The NHS: Covid 19 will kill this Ponzi scheme.

If the directors of an insurance company took premiums off its early customers then, a few decades later, signed up huge numbers of non-paying customers to boost their chances of being re-elected to the board, they would be in prison.

This has happened to the NHS. Those who have paid most into it, the over 70s, are now being told they must shut up and stay indoors while, thanks to mass immigration, they wait their place in a huge queue of free sign-ups.

Worse is to come. As an avalanche of bills for uncosted social welfare, housing, schooling and transport begins to fall on the Treasury’s doormat the government is running out money to pay. Up to now it has been issuing fake paper, but now the game of pass the parcel has stopped because of Covid 19, the great mountain of unsecured debt will come crashing down.

Who will even get a pension in two years time?

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2 Comments on The NHS: Covid 19 will kill this Ponzi scheme.

  1. The Treasury’s electronic ‘printing presses’ turned on by Gordon, Brown, Alaistair Darling and George Osborne will continue to roll on into the night, printing new confederate shinplasters for as long as our American, Indian, Chinese and Russian creditors will continue to accept them as the interest on our unrepeatable debt.
    When they do stop the creditors will find themselves in a quarrelsome dogfight over the already picked carcass and bones of the gaunt, ravaged beast that was in 1914, the world’s richest economy and greatest power.