Hyde Park Corner gagged

This afternoon at least three free speech demonstrators were arrested on Hyde Park Corner for allegedly breaking lockdown. One was Piers Corbyn, brother of the failed Soviet Dictator of England. (Piers does not share his tattered brother’s views). If he did he probably wouldn’t have been arrested.

The main social media platforms instantly took down a great deal of the footage (some say all of it) just like the brutal Chinese police do in Hong Kong.

Do not fret. Tonight the two state controlled TV channels, ITV and BBC, will show you carefully edited versions of the arrests, that is if they show them at all.

It’s good to know we are being protected from the dangers of free speech and free assembly.

Enjoy your garden centres and beaches barbecues (Britain’s beaches are packed today) free from the influence of these wicked lawbreakers.

How soon before you become one yourself?

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14 Comments on Hyde Park Corner gagged

  1. Our national broadcaster, CBC, carefully moderates my comments for any signs of skepticism about the road being trod by our liberal overlords. Indeed, just 6 hours ago they disabled my innocent question to another commenter: “Do you find it exciting, commenting on websites where everyone agrees with you?”

    How long, Lord? How much longer I can stay on the internet in Canada (where I use my real name) before I go ballistic and say something leading to my dismissal by my professional overseers? Should I ask our resident astrologer? Maybe not.

    Happy Pentecost, Christians – even you lapsed ones.

  2. This has to be one of your more ludicrous articles. First of all, in what way is Jeremy Corbyn “tattered”? He always looks a damn sight more tidy than Johnson, or Cummings.

    The queen is head of state. In what way does she exert control over the BBC, or more ludicrously, ITV. What about Channel 4? 5? Sky? Does she control them all?

    It’s true that Cummings doesn’t share Jeremy Corbyn’s views (I’m as close to certain about that as I can be), and he hasn’t been arrested for breaking lockdown, even though we have his public confession on film. And why would that even be relevant? Corbyn is no longer even opposition leader.

    It’s hilarious that you complain about social media sites removing stuff when you’ve previously tried to ban me commenting here on completely imaginary and false premises. YouTube doesn’t have an obligation to even exist, let alone carry anything that breaches the terms and conditions of usage that you agree to when you open an account.

    Frankly you’re all over the place here. Perhaps you need to get out more. I think your brain’s tattered.

    • You must be back up to 190/110. Is it so difficult to understand that people are being stopped from doing what any democracy requires and that is to speak freely?

      I’ve lost track of what the regs are and what changes await us Monday, but a cricket match is in progress in the club field along the road from me and a police van drove past while I was taking my walk and arrested no one.

    • My blog certainly got Andrew (Werdner) out of his burrow. Never seen anybody quite as tattered as our ex Soviet dictator (failed). It must be odd to be loyal to a party that in its distinguished past urged members to support the Nazi Soviet pact, or if you are a socialist to contemplate the left’s long silence over genocidal regimes such as Stalin’s Russia or Mao’s China.

      • Guido has had several photos of Corbyn and friends standing very close together. This is socialist distancing: getting close enough to get their hands on your wallet.

      • Or, it could be said, another one that gave succour to murderous dictator Pinochet and refused to sanction apartheid.

        • What was wrong with apartheid, other, of course, than SA wasn’t a white man’s land and white popualtions should not have been there – Africans should be left to pursue their own power interests and their own destiny according to their nature?

          • Guessedworker:

            “What was wrong with apartheid?”

            What was wrong with it was that it didn’t do the job it was intended to do. It didn’t prevent the savages (most of whom were immigrants from further north looking for high wages) from biting the hands that fed them. The principal reason apartheid didn’t work was that the Soviet Union sent arms and money to Joe Slovo and his South African Communist Party, some of which were passed on to the thuggish murderer Nelson Mandela to help him kill women and children.

            Apartheid didn’t work because it was far too benevolent, far too full of soft-hearted missionary ideals. Slovo and Mandela ought to have been executed, along with all the members of their Marxist gangs, for the benefit not only of white people but of black people too.

          • After the books by Stuart Cloete, for me the best book I’ve read to come out of South Africa was ‘Africa Is My Witness’ , by Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa.

  3. Where are the useless, expensive PCCs to explain that in a democracy contrarian views are welcomed and engaged with?