Is Bill Gates the Antichrist foretold?

24 million Americans have lost their jobs in the last 4 weeks.

The British chancellor is going to issue £180 billion (£180,000 million) of new government bonds to cover just a couple of months.  In comparison, after a great depression and two world wars, our national debt on an inflation-adjusted basis was £980 billion at the end of world war two. 

American hospitals are going bankrupt. This seems counter-intuitive but is due to all normal operations being canceled.

80% of Britain’s paracetamol supplies come from India.

80% of all British pharmaceutical supplies come from China or India

Farmers in America are killing millions of chickens as demand from restaurants and fast-food outlets has collapsed and they cannot afford the feed.

50% of Commercial landlords in the UK did not pay their quarterly rent in March. (Telegraph)

50% of residential tenants are not paying their rent. 

Results from transactions from property auctions suggest that British house prices are 15-20% lower. (Based on a small number of real transactions taking place)

Hundreds of illegal migrants have arrived across the channel unhindered, close together in boats whilst the rest of us have been imprisoned.

Thousands of people continue to arrive on flights every day and walk into Britain with no testing and no quarantine including my own daughter who came in on a 15-hour flight from Peru.

Whilst we were trying to import meagre amounts of protective equipment from Turkey and China, British companies were exporting thousands of pieces to European countries.

The head of the World Health Organisation is the only head never to have a medical degree or a medical qualification of any description.

Those wearing hats lined with aluminium foil believe Bill Gates is developing a microchip to implant in every human-being so he can become the first dictator of the forthcoming one-world government.  George Soros will be his deputy.  Angela Merkel and Hilary Clinton will serve as hand-maidens and back scrubbers.

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16 Comments on Is Bill Gates the Antichrist foretold?

  1. Anyone who allows the likes of BIll Gates to determine medical policy deserves what he gets. And where does all that money in his foundation go? The good news is that we don’t have to do what he says.

  2. Covid 1984 translates as Rorschach 2020. You get to project your own personal neurosis upon the world, like Freud.

    Bill Gates though should not have named his company after a piece of his anatomy.

  3. The amount of sovereign indebtedness is largely immaterial, how many governments globally have ever paid off their debts? Its a question of how much interest and rollovers that the economy can sustain that is the problem as Italians are just about to find out, as long as investors have the confidence to buy-in then Govt’s will just keep on selling debt: Greece and Italy do not have the confidence of the Market and can’t sell their debt even at phenomenal interest rates and short-term maturity. So they will have to abandon the Euro anytime soon. Then there’s the Debt Jubilee that becomes evermore likely both on a personal level but also at sovereign scale, that will really re-set the global economy and sort the chaff from the wheat with Germany and China the big losers. It will be interesting to see how this pans out and to see how the US reasserts itself globally, how and when the EU bubble bursts leaving China, Russia and the Gulf sheikhdoms high-and-dry.

    • Thanks. A nice article. I’ve been to Guido in the past but didn’t find anything that grabbed me. The comments let the site down. I feel as if I’ve just watched an incisive programme with a group of people followed by bickering about who will make the tea, and whether we have digestives or nice with it.

  4. “Readers: Please add more in the comments section. This is just a sample.”

    1. Despite its best efforts, the BBC hasn’t been able to find a celebrity who has died “with” or “after contracting” the virus since Tim Brooke-Taylor two weeks ago.

    2. The Birmingham “Nightingale Hospital” is empty, because not enough people are ill for it to be needed.

    3. Donald Trump didn’t tell anybody to drink Dettol.

    4. If you fail to clap for carers, your neighbours will “name and shame” you on Facebook.


    • The title is neatly related to the last paragraph of the article.

      As for clickbait, I wonder how you think that works on a site whose pages contain no commercial advertising.

      • The article has nothing to do with Bill gates until the end which is there solely to give credibility to the title.
        Clickbait means that the title is bait to make you click. there does not have to advertising.

        • To me, the playful title seems perfectly appropriate to the playful article. Playful titles and playful articles are part of the SR experience. If you don’t like it, The Guardian and The New Statesman are also available, but I can’t promise that even they will be *entirely* devoid of playfulness.

          • At no point have I been rude to you. I’m not sure why you wish to have an argument with me. Personal insults serve no purpose in debate except to close it down.
            I wouldn’t know what the Guardian was like. I’ve never seen it. I read Roger Scruton (that’s what brought me here), and I look at Conservative Woman and occasionally Spiked.
            My sole point was that I found the short article to be too light. If you enjoyed it then all well and good. Perhaps you have more time left than I have.

  5. We English are fairly incompetent and chaotic. However in spite of these shortcomings we still muddle through and help to increase the health, wealth and general happiness. A serendipitous corollary is that fear, brutality and hopelessness have been much reduced in our society.

    The final paragraph of the article (above) made me laugh. To imagine that people believe such nonsense is hilarious.

  6. On the positive side, an art teacher and some of her pupils are creating plastic visors using machinery that is only in the school because no one could be bothered to throw it out when HMG/Ofsted decided that only maths and English were worth testing, and therefore teaching. (As if technological creation doesn’t involve maths and English.)

    The visors have been tested and approved by the local hospital and 1000 ordered. The workforce have noticed that if the tasks are split up and one does each one, they get a lot more made just as Adam Smith noticed the same in pin-making.