihadist on his way to an atrocity might feel if he perceives the citizenry are keeping him at a metre distance?’

Jones, author of ‘Should the Christian religion be shut down entirely ?’ suggests the government issue diversity compliance certificates to registered jihadists who can wear them on their bomb belts inviting the racially ‘woke’ to come closer.

Asked why he described the Prime Minister as ‘so called’ , Jones replied, ‘Boris Johnson has not announced his intention to transition, and therefore does not represent the broad mass of the electorate, all of whom want to be able to change their gender at any time.’

A spokesperson for the Home Office said. “Rest assured we fully support all forms of diversity and inclusion and where this conflicts with government advice, the disturbed should ring their Local Covid 19 advice centre.”

The Dow Jones fell a further 300% .

Note. You can register as a Jihadist at your local police station, if it is open,or if not, ring GCHQ Cheltenham leaving your name, address and a brief description of your planned atrocity.’

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