How Lyndon Johnson’s positive discrimination enslaved America’s blacks

“As one of my intellectual heroes, the great black American economist Thomas Sowell, has been pointing out for decades, the lives of American  blacks were improving in every single measurable way before President Lyndon Johnson decided to create The Great Society by introducing positive discrimination, forming government agencies to deal with “the black problem” and power-hosing billions of dollars at black communities.

The result? In every single measurable way – employment, income, crime, education, family stability – the gap between blacks and whites widened. 

The answer to this, according to white liberals? More of the same, with bells on. Hence these regular festivals of destructive lawlessness, now egged on and even organised by the unemployed children and grandchildren of the brainless white liberals whose policies exacerbated inequality in the first place. Interestingly, the people who tend to understand all this are black American conservatives, who refuse to accept the traditional victimhood narrative, and who – despite their courage, good sense, and direct experience of the problems involved – are routinely howled down by the left and ignored by wet conservatives.”

Scott Gronmark, an ex BBC producer, was been a valuable and gifted contributor to the Salisbury Review for many years. He is ill and the Editor and Staff of the Review send him their best wishes

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7 Comments on How Lyndon Johnson’s positive discrimination enslaved America’s blacks

  1. LBJ was an avowed racist beyond his famous quote,his conversation with his chauffeur,Robert,on what he would like to be called makes it pathetically clear.We descend from Woodrow Wilson,”The Birth of a Nation” to FDR an the incredible non recognition of Jesse Owens’s athletic achievement and sportsmanship.The American Black was on an upward climb and the last thing they needed was
    “The Welfare State”,with the sole purpose of obtaining the Black Vote.It did nothing but destroy the Black Culture and Family.This is all a continuation of the democrat party’s racism policy as started by Andrew Jackson’s “Trail of Tears”.

  2. It not only ruined the black community, it changed the nation from a Constitutional Republic to a nation ruled by “rights law”. Every disaffected group now has a “right” to compensation for whatever they claim has made them victims – and so the nation has degenerated into mob rule! That is what DT is trying to push back and is what has led us to the civil war we now have to fight, if we want the Republic restored.

  3. Quite agree. One may add that Johnson had been a member of the Klan. His problem was that the Civil Rights movement would turn the Democrat South. She hit on a brilliant idea: lets keep the Blacks on the federal planation. Lets hope that all Black Americans listen to the likes of Thomas Sowell and Candice Owens;

    • Agreed StephenJ.

      But we little platooners seem to have forgotten the means of organising ourselves -into platoons or even a small section.

      Or rather, we have lost the desire.

      Too many nice things to eat, drink and watch on TV.