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13 Comments on My kingdom, my kingdom for a pair of trainers.

  1. Dear Werdna.

    The reason no riots happened during Labour administrations is because conservative minded people do not riot for political change – they wait for elections.

  2. Dear Werdna.

    That remains to be seen. The British police are now virtually a paramilitary force commonly armed either with a firearm or a taser devise for their personal protection against an ever growing threat of violence. Abuses with a firearm by people with concealed-carry licences in the U.S. for personal protection and protection of others are extremely rare and far less likely to abuse that freedom than a policeman because the consequences in doing so are very much harsher.

    Before your time, British police were unarmed and No 10 Downing street and Westminster parliament’s lobby was open to anybody to walk into so we did not feel the need to protect ourselves personally against thugs, robbers, arsonists, and anarchists. How things have changed and possibly to get a lot worse thanks to ideologies pursued by people like you.

  3. This is the way of the world:

    The nett negatives imposed on our civic and economic orders by Group A will increasingly be claimed to the results of the actions and non-actions of Group B.

    Group A must not be expected to take responsibility for its own situation.

    Meanwhile, the nett benefits created by Group B, a great deal of which is transferred to Group A so that its members can consume that which they cannot create for themselves, must be ignored, or even claimed not to exist, if it comes to that.

    This applies not only to current material wealth but also to the institutional arrangements developed by members of Group B over a millennia or two -arrangements that make possible the rights, freedoms and material abundance consumed by Group, and which they could never have created for themselves.

    And that is the way it is.

    No remedy to this rather unfair state-of-affairs seems feasible.

  4. What’s the provenance of this remarkable video?

    Everybody seems remarkably calm. They’re just doing their shopping, but without the inconvenience of having to forge any $20 bills to pay for it. Some of them even seem to be queueing. No doubt St George Floyd (he isn’t officially a saint yet, but I’m sure the Vatican will fast-track him) is looking down on his disciples with approval.

    • Someone remarked today that St George didn’t deserve to die for $20. Did he for holding a loaded pistol to a pregnant woman’s belly during a robbery? I can’t stand the thought of such a man becoming a martyr. Perhaps the end of a rope would be a more fitting end, to offset the checks and balances of Jim Crow for at least one poor soul who himself did not deserve to share a similar fate.

  5. Is it any wonder that law-abiding Americans want to retain the 2nd Amendment in its purist form? We may in the near future wish that we had not so meekly relinquished our own historic pre-1921 right to own a firearm for protection in a much changed England which has adopted cultures where killing another is considered to be an expedient for robbery, ‘respect’, or for ‘honour’. There is now an ever growing presence of armed police (sub-machine guns) and readiness to use them to protect themselves but the law-abiding citizen is left defenceless.

  6. Is there an alternative future?

    A future that is different from such episodes of ransacking, arson, and looting?

    With increasing violence against police and (non-rioting) civilians of all colours?

    And increasing political acceptance of all this?

    With such episodes becoming more frequent and more destructive?

    And with fewer police and/or military personnel willing to push back against the ransackers, arsonists, looters, and perpetrators of violence?

    • I don’t recall any riots when there’s been a Labour government in power. 1958, 1981, 1985, 1990, 2011, yesterday. One thing in common each time.

      • So – it’s ‘appease us or we’ll smash the place up’.
        In the meantime, let’s hear another sermon about ‘us sufferin’ black folks’ from a millionaire footballer.

        • Yes Robert Sharpe.

          And, I note that had some whites not invented sports and TV and the economic and institutional arrangements that make for long leisure times for many spectators, there’d be fewer black millionaires, at least in the realm of sports.