Selling our birth right for Covid 19

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The Prime Minister’s daily press conferences on the Wuhan virus have become populated by reporters with about as much diversity of thought as a Momentum rally, who are filled with a new self-righteousness and superiority over ‘stupid people’ who go to the park or get on the tube to go to work.

When asking their question, they are almost salivating at the prospect of the government assuming draconian powers which will give them the right to confine everyone in their homes with the police patrolling every neighbourhood with dogs and drones, and locking people up Chinese-style in a prison hospital if they do not comply.

All the while, they have summarily failed to ask any questions about many real issues concerning the Wuhan coronavirus such as:

Why did Iran and Italy suffer disproportionately and early?

Did their involvement in the Chinese ‘Belt and Road Initiative’ have anything to do with it?

Was Lombardy particularly affected due to high number of Chinese slave labourers working in the fashion industry there?

Could hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin be effective in treating Wuhan Coronavirus, as they were in treating SARS?

Why are hundreds of illegal migrants, many of whom may carry the virus, still being allowed to arrive in dinghies every day after crossing the English Channel aided by people smugglers?

Why are flights still being allowed to bring passengers to the UK from virus hotspots like China, Italy, Spain and Iran?

if you question the coronavirus lockdown narrative you are not just a bigot or a xenophobe, you are responsible for people dying – you are a murderer. This is the device which has swiftly been fabricated to smash down anyone who urges caution against the measures swiftly drafted to curtail our liberty in the Coronavirus Act 2020.

This Act has turned the United Kingdom into a totalitarian police state overnight, and many people have been frightened into supporting it, forgetting the wise words of Benjamin Franklin: “Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

The Prime Minister has said ‘it’s not meant to be used like that’, however, what matters in law is not a non-binding verbal assurance, but what is written down on the paper.

Schedule 21 confers unprecedented powers relating to potentially infectious persons. Public health officials, constables or immigration officers may detain anyone suspected of having coronavirus and order them to be tested and sent into quarantine.

Schedule 22 allows the police unprecedented powers over ‘events, gatherings and premises’. While it is sensible to stop large gatherings and everyone had already done this voluntarily, the new Act is already being used to demand that small groups of people or even individuals sunbathing in the park must disperse.

Of even greater concern is Section 36. It applies only to Scotland but potentially allows the Scottish government to implement forced vaccinations not just for the Wuhan coronavirus but for any disease. A previous act has been amended to read:

“The Scottish Ministers may make arrangements for the vaccination or immunisation of persons against any disease.”

As there is as yet no vaccination for Wuhan coronavirus, this is unnecessary and an egregious attack on the liberty of the person.

There is no doubt that the current situation is a crisis. The Wuhan Coronavirus is serious. It is likely to hospitalise many more people than normal, and mortality rates are likely to increase above normal for two to three months. Yet that is no justification for some of these draconian measures.

An increasing number of courageous thinkers such as Peter Hitchens, Laura Perrins, Brendan O’Neill, James Delingpole, and Sherelle Jacobs are beginning to question why we must end liberty when there might be a better way to deal with the current situation without both inexorably damaging both the economy and civil liberties. In the United States, President Trump has seen hydroxychloroquine approved as a treatment and wants to ensure that the cure of inflicting severe damage on the economy and civil liberties is not worse than the disease.

When governments assume emergency powers they do not easily give them up. Once liberty is gone, it is much harder to get it back.

David Kurten AM

London Assembly Member

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19 Comments on Selling our birth right for Covid 19

  1. Dinghies across the Channel….
    From the complete absence of reporting, I had assumed that this had ceased.

    Only Nick Ferrari (LBC) seems to be challenging the broadcasters’ “lockdown” narrative,
    i.e. questioning whether sunbathing or park and beach visiting – isolated in a car – is a heinous crime….
    …..especially for people living in crowded urban areas.

    And who reported the Scottish Health person for visting her – presumably countryside (from the photo) – second home ?
    Stasi-State anyone ?

  2. Which is better? 1,000,000 deaths and world economies functioning – or 100,000 deaths and chaos? And Boris’s cynical “our wonderful NHS”. Wonderful nurses and doctors, yes, but the NHS is no longer fit for purpose which is why no other country has adopted it – except Cuba…………

    • ….a friend of mine is a senior paramedic

      Here is the one liner he sent me last night

      “Dystopia is being birthed right under our face-masks”

  3. I remember you, Werdna formerly Andrew. I think we met on the Ship of Fools. You, the buffoon character portrayed by Lee Marvin, and I, the intelligent, sensitive one portrayed by Oskar Werner.

  4. I don’t think “Wuhan Coronavirus” gets to the nub of things; but I do think (yes I do, sometimes) Chinese Boogeyman Virus might be apposite.

  5. Last night all the banging and whistling and car horns “for the NHS” started as I was walking home. I asked someone what it was about (that is all). The reply “I hope you never have to use the NHS” plus much cursing. Self-righteousness reigns.

  6. You might have added, in the same vein, all those self-righteous NHS staff telling us to stay at home and lock down, and those equally self-righteous masses who applauded them last night. Are they not also, by your argument, part of the great conspiracy against our liberties?

    • And what about the self-righteousness and superiority over reporters who apparently have scant “diversity of thought”? About as much as the fanatical brexiters intent 9n removing uk citizens freedoms probably.

      • I remember you, Werdna formerly Andrew. I think we met on the Ship of Fools. You, the buffoon character portrayed by Lee Marvin, and I, the intelligent, sensitive one portrayed by Oskar Werner.

        • Self-proclaimed positive character traits are always the least reliable. “I’m a diligent, hardworking, enthusiastic and reliable worker” on a CV, for example.

          Obviously your personal attacks are meaningless to me. Also, be careful, as Myles doesn’t like them either and might try to ban you.

          • Your inflated CV as a trainee astrologer doesn’t impress me. I know the man who knows the man who knows the man who first discovered Ultima Thule.

            As for being “banned”, I’m now living in isolation. Piece of cake.

      • Werdna,
        What “freedoms” (plural) does Brexit lose for the vast majority of UK citizens ?

        If you mean the supposed “Freedom of Movement” – which really means “Right to Settle” for a small %…. then that is a questionable “freedom”.

        Absent controls on immigration, demand from millions of extra people has pushed up house prices – so limiting “freedom of housing choice” for many.

        Particularly bizarre, is that 2/3rds of the age group most affected by over-priced housing, were more “Remainey” –

        Perhaps they are the lucky ones, borrowing from the Bank of Mum & Dad – while the other 1/3rd of their peers are forced to live at home into their late 20s, even 30s.

    • Tomas Dudek “You might have added” if I had said anything of the sort that you are suggesting, then maybe. This was an individual case, perhaps you have inadvertently contracted the contagion of self-righteousness yourself? Mistakingly “correcting me ” must leave you feeling very noble and smug after all. I need no lectures on the NHS, more than you will ever know I do not. My affection (deeply held) for this Institution is such that i don’t much care for the vulgarising of sentiment, mass applause,car horns, screaming out of windows etc. etc. All this must be “organised” firstly by anti-social media of course, farewell to the genuine spontaneous gesture then. There is something,to me, deeply deeply bogus about this charade. I repeat nothing whatsoever with restrictions or limits. Perhaps it is a habit you have yet to acquire but I would suggest that you actually read what has been posted rather than setting up a Straw Man.

      • I would suggest you check the times of the comments you’re referring to, and see that the one wasn’t a response to you but the original author.

        • You make a good point @ 6:12 p.m., Androol. The way this blog site is set up sometimes makes it difficult to know to whom one is speaking.

          • Yes Mr. John Henry, I have been meaning to say that for some time. Never mind it gave Wee Andy an opportunity to put on his grown-up voice and issue a reprimand.

  7. You are bang on the money with these words David.

    I have the feeling there is going to be much more to comment upon over the coming weeks too.