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4 Comments on Compare Trump to our weasel Foreign Office who have not lifted a finger to help Hong Kong

  1. It is interesting watching ‘at arms length’ how the riots are being reported on this side of the Atlantic.

    There is of course much virtue signalling by the television presenters to their own media circle of the “I hate Donald Trump and Brexit more than you” variety. The occasional interview gets through that takes a different slant (either by accident, or so the MSM can pay lip service to fair reporting, is never clear); There was a visibly upset (black) Police Inspector from one of the Southern states who spoke about having four of his officers in hospital with gunshot wounds… …and who was so clearly a good man infuriated by the looting, rioting, and the politicisation of the violence, I don’t think we will ever see that video clip again. Later there was an interview with a ‘film producer’, conducted by the BBC’s arts correspondent, in which the ‘artiste’ denied the legitimacy of the whole existence of the USA. I suspect said ‘artiste’ much like the rappers and DJs that the BBC seem to think have important points to make, was extremely wealthy but had a chip on his shoulder even bigger than his bank balance.

    There is little doubt that the liberal globalists are trying to reverse the (what they call) populist movements, or what we might call a return to democratic accountability, and that the virus and the statist response to it, as well as the riots in the USA are seen as useful tools by them.

    It is extremely telling that they are trying to now link race with the virus, in addition they refused to get excised by the terrible Chinese Communist Party indeed they had Gordon Brown saying ‘now was not the time to fall out with China’ on Radio 4 yesterday.

    The globalist liberals try and portray President Trump, as somehow a greater threat than President Xi, and it is no accident that they keep referring to the 1960’s in their reporting, for them the half-baked hippy philosophies of that period are some kind of Nirvana, they genuinely think that John Lennon’s awful dirge ‘Imagine’ contains some sort of truth, except they do seem rather keen on their own possessions!

  2. The FCO could not possibly discern the national interest; Look at the way that the mandarins negotiated Cameron’s package, or worse, had May offer a choice to the British people of being either a vassal to or four provinces in, the EU superstate. Both Beijing and Brussels state that the smaller have to concede to the big. EU backers in the UK use the China example to promote Brussels centralisation-an interesting case of Politburo envy.
    None of this should be surprising. For over 80 years, the universities have taught that nationalism caused wars, and that it is progressive to merge into larger political entities. Speaking in Denmark in 1930s, Arnold Toynbee, a leading light in the federalist movement, explained, “If we are frank with ourselves, we shall admit that we are engaged on a deliberate and sustained and concentrated effort to impose limitations upon the sovereignty and independence of the 50 or 60 local independent States…It is just because we are really attacking the principle of local sovereignty that we keep on protesting our loyalty to it so loudly”.
    Toynbee succeeded. He and his ilk have laboured at dismantling the British state. June 21, 2016 was the last chance saloon. So let’s hope that Johnson delivers Brexit, and stands with Trump.

      • My thoughts are that it’s probably better to have a local devolved power, that you can at least see, not doing what you want than an unseen, ‘big brother’, regulating behemoth not doing what you want.