Are the Chinese lying as usual ?

Mao the Father of Lies

The Chinese government, a permanent stranger to the truth, claims the Covid 19 epidemic is over. Does anyone believe this? Is the Chinese government, which began by lying about the outbreak, now lying again?

Why are there so few cases in the rest of China compared with Wuhan? What is different about Wuhan? One explanation is that the authorities locked the city’s population in large apartment blocks each with its own common heating and air conditioning system thus converting each one into a huge concrete incubator.

After three months virtually everybody in the city would have been infected and the survivors will be both resistant to reinfection and will not be able to infect others.

This is what is known as herd immunity and would account for the sudden drop in new cases.

We will only know how many people were infected – remember many of those infected don’t even have symptoms – when a blood test is available that shows if somebody has been infected in the past.

However information in China is a weapon that can be used against the West, so we will probably never know the truth.

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