They want Cummings out so Britain can return to the EU.

‘How much has Cummings got on you, Boris Johnson?” Piers Morgan tweeted in one of his many rants demanding Dominic Cummings, the VoteLeave mastermind’s dismissal, ‘What does this lying hypocrite know that means you’re prepared to risk the public’s health and lives?’

Yet where was moaning Morgan’s anger over Stephen Kinnock’s brazen flouting of the same rules in taking a 200 mile trip from Wales for a chill-out session with his father? Where was the professional irritant’s concern for public safety when Vaughan Gething – Welsh Labour’s Minister for Health – was caught tucking into a plate of cod and spuds at a seaside chippy?

“This makes me furious. I’m so sorry for your loss, and for your ongoing pain. It’s disgusting that our Prime Minister has today made a mockery of your suffering by saying the lockdown never really mattered” Morgan further said in regards to a member of the public who had been unable to attend their father’s funeral. 

Yet if his infuriation is a genuine one, why was it absent when Labour MP Tahir Ali stuck two fingers up at grieving families by attending no less than two packed-out funerals in a single day?

Others have waded in too – some via keyboards, others taking a more physical approach – such as the rabid swarm of journalists who now daily descend on Cummings’ private Islington home.

Amongst a recent jostling pack of giddy paps and foaming-at-the-mouth jouros, all yelling out lamentations of Dom’s ‘hypocrisy’ (each of them ignoring the social distancing rules and neglecting both Cummings’ and the public’s ‘safety’ in the process) a female hack cockily yelled ‘Can I ask you, while I keep my distance…’ – as she stalked Cummings so closely that she may as well have produced a saddle from her handbag and ridden his back.

This is not journalism. It is political activism and the exploitation of platforms to attack the people they hate, while ignoring the misgivings of those they support.

The media figures we tune into are duping us with their claims of being non-partisan. Yet they are not only getting away with it but have morphed from not-so-subtle influencers to self-entitled assassins.  

‘In light of today’s developments, I am regretfully forced to ban all cabinet ministers from appearing on Good Morning Britain until further notice” Piers Morgan wrote of the ‘scandal’ of a man trying to protect his children broke – while knowing full well that cabinet Ministers were already rightly boycotting his show like the plague. ‘Only exceptions will be those who didn’t publicly support Cummings breaching a lockdown that the Government forced on us to save lives.’

Take a second to dissect these words. Here we have an influential member of the British media abusing one of Britain’s most watched television channels to promote his own political beliefs and censor those he disagrees with.

This is not journalism.

The journalists from whom millions naïvely gobble-up their news and political ‘insight’ have shown themselves to be nothing more than wolves in sheep’s clothing.

What a dangerously hypocritical pack they are.

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25 Comments on They want Cummings out so Britain can return to the EU.

  1. >>>>Yet if his infuriation is a genuine one, why was it absent when Labour MP Tahir Ali stuck two fingers up at grieving families by attending no less than two packed-out funerals in a single day?

    (Puzzled look) you’d think his intention of going to funerals is exactly to show *sympathy* to the grieving families.

  2. I would have thought the reason for this row was glaringly obvious. Negotiations with the EU are due to end on the 30th of June and Whitehall wants them extended for two to three years so we can, in all but name, remain in the EU. After three years people will have forgotten what all the fuss was about and we will stay in by default.

    This has been the pattern for all EU countries that have ever voted the ‘wrong’ way over the EU. If Whitehall can get rid of Cummings the PM will be isolated, unable to oppose an extension and ultimately, our remaining in the EU for ever. Remaining in the EU is an important principle for the Mandarins as they wish to rub it in the voters’ faces they do not have any say in government. You cannot imagine the contempt Whitehall has for the ‘ordinary’ voter.

    Those of you who subscribe to the Daily Telegraph which has so enthusiastically joined the other press jackals in attacking Cummings might want to consider cancelling their subscriptions.

    As for the rabidly pro Remain Daily Mail It is said the paper has been pro EU ever since Mrs Rothermere declared her embarrassment at having to defend Brexit at the smart dinner tables at which she dines.

    • Sainted Editor,

      I, for one, am guiltless of the subscriptional sins you condemn. I don’t subscribe to any publications but the Salisbury Review, Linux Format, and the quarterly newsletter of the Havergal Brian Society (which isn’t quite as much fun as it sounds, but is worth reading if you’re interested in that sort of thing, which you probably aren’t).

      You’re right to mention 30th June as a crucial date. That will be the true Brexit date, if Brexit is going to happen. But if an extension of the “transitional period” is arranged, Brexit will be abolished for ever, and we might as well vote for the Monster Raving Loonies in future elections, because none of our elections will matter.

      As for Cummings, as I’ve said in another comment, I don’t think a man who can’t “spin” his own private actions without inviting ridicule from both Left and Right can competently “spin” government policy.

      Meanwhile, we elected a government to save us from Corbyn which has done to us everything that Corbyn wanted to do to us.

      How lucky we are to be British, eh?

    • And of course you must have forgotten how he falsely accused labour’s Lisa Nandy of breaching lockdown when she appeared in the gmb studio.

      So this is all made up bollocks.

      • Old Ma Morgan is a nobody who was publicly sacked from his only meaningful job for defaming British soldiers. How this fake has been allowed to become the pound-shop Julius Streicher he is today is beyond my imagination.

        • Dear Robert.

          Yes, your analogy of Piers Morgan’s veracity as a journalist to that of Julius Streicher is an apt one. He was kicked out of the U.S. for being a loud-mouthed rabble-rouser who believes in nothing but his own career moves.

  3. Do these colossally overpaid hacks, some of whom pay only 19% tax and charge all sorts of expenses through fake corporation self-employment, really want to get their way – a Labour government?
    Bogus self-employment schemes will be abolished on day one, and tax rates for big earners will likely rise to at least 60% for starters.
    Wish them luck.

  4. Cummings says he acted “reasonably and legally”. I do not disagree with him.

    But so did I Dominic when I held up a politically messaged placard at Speakers Corner on Saturday May 16th and then spent 6 hours in police custody and face a Westminster Magistrates Court appearance on July 10th as a result!

    I thought “First amongst equals” was for the fiction section of the library.

      • I think this was a socially distanced gathering to protest the lockdown. Quite an irony being arrested at Speakers Corner for, erm, speaking.

        • The Grauniad has a report of these protests:

          Since it’s a Grauniad report, it’s partly blamed on the “far right”, despite the fact that every protester quoted expressed far-left opinions.

          Piers Corbyn was also arrested, despite being less of a criminal than his terrorist-assisting brother.

          * * *

          But where are the protests by Christians who have been forbidden to worship God? How many infants have been damned because it’s forbidden to baptise them? How many men and women have been persuaded to fornicate because they’re not allowed to marry?

          Does anybody remember the wartime propaganda film “Mrs Miniver”? Hitler could bomb a church but he couldn’t stop people worshipping in its ruins. But our rulers can forbid Christian worship without a single public protest, even from the most fanatical of the so-called evangelicals.

          If we’re lucky, we’ll be allowed to go to our local churches not many weeks after we’re allowed to go to our local brothels. Alle-bloody-luia!

          • “Christians who have been forbidden to worship God”

            They haven’t. God is supposed to be everywhere, even if it existed, which it doesn’t, and people are completely free to pray, worship, whatever they want, at home as usual (except the ones who just think it means church on a Sunday morning).

          • Andrew:

            Yes, our rulers permit us to worship God in solitude, but Christianity isn’t an entirely eremitical religion. We’re being denied public worship, including the sacraments that are necessary for salvation.

            Don’t you find it interesting that 99.999% of people who profess Christianity are willing to risk eternal damnation to avoid becoming ill? It’s certainly great propaganda for the Dawkinsites. 99.999% of professed Christians give up Christianity if there’s a virus going around!

          • “the sacraments that are necessary for salvation.”
            PJR – There are many Christians who don’t believe that. You perhaps are thinking of Roman Catholicism and state church (Anglican). Many people don’t consider either to be Christian.

          • Noel:

            Yes, you caught me using a “high church” polemical phrase.

            But surely even the most Protestant of the Protestant churches forbid fornication as much as the Romanist and Anglican churches do. So where are their public condemnations of the government for forbidding marriages? if they believe what they preach, why aren’t they defying the law in order to protect their members from temptation?

            To any sincere Christian, surely the danger of eternal death is infinitely worse than the danger of merely dying?

  5. Dominic Cummings’s crime, is a political one; he is not a member of the post-Blairite establishment, yet by intellect, work, and some good fortune he finds himself close to the centre of power, that is something that the neo-establishment cannot abide.
    That we have such a free-thinker in that position, should gladden the hearts of all free born Britons. He is an extraordinary man, but he represents the ordinary view; pro-Brexit, anti-managerialists, and rightly wary of the liberal establishment. He is the opposite of a ‘greasy pole climber’ it is impossible to imagine him saying, in the a manner of a Leslie Phillips character “If I were a brilliant man like you sir…..” as so many ‘yes men’ and women, grasping and slithering their way to the top do.
    He is genuinely clear eyed, and genuinely anti-establishment, not the stage act which so many, particularly on the left, adopt before turning up in ermine a couple of years later.
    It is no surprise that those establishment mouthpieces the ‘Guardian’, ‘Mirror’ and ‘BBC’ wish to be rid of him, as do those greasy pole toppers and members of the FDA with their knight and dame hoods, and to the shame of the C of E, those Bishops who have given up believing in God, for power, and establishment success.
    However, we, the majority, the Britons who love our freedom should rejoice that such an intelligent and honest man, who doesn’t belong to the Gus O’Donnell, Jonathan Powell, Mark Sedwill clan has the ear of the PM, for it is as good for us, that he does, as it is bad for them.

    • Funny for such a free thinker, the number of times he said “I didn’t think” yesterday. He’s even more of a bumbling buffoon than the pm.

      • Cummings’ only mistake was to underestimate the spite-fuelled vigilance of the anti-Brexit gang. Their ruthless, faceless dickers are everywhere, monitoring every move and every word made or uttered by the PM and his colleagues.

  6. Ever since the fall of Margaret Thatcher was engineered by the E.U. Quislings in her Cabinet the liberal-left victor’s ‘foot soldiers’ – especially at the BBC – have acted like the DDR Stasi in a character-assassinating effort to neutralise opposition to their Marxist-inspired cultural revolution and the complete absorption of Britain into a Continental autocracy. This new virus has handed them not only a potential tool to further delay Brexit but to complete the transition from a free society into one of state compliant snitches. The government in a free state operates under the law and ministerial edicts apply only to a broken state under marshall law not a state faced with a health hazard and why are not more influential people like Lord Sumption voicing their objection to this abrogation of liberty?

  7. Journalist: a person who writes a journal with his interpretation of the news. Reporter: one who collects news. Can anyone name a single reporter? I can’t. All we get is opinions written by nonentities elevated to minor celebrity status.
    I don’t read newspapers any more since they don’t contain any news not available elsewhere. I have not watched television since 1969. My children have never seen a TV programme. I have never seen or heard this Piers Morgan. Why do I even know his name? A nobody. A celeb for no reason. The sooner the newspapers dry up and die, the happier I shall be. They are no longer fit for purpose. Nobody believes what the BBC says any more.
    Thank goodness for the internet.

  8. Sure ‘this is not journalism’ but who cares? No-one gives a toss about Piers Morgan. People are angry because ‘this is not government’. Cummings is a lightning rod for their anger at being governed by an elite that is arrogant and incompetent.

    • Are you sure that people are angry? I thought that media employees were trying to whip up anger in order to justify their employment and wages; hopelessly lost but trying to stay relevant.