The Conservative establishment plots a return to the EU

Artist Lindsey Dearnley

I would have thought the reason for the row over Dominic Cummings was glaringly obvious. Negotiations with the EU are due to end on the 30th of June and Whitehall wants them extended for two to three years so we can, in all but name, remain in the EU. After three years people will have forgotten what all the fuss was about and we will stay in by default. Only Cummings and David Frost stand in the way.

A source from inside the Conservative Party writes today; 27.5.20

‘I have it on reliable authority that a campaign against David Frost is being planned for next week. If the Remainers manage to to get Cummings removed they will go after Frost in a big way. The scummedia are in it up to their necks being assisted by Liddington and other Remainer Tory MPS.

A plan was concocted by civil servants and various officials to extend Brexit while Boris and Cumiings were away on their sick beds. When DC got back he stopped it in in its tracks The plan is to get rid of DC first, then Frost and leave Boris isolated and then force an extension for two years and engineer a cancellation of Brexit.’

Right on queue M Barnier has today 27.5.20 offered a two year extension to Brexit

You might ask why the readership of a paper like the Daily Telegraph did not cancel their subscriptions by the tens of thousands, given that the paper has so enthusiastically followed the howling press pack that has gone after Cummings.

It is because the readership of the DT – grass root Tories – are themselves responsible for letting this happen by their inaction and complacency over the years, above all their belief in their inherent good sense, when in reality they are just press fodder.

As for the rabidly pro Remain Daily Mail, it is said the paper has been pro EU ever since Mrs Rothermere declared her embarrassment at having to defend Brexit at the smart dinner tables at which she dines.

On such trivialities do our leaders rule.

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19 Comments on The Conservative establishment plots a return to the EU

  1. Right on CUE! (Not queue)
    Thanks to the vigilance and fast action of your maligned Daily Mail readers, this plot has been leaked in the ‘on line comments’ section. Staying on watch! Good luck, David Frost! Now there’s a bloke who deserves a doorstep clapping.

  2. You are correct in asking why do people keep buying the Telegraph etc. I think it is called loyalty and they do not wish to rock the boat. As Chairman of Newcastle under Lyme Conservatives in 2004 I left and started a UKIP branch which was very successful in winning seats because after years of thinking the Tory party would change, after reading The Castle of Lies I realised that they knew all along the purpose of the E.U. The other point to make is that good local candidates are now not allowed to stand unless approved by the party. A black British self employed friend has not got on the short list because I presume his pro British statements of sovereignty, no immigration, respect for the law and criminals serving the correct sentences, no to foreign aid, disagreeing with climate change proposals etc. are all anathema to the current selectors of candidates.

  3. Silly me, I actually thought we voted in people to carry out policies they promised, and I thought the civil service were just the boys who got on with the job handed down by the Ministers.

    I think it was David Davies who wrote of the civil service giving Cameron the run around ( and some how I doubt that’s too hard to do) and recalling times past when the table had to be thumped and the civil service put in their place. Seems like a good time for someone to do some table thumping. I doubt Boris and a few others are fussed either way, in or out, he’s got 5yrs to play at being Emperor (something his friend wrote about him, a complex he’s had since childhood)

  4. As an aside, can anyone explain to me why the little known in England Huffington Post – a foreign neo-Marxist news outlet – now titled moron-friendly ‘Huffpost’ is oft quoted and given comment opportunities by the BBC along with its spokespersons invited onto the BBC programs ‘Any Questions’ and ‘The Week in Westminster’? Could it be that it mirrors the true heart of the BBC?

  5. Sir Mark Sedwill was attempting to extend the EU transition period, he did this whilst the PM was in hospital, and Dominic Cummings was looking after his wife and child. Dominic Cummings, who is no slouch on spotting the detail, returned to work, and guessed that Sedwill was trying something underhand, so managed to put the kybosh on that particular remainist plan.
    Consequently the witch-finders of the televised press were sent out to attack DC for his ‘political crimes’, some two months after he allegedly committed them.
    This whole affair has nothing to do with the virus and our government,s response to it. It is simply a continuation of the post-Blairite establishment ‘s attack on the Brexit voting majority in this country.
    We are free Britons who wish to live in a democracy, they are technocrats, globalists, and managerialists who want to impose their wishes upon us, starting with keeping the UK within the EU. It is our duty to resist.

      • So produce a counter-argument. Explain the politically engineered crisis of existence which is descending rapidly on every European-descended people in the West, and do it in such a way that we are all terribly convinced that, actually, it’s all just fine and there is no need for any normal European man to care about the life and continuity of his own people.

        If you can’t then explain why you are such an aggressive little toad. I’m all ears.

    • Peter Bone was allied in 2016 with Farage’s outfit (which did not win the official campaign accreditation, and was duly sidelined). Perhaps he hasn’t forgiven Cummings for refusing to work as one body.

      Steve Baker is a moralist and an old school, centre-ground, social democratic Tory who very likely does not see his brand of conservatism in Cummings’ radicalism.

      It’s politics, y’know. Excepting the case of Stabber Gove, of course, you don’t always see the ebb and flow of political passions among Tories. They are much better liars than the Labour lot.

  6. The Western Establishment is, as an internationalist and globalist entity, in the midst of a revolution, whereby the native principle in Europe, North America, and the Antipodes is being abolished. You know how they are doing this. Everybody knows. It is, by any reasonable reading of Article 2(c) of the 1948 Convention a gene-killing. But … the prize of The Globality for the Afro-Asian-Arabised masses of the New West, sans boundaries anywhere within or without their persons, and a place amid the Judeo-Davos over-class for the faithful awaits. And what fatally lightweight and corrupt elitist grafter or machine politician could resist?

    The extent to which you personally, dear reader, are ready and willing to grasp all the nettles in this little patch of evil, without fear of those who may call you bad names or of embarrassing moments with the very nice Indian people in the office, or whatever, is the extent to which you are a free and whole man (or, indeed, woman). So … are you free? Or do you have “reservations”?

    • At last someone not afraid to spell it out as it is. This politeness for keeping up appearances sake, and looking Cosmopolitan or allegedly intellectual is literally killing us.

  7. The Machiavellian plots to thwart the democratic vote in England by the pro-remain elite and relentlessly peddled as ‘news’ by the BBC and others is mirrored by similar efforts to discredit President Trump with the preposterous story concocted by the liberal-left that Russia influenced the vote creating a year-long witch-hunt by their conniving acolytes in governmental institutions and made into ‘sensational news’ by CNN et-al. If Stalin could be given a day-release from Hell, he would surely smile in benevolence at them.