Quit smoking and stay off a respirator

11th April 2020 4

“To cease smoking is the easiest thing I ever did. I ought to know because I’ve done it several times.” – Mark Twain. I sit in my black leather armchair, blissfully ignorant of the intoxicating fumes I inhale. I draw in on the cigarette’s butt, and tobacco burns. A crunching sound follows – it is a melody so seductive to smokers. … [Read on]

Roy Kerridge

9th April 2020 13

Our readers will be sad to hear of the death of Roy Kerridge at 78. An original character he was an eccentric and idiosyncratic writer who contributed to many national newspapers and magazines, and of course in his inimitable column in the Salisbury Review.  He wrote over 30 books. Through family connexions, he amassed an exhaustive knowledge of the various … [Read on]

Eddie Large RIP

3rd April 2020 2

Sad to hear of the passing of comedian Eddie Large, the fat funny one of comedy duo Little and Large, and pleasantly surprised to find two pieces on them in the Telegraph, both affectionate. They weren’t the world’s greatest comedians, but they entertained the ten to fifteen million viewers who tuned in to watch their shows on Saturday nights in … [Read on]

Covid 19: The virus with public relations. (Quadrant Magazine Australia)

2nd April 2020 6

One Dozen Dissenting Second Opinions It spreads out invisibly. It spreads along the streets and train tracks, over the counters and tables, the packaging and surfaces. And it spreads above all about what makes us human: closeness to each other. Confidential conversations, joint efforts on the sports field, tender touches – all of this helps the new corona virus on its way through the world . Hands, … [Read on]

After Covid 19: A police state?

1st April 2020 13

Never in the field of human conflict…has the emotional tail wagged the economic and political dog so vigorously. Regardless of how we got where we are, I really wonder why we are here, how we are going to get out of it and what it means for the future. I must preface this with an acknowledgement that Covid-19 is a … [Read on]

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