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Black people living in the United States – just as here at home – are seen for what they should always have been seen; equals; with equal opportunities, equal access to health care, to education, to employment, to the pursuit of leading a comfortable, content life in a modern civilized society. Our individual problems do not reflect the colour of our skin, but the fact that we’re human.

The homeless black man one passes in the street has no less privilege than the homeless white man perched, begging cup-in-hand outside Morrisons.

Yet, at a time of such abundant colour-blind opportunity, in many a misguided mind a distorted alternative interpretation of the modern world exists. It is a world in shackles. A world wallowing in false victimhood sustained by politically-motivated mythical oppression-peddlers.

The air-conditioned workplaces and glistening shopping malls are replaced by 19th century Texan cotton fields. A crooked, violent cop is replaced for a hillbilly redneck white supremacist behind a well-polished sheriff’s badge.

Feelings become facts. Cuffs became chains.

And as this warped outlook takes hold – accelerated by the words and rants of blue tick liberals, hate-filled anti-hate activists, and antisocial socialists – ironically, an entire generation have become enslaved. Held back by synthetic bitterness and anger. Hunched over beneath the burden of resolved ancestral grudges and the weight of an oppression already lifted by their forbears. Real men. Men like William Wilberforce. Martin Luther King Jr. Or brave women like Rosa Parks. 

Neither Rose nor King would ever condone the violence currently gripping Washington and Minnesota, or the unjustifiable screams of “scum” from the stretched mouths of Antifa fanatics towards Police officers in Manchester. They would be outraged. Outraged at the exploitation of the black right’s movement by self-entitled millennials, looters and political agitators. Outraged at the politicising of George Floyd’s tragic murder as the result of police brutality (for we must remember that no evidence has to date been provided to support the idea that his death was racially-motivated). And outraged at the many mock-limped adolescents screaming wretchedly of hardship and struggle before heading home, kicking off their £200 Nike trainers, smoking cannabis in their warm beds, and pondering over who to blame for them being so hard done by.

Meanwhile, amid a mass shrugging of shoulders and the refusal to punish racism in all its forms – including anti-white sentiments – those who stir racial tensions for their own political or personal aims, have become further emboldened. Invincible. Protected by the shield of political correctness and a get-out-of-jail-free-card rubber-stamped ‘BAME’.

“The white British population has decreased by 600,000, while the minority population has increased by 1.2 million… so, yes lads; we’re winning!” popular left-wing commentator Ash Sarkar celebrated with a smug smirk in one of her recent viral videos, before giving the thumbs up.

“It’s time for white people to understand their whiteness” came a widely supported headline from Time magazine just this week.

“White people are the problem” a former Democrat Congress Candidate tweeted – reminding some of Diane Abbott’s infamous “white people divide and rule” remark.

The murder of a single black man has been the provocation for a united swarm of angry drones as smoke to a hive. In the midst of their buzzing, the news of Dave Underwood – the black Federal Officer gunned down just days ago during the violent protests in America, has conveniently been drowned out. Perhaps if his sad end had nestled into their narrative his life may also matter to the narrow-minded collective.  

Since 2017, 223 black people and 457 white people have been shot and killed by police officer in the United States.  The majority of those killed had been armed at the time of their death. 

While it is a fact that racism does exist, and that police brutality is a problem in urgent need of solving, one cannot help but think that if this really does boil down to anger over the discrimination or brutality shown to what are essentially a small number of black criminals who do not represent the majority, then shouldn’t the slogan ‘Black Lives Matter’ in fact be changed to ‘Black Criminals Matter’?

Buildings now burn. Defenseless female shop owners continue to be savagely beaten in the streets, and Antifa terrorists stoke the racial flames from London to D.C., it’s becoming clearer by the day that while King’s Selma march helped society step forward, self-described progressives ever persist, unchallenged, to drag us right back.

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  1. Why the denial? You are full of bitterness and hatred. It drips of, as it drips off every leftist infected with racial self-contempt. Own your pathology.

    And don’t pretend you do not understand what is written plainly enough in front of you. Are you, in fact, a moron? No? Then engage honestly. No dehumanising comment. No wriggling and dissembling. Respond to the substance.

    • I doubt anybody could decipher the racist gobbledegook that you write.

      For the record, I have no problem with who I am. You apparently seem to think you’ve been taught to hate being white. I have not. On the contrary, if I’ve understood correctly, you definitely do think sub Saharan Africans are inferior to white Europeans. I think even the editor might baulk at agreeing with that.

      • You don’t want to have to think about the English claim on life, which you dehumanise as “racism” because of the self-hatred you are to weak and estranged to confront within yourself.

        Your mental condition is perfectly clear to every healthy mind. You are sick with self-hatred which you project, in the most cowardly and vicious way, onto normal white English men and women. You want me to prove it? OK …

        Do you attack the ethnocentric activism of the British Board of Deputies? No? So why do you attack the ethnocentric activism of Englishmen? You probably don’t even know. Hatred is not a rational emotion. But let’s suppose that you manage to convince yourself that English activism is “racist” because the English life cause is diametrically and existentially opposed to the multiracialisaton of England. Why, then, are you siding with the foreign aggressor on the land against the native victim? Why are you for the violence committed against the English, and why do you deny self-defence to the English?

        Come on, little man, let’s see you argue for your sanity, morality and rationalism.

  2. In the USA, black civilians kill police officers at 18.5 times the rate that police kill black civilians, by proportion, per unit encounter.

    That’s the fact of that matter.

    Then there’s the fact that black and Hispanic police officers kill more black civilians than white police officers kill black civilians, by proportion, per unit encounter.

    So there’s also that.

    One might add the challenge to show that no minority racial group has had more money spent on it, per capita, in attempts to improve education outcomes and in welfare payments to single mothers than have African Americans.

    And add to that the very high incidence of affirmative actions to place African Americans into high-level education institutions and to employ African Americans in jobs -in which whites and Asians would require greater merit to gain entry to the educational institution or to be employed.

    And the incidence of black characters in advertisements and in TV programs exceeds that that would be expected by chance.

    This, and we see the incidence of blacks in basketball and football in far greater numbers than would be expected by equal representation of races.

    Anyway, all signs are that the USA will remain the world’s strongest and most productive economy; its science, R&D, and innovation will continue to massively outperform and contribute to the rest of the world; and its military might will remain unchallenged -whatever the kinds and degrees in its internal conflicts. All this, despite what one might read in the papers about US fragility and decline.

    True, the marxist people will continue to guide and fund the activities of naive idealists. But I think there will be stronger counter-measures to that, as time goes by-

    -because enough wealthy and influential whites who currently support the Democrats will see that their situations will be reduced if the marxist-inspired idealistic/greenist people get their way.

    • Harry Black, you’re an optimist.

      The “wealthy and influential whites” (some of whom are blacks) who support the Democrats (or the almost indistinguishable Republicans) aren’t suffering much from the current riots, except insofar as they need to spend ten minutes dictating letters to their insurers.

      But most whites are neither wealthy nor influential. The problem is that most white Americans, like most white Europeans, have been bombarded by Cultural-Marxist propaganda from birth onwards, while non-Cultural-Marxist views are increasingly silenced and criminalised. This is why most white people are now stupid enough to agree with Dr Heinz Kiosk that “We are all guilty.”

      Hello, Civil War! We look forward to welcoming you into our homes soon!

      • Thanks PJR -I am pleased to be warned of being an optimist -especially a naive one.

        But the wealthy and influential whites I refer to are those whose incomes and assets depend mightily on the kinds of economic activities that a Democratic Admin, under the sway of the AOC/Green New Deal/Antifa/BLM people, would put asunder.

        These folk, whites and others, typically support the Dems as a way of feeling virtuous having secured their economic means of being safe and superior -but if those means are threatened, then a bit of realism would kick-in, I’d think.

        And such folk include the Wall Streeters and Silicon Valley types who have a great deal to lose should the ignorance, resentment and malice of the marxist-greenist people prevail.

        Anyway, cheers PJR, and optimistically yours -Harry.

        • Harry Black:

          I didn’t say you were naïve. I merely meant that your guesses about the future were more optimistic than mine.

          I’m not an economist. The only economist I’ve ever read is Adam Smith, and I read him more for his beguiling prose style than for his ideas. But I’ve developed an economic theory of my own, which may or may not be original.

          I think there is money to be made from persuading people to change their habits. This is obviously true of ladies’ fashions – the ladies are persuaded to throw away their perfectly serviceable clothes and buy new ones for no rational reason. Men are no better: they throw away a perfectly good soccer shirt because a different shirt is available.

          But there are other examples. if one can persuade people to sort their rubbish into two or more dustbins instead of one, two or more businesses can make a profit. If people can be persuaded to throw away their lard and buy vegetable oil instead, the profit from the lard is in the bank, and new profit can be made from the vegetable oil. If you have books on your shelves, let me persuade you to buy e-books instead. You may have a perfectly good “Kill the Tories” T-shirt, but I can offer you a “Kill the Tories” T-shirt that has the extra merit of being organic.

          My conclusion is that Green/Marxist propaganda helps people to make money at the expense of the victims of the propaganda. Social change (preferably unending) equals profit.

          Therefore, I think that your “Wall Streeters and Silicon Valley types” have nothing to lose from the Marxist/Green nonsense and everything to gain.

          I look forward to receiving my Nobel Prize for economics. I’ll make a donation to the SR and spend the rest on fortifications.

          • PJR -yes.

            Very right you are -there are clever people who already have made much money from the human-caused climate hoax, and there are endless opportunities for more of that.

            And yes, Trump might well lose in November, and we will see marxist-greenist dreams made manifest.

            In that line, I see the GOP/RNC is now paying increased attention to the Senate contest -perhaps quickened by the sudden switch in the betting markets to favour Biden.

            I can imagine that, similar to the Obama years, the folk will vote for a left-green Fed Admin, but vote heavily GOP in the States and Counties in an effort to maintain some good sense locally.

            Anyway yes, I will send in my full support for your Nobel, and see to my own fortifications.

            All best, Harry.

  3. The MSM-BLM alliance proceeds on the BBC and ITV without regard for facts or balance. In war, truth is the first casualty; even more so with the race & class war against the “white world” predicted by Spengler before WW2. East Anglia news featured a mixed-race student protesting because “hundreds and hundreds” of blacks were killed in the USA.
    Just out of interest I searched “David Ashton racist” online to find comments smearing a completely true story I told about a conversation with two friendly ladies from Guyana as a tissue of racist lies. The “Daily Mail” also managed to libel me by a tissue of falsehoods and innuendo which was then defended by IPSO – one of the accusations being that I wrote an article decades ago as a youth (ironically based on an anti-immigration article in a “Daily Mail”) suggesting that immigrants should be checked for the importation of infectious diseases!!

  4. “While it is a fact that racism does exist, and that police brutality is a problem in urgent need of solving …”
    “The murder of a single black man has been the provocation for a united swarm of angry drones as smoke to a hive.”
    The author is making up facts to match his article. it has been proved that it was not murder and the man Floyd did not die of asphyxia.
    People claim that racism and police brutality exist in order to match their narrative.

    • Both autopsy reports state this was homicide. One gives cause if death as asphyxiation, the other cites neck compression as contributing to death. The police officer has been charged with murder, although obviously he is thus far innocent until proven in court.

      Your grasp on reality appears to be tenuous at best, which probably explains your remarkable final sentence.

        • That is totally true. Debate with anti-racists moves from one learned anti-white trope to another as their worldview comes under pressure. They are the sacred dicta of a pseudo-religion of racial self-contempt desperately projected on the normal white Other. How such shallowness and lightness of being overtakes so many, even given the late-liberal conflicts of hyper-individualism and radical egalitarianism, has never been adequately explained.

      • “The autopsy revealed no physical findings that support a diagnosis of traumatic asphyxia or strangulation. Mr. Floyd had underlying health conditions including coronary artery disease and hypertensive heart disease. The combined effects of Mr. Floyd being restrained by the police, his underlying health conditions and any potential intoxicants in his system likely contributed to his death.”
        Article provided by Salisbury Review
        Werdna – please cite your source.

      • Homicide is a verdict handed down by a court of law. An autopsy determines cause of death only. The purpose of the law in any incident is to determine what happened. Until the process of any trial is completed no one can just ‘know’ what happened, which will include motives and other factors. Certainly no one can know on the basis of mobile phone footage shown on television.

        • Homicide is the killing of one person by another. The legality or otherwise can be determined by a court of law. This case is quite clearly homicide, unless you believe it’s an almost inconceivable coincidence.

  5. These displays of anti-racist activism are, in fact, simple attacks on white people (for they are not displays against the Establishment, which is hardly less anti-white, or against the native principle, which is never critiqued when the natives are black or brown).

    The hatred of white people is accepted and expected in blacks, indeed taught to blacks, honoured in blacks. In the exact same way, the fear of not hating white people or, heaven forbid, being seen as supporting white people has been taught (really, coerced upon) the entire political class and the liberal Establishment behind it. Since the first Blair government began meddling in education, white children are taught self-hatred. The rest of us, meanwhile, are taught nightly through the broadcast media that white men are stupid, weak and corrupt, and black me are masculine, principled, and intelligent. They … the radical left … are attempting to generate a post-racial utopia by gene-killing the white people.

    This is the real situation. Thinking nationalists have been trying to explain it for half-a century. But, y’know, you were all told how we are fascists ‘n nazis, so none of you stopped and listened. Now you are beginning to realise that this whole attack is actually a very long way down the road. The hour is late. Will you please listen now?

          • Contrarian is too kind. He/she/it is the would-be lefty drive-by specalist, but he does’t have any intellectual bullets to fire. It’s all pathetically faux-moral blanks.

          • Guessedworker and Noel: Andrew aka Werdna is the SR’s licensed court jester. It’s fun to listen to the bells on his hat tinkling.

            Mostly he’s a ludicrous twit, but sometimes he provokes thought, like Lear’s Fool.

            I’d miss Andrew/Werdna’s ignorant chattering if it were banned.

        • I don’t think I’d be “hateful” in any way “towards advocacy of our people’s life-cause”, even if I knew what the hell it actually meant.

          As for: “The rest of us, meanwhile, are taught nightly through the broadcast media that white men are stupid, weak and corrupt, and black me (sic. – beautifully ironic) are masculine, principled, and intelligent”, perhaps you could enlighten us with an example. As for “gene-killing the white people”, I know you’ve just made it up and it’s meaningless, but you do need to explain what you think it is.

  6. It’s just that educability, propensity to violence, and some other propensities have frequency distributions with means and lengths/thickness of tails that are different across groups.

  7. ‘White privilege’ claimed by kneeling liberals, is actually saying I am sorry for being so superior to you. It is actually vicious racism. It removes all agency from the other. They are so arrogant that their pity is superior to all other pity. Note the vitriol when an African man dare say white privilege doesn’t exist. They will be attacked viciously.

  8. ‘no evidence has to date been provided to support the idea that his death was racially-motivated’
    Neither, as far as I know, is there any evidence – let alone proof – that Floyd was murdered.

    • Are you suggesting that he would have died at that time without the action of the police officer keeping his knee pressed on his neck until he became completely unresponsive, and according to the coroner, died at the scene?

      • I am suggesting we await the outcome of the forthcoming show trial of the four policemen involved.
        But don’t worry, Weirdna, I have a feeling the lynch mob will not be disappointed…

        • Alternative analyses search online: see Jared Taylor on this particular accusation against the policemen and Heather Macdonald on race murder statistics in the USA. Also, Douglas Murray in the current “Spectator”.

          Next up: Chinese Lives Matter. (Three million on their way.)

        • Well Robert, it’s rare to have such clear footage of a killing in progress. Quite reminiscent of what the actual lynch mobs you so clumsily and inappropriately allude to did. But I can see you’re completely open minded about this.

          • Werdna?

            The facts are clear -in the USA, blacks kill whites with far greater frequency than the other way around, by proportion.

            I have worked with many young African American men who are not of that part of the frequency distribution of their fellows who have propensity to extreme violence and other criminally-

            -and they suffer for their membership in their Group.

            But they do not blame whites for the behaviour of blacks.

            Let us note, without hysteria, that 4% of the US population -black males under 35 -commit 50% plus of murders and other violent crime.

            I have no sense of joy or superiority in being a white male. Indeed I have paid plenty for it, over the years, at the hands of extreme feminists and “minorities” of certain types.

          • Floyd had severe heart disease. He was also dosed up on Fentanyl and Crystal meth. He died of a heart attack. There was no evidence of asphyxiation .
            Can you not grasp simple facts?