Second wave of Covid 19 will be accelerated by air travel ?

“Darling now that lockdown is over why don’t we go away somewhere for the weekend? The Seychelles ? New York? There are so many offers on the web. You can take the family to almost anywhere in the world. I fancy Hong Kong now all that boring rioting has been stopped by the Chinese.”

“Yes it was a bit of shame that Granny died of Covid 19 they said it had something to do with too many people flying about the world and the cat died as well. The vet’s bills were awesome, none for Granny of course. Thank God I say for the NHS

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6 Comments on Second wave of Covid 19 will be accelerated by air travel ?

  1. What a nasty vicious article !
    It has been a marvellous achievement of our government to undo years of British exceptionalism . Before Corona , British people – despite their history of colonialism , had the same freedom of movement as anyone else , even though it was not deserved. But our wise government took a first step to rectifying this refusal to recognise past imperialism by confining the descendants of imperialists to their homes while allowing the rest of the world unlimited travel through our airports.
    And historically , today , 31 May , 2020 , we have lifted the lifesaving and life-enhancing lock-down to enable- sorry , to empower – very special people to demonstrate in London about events in a far-away country about which I wish we knew nothing. If it did not offend vegans , I would say , Bully for Boris and his government !

  2. How about a trip to Venus, now that a private company has rockets for sale? Temperatures of 480c all year round and don’t forget, a year lasts longer than a day on Venus. That’s something to keep the grandkids quietly thinking as, naturally, their parents will want them off their hands for a spell, what with all that home schooling off the telly. Worried about covid? Don’t. Atmosphere mostly CO2 with occasional showers of H2SO4. That’ll sort it.

    Ah ha, you say, won’t that heat and whatsit do for us too? Nope. You are forgetting the NHS. You can already be changed from man to woman FoC, so why not into a Venusian? Scales, tail, eyes on stalks, forked tongue, intravenous David Ike conspiracy theories, the lot. It’s your human right. Speak to Mr Starmer. It’s his speciality.