Covid 19: Licking the toilet seat.

Everyone wants to be loved.  Some want to be famous. In an age of social media, individuals can now make money and become famous and ‘loved’  by being both weird and downright nasty.

Prior to Covid 19, we had ‘Lizzo’ – a black super-obese rapper who is ‘an advocate for body positivity and self-love.’  In reality this mean twerking her enormous backside in people’s faces, simulating sex on stage and letting her rolls of fat show through skimpy clothes whilst her boobs hang out.

Twerking for the uninitated is the act of ‘throwing or thrusting hips backwards or shaking buttocks up in the air, often in a low squatting stance.’ – in other words public porn with a skimpy pair of knickers on.

Come Covid 19 and the new trend is to lick things in public – tube train handles, food in supermarkets – and then post the resulting videos online. According to the Mirror, ‘The so-called ‘coronavirus challenge’ began after a TikTok influencer shared a clip of herself licking a plane toilet seat as someone says, ‘it’s corona time’.  (An influencer is someone who makes money by giving other brain-dead people tips on how to live).

A vain, poncing young man filmed himself licking a public toilet bowl. He is now reportedly in hospital with the virus – looked after by long suffering medical staff who are putting their own lives at risk.

Covid 19 has exposed the moral corruption of the west.

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2 Comments on Covid 19: Licking the toilet seat.

  1. I wish I hadn’t red this Catherine, just as I wish I could get some of those images (invented, the jury decided) from the Salmond trial out of my head.

  2. All societies have some corruption. The West has its dirty linen exposed because it is a democracy. The vile practices and dirty linen of police states is hidden.