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7 Comments on Covid 19 explained

  1. It could have been so different.

    Part One: Postpone the crisis by controlling our borders. (Even the best patrolled border eventually leaks, but we’d have bought some time.)

    Part Two: Make a lot of stupid mistakes, but learn from them, so that (with luck) a workable plan is in place when it’s needed.

    But we all know that nobody in Government has ever had the slightest interest in controlling our borders. We know this because we also know that none of them has genuinely accepted the result of the 2016 referendum and its implications.

    Consequently, the Government lurches around, doing nothing useful and inspiring fresh panic with every press conference.

    Boris thinks of himself as Churchill but he’s more like Chamberlain. He has appeased COVID-19 the same way Chamberlain appeased Hitler.

    And, as Heather Ollerenshaw has eloquently explained in another article, the result is that huge numbers of old people (whose souls are at least as valuable to God as Boris’s) will be left to die in their own filth of an illness that ought to be only moderately dangerous to them. It’s a policy of geronticide.

  2. There’s a funny side and a tragic side.
    The international CV conference that was mooted was cancelled after someone said, hang on a minute. (Pity. Milan would have been nice at this time of year).
    Some working-at-home couples are going to discover that neither of them does much work at all.
    Healthy eating (Chinese wet markets with fresh produce) has caused this virus, so it’s high carbon capitalist Tesco for the third world from now on.

    Closing schools is a mistake. Everyone’s a key worker if you need one – locked out of your car? toilet blocked? even posties are not on the list. I’m familiar with one of the poorest schools in the north. Y11 are in tears at the loss of their exams and the companionship and support of their teachers. y7 are wide eyed with fear and incomprehension. For most of these kids there’s nothing at home, not a meal, no internet, no love. It’s a tragedy.

    HMG can’t spray money about if no one is wealth-creating. We know where that leads.

  3. Is it manufactured like the Spanish flu pandemic was? I think trying to mitigate the effects of a disease that nobody has immunity to is reasonable.

    Part two, 100% correct.

  4. Part 3 ?

    Put those tiresome mouthy citizens who think they are living in a free country into even tighter boxes, all under the guise of “we are doing it for your own good suckers”

    • I’m sorry, doing what? There was a case for closing pubs and restaurants for a short period in order to slow the spread of the virus, but he DIDN’T DO IT, did he? He actually left everybody free to make up their own minds whether or not to go. Obviously his own father thinks it’s ridiculous advice and is going to do as he pleases. So can you.

      Can you tell us what actual freedom you have lost so far? The only bid you are in is your own oppression fantasy. I’m going to the pub tomorrow.